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It is early Spring and you are, of course, scouting for deer sign. Driving along, you notice that some of the deer already have their reddish Spring coats but some don't. You begin by walking a fence line, looking for cross trails. A hundred yards further you find one, it is full of fresh tracks that lead to a low spot under the fence. You notice deer hair clinging to the barbs of the lowest strand of wire.
An interesting part about this time of year is that the deer are a little more relaxed and not as spooky -- as in "running when they see you". Today's one of those days. How many deer are looking at you while you are checking out the cross trail? (How many are there?)

Picture taken by Robert Hoague.

There are 4 does.
Left to right: One is bedded down. Three are standing -- one is looking at you, two are not.