Virtual Bowhunt
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Virtual Bowhunt #2 - Javelina Bowhunt

The javelina takes a few steps forward..

What Do Your Do?

  1. Aim for the vitals and shoot..
  2. Say put, don't move and  wait.



Aim for the vitals and shoot.
Yea, that's the ticket. This is a perfect setup. The javelina's head is down, he is busy and he shouldn't see you when  you draw. Aim 2-inches to the left of the vertical gray strip, half way up the body. Then fire up the charcoal grill and get out the BBQ sauce. - Back To Bowhunting.Net


Say put, don't move and  wait.
Well, it's your hunt, you can if you want, but it ain't gonna be any better than this. - Back To Bowhunting.Net