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A faint streak of sunlight pops up on the Eastern horizon and you can barely make out the dark shadows of 3 deer moving by you. The late October daylight creeps into the area as you quietly wait in your treestand. You see a group of deer in a small opening 100 yards away and they are headed in your general direction. You check your bow, make sure your arrow is on the rest properly -- good,  everything is in order and you are ready to draw, if you get the opportunity.
You wait a long time, too long, you're thinking. But your patience pays off and you see two deer browsing on acorns in the trees 35 yards from you. You watch them carefully, mentally talking them closer to your tree. Woops, something moved directly below you ... and you peer down through the leaves ...  (How many are there?)

Picture taken by Robert Hoague.

There is 1 doe.