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Robert Hoague
Robert Hoague
Find The Deer #1 - 10
One of the key concepts we all have to get the hang of is how to identify deer and other wild game when they are in our area. You can never be too good at it.
 With that in mind here is an ongoing series of pictures that have deer (or deer parts) in them ... somewhere. Finding deer in these pics will be easier in some than others. This is an ongoing series and most of the pictures will be available in Wallpaper size in case you want to keep it on your computer for a day or two. Scroll down to see all 10 on this page.
Find The Deer #1 (640x480) or (800x600)
Find The Deer #1 got instant feedback. You liked it. This kick off for Find The Deer had mixed reactions in terms of how difficult the deer was to find. Most folks found the buck pretty easily. 
But several reported that they had to study the pic a while. And that's great because pic #1 is all about finding deer parts and not the whole deer. Well, I have plenty more pics where #1 came from.
Find The Deer #2
It shows how easy it is to walk right by a deer if it holds still and stands in the shadows.  (640x480) or (800x600) Resolution
And in this corner ... Find The Deer #4
You're getting restless sitting in your treestand. So you slowly stretch out your right leg. Ahhh, it feels good. A deer snorts at you! Loudly, but only once. You freeze and use your eyes to scan the area the sound came from, hoping you weren't identified. Once you locate the deer, do you shoot right now? Pass this shot? Or wait and see what the deer does next? Look it over, decide, and find out if we agree.
(640x480) or (800x600) Resolution
Find The Deer #5 (Shoot, or Pass ... or Wait?)
Your treestand is in a tree right on the edge of a woods road, a one laner that is 6 yards wide. Your side of the woods is heavily wooded but the opposite side has a small clearing. As the morning fog begins to lift you hear noise in the leaves on your side of the road, heading in the direction of the clearing. Then you hear steps in the road and the sound tells you a deer is crossing  it. You peer intently through the limbs and leaves, trying, unsuccessfully, to see it. Suddenly, movement in the opening catches your eye. You look.
1. What and how many do you see?
2. Do you shoot? (If so at what?) Or do you Pass? Or do you Wait?
Select the resolution your need: (640x480)(800x600)
Find The Deer #6
After your morning deer hunt you walk along in the woods, looking for deer trails, rubs and other deer sign. Something up ahead catches your attention. You look through the trees  to see what it is. How many (of what) do you see? You have all the proper tags and licenses to harvest all legal wild game and it is bow season only. Do your Shoot? Pass? or Wait?  Go(800x600) or (640x480)
Find The Deer #7
Your afternoon hunt has been eventless. You blame the gusty winds for keeping the deer down. You watch as the sun balances a little above the horizon. It's one of those days when you feel like you're just not going to see any deer. You hear a squirrel rustle the leaves behind you. You sneak one quick look, just to be sure. Woops, that was no squirrel. Can you find the deer? (640x480) or (800x600)
Find The Deer #8
You sit quietly in your treestand and suddenly get the odd feeling that you are being watched. You look around, along the edge of the nearby trees and brush. Can you find the deer? (640x480) or (800x600)
Find The Deer #9
Leaves rustle nearby!! You freeze. Is it a squirrel? A raccoon? Or a deer? Another rustle in the leaves!! Very slowly, you turn your head to look in the direction of the sound. Can you find the deer?
(640x480) or (800x600)
Find The Deer #10
It's a clear, cool Fall afternoon. A perfect day to be in your treestand, and that's just where you are. The shadows start to get long. Deer should be out any moment. Take a look around. Can you find the deer? (How many are there?) (800x600) or (640x480)