Virtual Bowhunt
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Virtual Bowhunt #2 - Javelina Bowhunt

Good choice. These animals are close to the ground and you will never get an arrow in their vitals with a frontal shot.  Javelina's are noted for their poor eyesight, but their hearing and sense of smell is excellent.

But the predictable happens, the Javelina sees you and spooks.

Another quirk of the Javelina is that, if they are not spooked badly, they will generally not run far. So you sneak along in the direction the Javelina left. This works, 40 yards away you see the javelina again.

What Do Your Do?

  1. Carefully ease your bow back to full draw, aim for the vitals and shoot..
  2. Don't move.


Carefully ease your bow back to full draw, aim and  shoot.
The javelina is behind a particularly menacing (full of creepy crawler needle like stickers) cactus. A shot could easily deflect on the cactus and your well placed vital shot could go astray. Go Back..