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Robert Hoague
Robert Hoague
Find The Deer...
One of the key concepts we all have to get the hang of is how to identify deer and other wild game when they are in our area. You can never be too good at it.
 With that in mind here is an ongoing series of pictures that have deer (or deer parts) in them ... somewhere. Finding deer in these pics will be easier in some than others. Most of the pictures will be available in Wallpaper size in case you want to keep it on your computer for a day or two. Scroll down to see the other Find The Deer on this page. And don't miss Find The Deer: #1 thru #10.
Find The Deer #28
Sunlight dissapears at ground level and the shadows loose their sharp edge. Daylight becomes to slowly fade. Your eyes glide over your surroundings once again. Something doesn't look just right.  (Can you find the deer? And  How many are there?) (1042 x 768) (800 x 600) (640 x 480)
There are Ten more "Find The Deer" besides the ones on this page. Go To Find The Deer: #1 thru #10

Daylight comes on slowly and the woods is gradually illuminated.  It is a peaceful morning and you feel relaxed and part of your natural surroundings. You see a movement and check it out.  (Can you find the deer? And  How many are there?) (1042 x 768) (800 x 600) (640 x 480)
Find The Deer #26
Your early season afternoon hunt was uneventful and after 3 hours you feel more than a little drowsy. As the sun gets low and illuminates the forest floor you fight with your nodding head, after all it is finally "deer thirty." You glance around. Deer! Walking by your stand. Where there was nothing a moment before!   (Can you find the deer? And  How many are there?)  (1042 x 768) (800 x 600) (640 x 480)
Find The Deer #25
It is late afternoon during the early season. You haven't see a deer all day. Daylight begins to fade under the forest canopy.  You hear two steps. They sounded "deerish" but you're not certain. You slowly and carefully check all around you.  (Can you find the deer? And  How many are there?)  (1042 x 768) (800 x 600) (640 x 480)
Find The Deer #24
It is a cold mid November morning. The forest floor is littered with dry leaves. Your visibility is much better than it was in October but so far you haven't seen any deer. You hear steps in the leaves, but you can't tell if it is a deer, a squirrel or some other critter. You notice a squirrel in the same general direction. A few minutes later you hear the steps again, only much closer. You check it out.  (Can you find the deer? And  How many are there?)
(1042 x 768) (800 x 600) (640 x 480)
Find The Deer #23 
You've been in your treestand all morning and you haven't seen a thing. You're ready to get down. But first, you take one last, slow, careful look around. Wait, there is movement in the brush to your right. Can you see the deer, all the deer?
(1042 x 768) (800 x 600) (640 x 480)
Find The Deer #22 
After your morning deer hunt you look for deer sign. A prominent trail catches your eye. The trail leads through a stand of oak trees. Soon you come out at the edge of a small opening. Can you see the deer,  all the deer? 
(1042 x 768) (800 x 600) (640 x 480)
Find The Deer #21 
It is mid July and you are scouting for deer and deer sign.  You follow a deer trail through a thicket and when the trail curves you discover you are face to face with a buck in velvet. You freeze. And the deer freezes. Can you find all the deer?
(1042 x 768) (800 x 600) (640 x 480)
Find The Deer #20 
The warm afternoon sun relaxes you as you carefully inspect the area around your stand. Two hours later you have exceeded your attention span and your mind is mostly thinking of other things and occasionally darting back to hunting. Abruptly, you notice movement out of the corner of your eye. Can you find the deer? (And how many are there?) (1024x768) (800x600) (640x480)
Find The Deer #19 
As the afternoon sun gets lower the sunlight reaches into the woods. You notice movement on the edge of the woodsline. Can you find the deer? (And how many are there?)(1024x768) (800x600) (640x480)
Find The Deer #18 
You've been sitting patiently and quietly in your ground blind for 2 1/2 hours. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened, just birds and squirrels doing bird and squirel stuff. The last half hour you've been kinda having problems keeping your eyes open. Crunch! A step in the leaves brings you back into the moment. More crunches -- in a rhythm that can only be a deer. You peer through the blind's window,  searching through the limbs and trees. (1024x768) (800z600) (640x480)
Find The Deer #17 
The sun is still high on this early season afternoon. It illuminates everything it shines on and makes the shadows look even darker than usual. You hear the cautious footsteps of a deer, somewhere close to you. Can you find the deer? And how many are there?
(1024x768) (800z600) (640x480)
Find The Deer #16
A faint streak of sunlight pops up on the Eastern horizon and you can barely make out the dark shadows of 3 deer moving by you. The late October daylight creeps into the area as you quietly wait in your treestand. You see a group of deer in a small opening 100 yards away and they are headed in your general direction. You check your bow, make sure your arrow is on the rest properly -- good,  everything is in order and you are ready to draw, if you get the opportunity.
You wait a long time, too long, you're thinking. But your patience pays off and you see two deer browsing on acorns in the trees 35 yards from you. You watch them carefully, mentally talking them closer to your tree. Woops, something moved directly below you ... and you peer down through the leaves ...  (1024x768) (800x600) (640x480)
Find The Deer #15
It is early Spring and you are, of course, scouting for deer sign. Driving along, you notice that some of the deer already have their reddish Spring coats but some don't. You begin by walking a fence line, looking for cross trails. A hundred yards further you find one, it is full of fresh tracks that lead to a low spot under the fence. You notice deer hair clinging to the barbs of the lowest strand of wire.
An interesting part about this time of year is that the deer are a little more relaxed and not as spooky -- as in "running when they see you". Today's one of those days. How many deer are looking at you while you are checking out the cross trail?
(1024x768) (800x600) (640x480)
Find The Deer #14
You top the long, steep hill and sit down in the rocks to rest. Aha, there's greenery in the distance, as in trees. Out come the binoculars. Slowly you look over what you can see of them. No deer are moving that you can see. It's time for a break, off comes your backpack and out comes your lunch, sandwiches and a Mars bar. The sanwiches are about as good as smashed ham and cheese can be. Then you do in the Mars bar. Next you're wishing you had brought another Mars bar. Suddenly you realize you are not alone. Can you find the deer? And how many are they?
(640x480) (800x600)
Find The Deer #13
You're out West, bowhunting mulies in the prairie lands. You've always heard it's a "glass and stalk" kinda thing out here. But today it is glass and "walk". Up and down, and up and down, those endless rolling hills of sage brush and prairie grass. From appearances there is no place to hide, everything is too short, no trees in sight. A craggy ravine holds promise and you wind through it for several hundred yards. No luck. So you climb up the steep, rocky, sandy sides and have a look around.
Can you find the deer? How many? (800x600) (640x480)
Find The Deer #12
Late October, the leaves have fallen off the trees. It's been unseasonably rainy and the ground is covered with green grass and new growth. This afternoon is a quiet one, not much wind. For the um-teenth time you look around you. Something is different this time... Can you find the deer? And how many are there?
(800x600) (640x480)
Find The Deer #11
A windy day in the woods. Every gust seems to mask the sound of deer movement. A lull finally comes and the wind stops briefly. After a couple of minutes you hear steps in the leaves. You take a quick look around and see nothing. More steps! You look again. Can you find the deer? (How many are there?)
(800x600) or (640x480)