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Bowhunting With Crabby - the Ohio Rut
Digital Logs Of Bowhunts With Dennis Crabtree - by Robert Hoague
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2003 Deer Hunt - A Bowhunt In Progress

Bryan Zukhardt with his 
huge, monster buck.
Day #10: (Nov 22) Bryan & The Monster Buck
Bryan Burkhardt brought over the rack from his buck taken on the lease on November 1. Here is his Story: 
A spike was hanging around the scrape near Bryan Burkhardt's stand area. Suddenly it looked down hill and then ran. Downhill, Bryan saw a big deer in the thick planted pines. 
Bryan gripped his binoculars to check it out. A buck stepped out of the pines. Bryan put his binoculars down. There was no need to use them. This buck was a monster, it's body was huge and it had a rack with it all, mass, long tines and width.
The buck walked toward Bryan's stand. Bryan waited with his reciurve bow in hand, ready to shoot if the buck got close enough. It dit and Bryan sent an arrow into it's rib cage. The buck ran downhill into some briars. 
At dark he met Pip and the two of them took up the trail. In 100 yards the blood stopped completely. They split up to look around the immediate area. Pip walked ten yards and asked Bryan, "Do you have your tag with you?"
"Yes," Bryan answered. Pip replied, "Then why don't you come over here and put it on this monster buck!" 
Here is a pic of Bryan's trophy of a lifetime.

Day's Hunt: I waited 3 hours without seeing a deer and got down. On the way out I jumped a doe. Pip saw 4 does and a spike. The does veered off before he could get a shot. Bryan Zurkhardt joined us today and he saw 3 does. Ed Biehle saw a bunch of does in range but he is waiting for a buck.

Day #9: (Nov 21) 
Morning: Mid 30's, clear with light wind, a perfect morning. A nice buck walked through my Scrape City area. Bucks have to me 125 minimum here and he wasn't quite that so I didn't grunt him over. A doe checked out my Montana Decoy doe. A fawn was behind the doe, a sign that the rut is on the decline. Here is a pic of the scrape (taken from my TreeSuit stand that's 16 yards away). When I left I took a close up pic of the scrape and noticed this large buck track

Afternoon: After the sun dropped into the horizon the 3-pt walked down the trail. It stopped and went on alert. In my peripheral vision I saw a buck coming from the adjacent field. Surprise! The 3-pt met it with head lowered and they fought in the brush around me for a couple of minutes. (All the pics were blurry.) Once the initial fight was over they stood around and had several shorter engagements. The other buck was a 14 inch 6-pt with no brow tines. When I walked out of the woods at dark I walked up on a bomber. Yikes, I sure don't like letting them know I am in the woods.
Steve & Eddie Biehle are back and Steve saw a monster buck but couldn't get a shot. Tomorrow Pip and Doug Crabtree will be here.

A buck track in the scrape 
at Scrape City.
Day #8: (Nov 20)  My Day In The 9-pt's Pit
Afternoon: Wow! A noise behind the Hoss Cat stand caught my attention. The sunlight lit up it's antlers as a buck made its way toward my position. The 9-pt I had seen the other day with long tines and beams nicely outside it's ears. It passed about 8 yards close; but I wanted a few yards more to get the $100 shot angle. Woops! The buck stopped and smelt the ground -- right where I walked to the tree (Yesterday I ran out of the Scent Killer I spray on my boots). Immediately the buck looked up into the trees around him. He did not see me so all was well, so far. I still needed a few steps to get him clear of the numerous twigs and limbs between us. With his nose on the ground the 9 slowly followed my trail toward my tree. I figured my chance for a shot was on the down hill side. I have a saying, "sort it all out at full draw. And that's what I did. Every pin on my sight was on the buck as he moved toward my tree. Quickly I looked for a space in the twigs and branches to get my arrow through and found one. His chest moved past the space and then he was right below my stand and I he turned back into the thick brush. I let down.
Sometimes things come together, sometimes they don't. Bowhunting is cool like that.

Dennis Crabtree & his big 
8-pt with a crab claw 
kicker brow tine.

This cart sure makes it easier 
getting a big buck out of the woods
in these Ohio mountains.
Day #8: (Nov 20) Dennis Gets With It
Morning:  I zipped. LIsa Price saw a big 10-pt and some does, but too far away. Dennis, however, got with the program. He rattled at first light nut nothing responded. Later he spotted a big buck across the valley on the opposite hill. He put the binoculars on it and recognized the buck by its crab claw brow tine, good mass, and 10 inch G2 tines. All Dennis had to do was get the buck on his hill. However, thre buck crossed over on his own and walked down the hill toward Dennis's tree stand. But when the buck came in range it was moving too fast  Dennis drew and "urped". The buck stopped and Dennis sent arrow was on the way. 
The arrow hit in the lung area and the buck ran down the steep hill.
It was an easy find. Dennis met Lisa at her stand and he phoned me on her celll phone. Dennis Jr. and I came at once to help drag the buck out. This is the fun part, taking pictures and dragging the heavy rascal up the mountain and pulling on it so it won't run away from you going down hill. Since you weren't there to help out I thought maybe you might like to via a few pictures.  Here Ya Go ...
Day #7: (Nov 19)
Morning:  Un-Light Rain Dennis saw a big 8-pt (a little too far) and an unknown deer before the sky busted open and drowned us. Lisa zipped. Me too. 
Afternoon: Lisa saw 8 deer. At 4:30 she saw a heavy racked 10 pt, walking very slow, he looked tired; but he didn't give her a shot. Dennis zipped. At 3:51 at Hoss Cat this very photogenic buck walked by and I made a little photo gallery for you (In the last pic he came back through almost an hour later). At last good shooting light a bomber buck traveling with a doe entered the adjacent field. They took their good time getting to me and it was too dark when they passed. Oh well, I couldn't have done anything better at last light. Maybe tomorrow the deer will be out to play -- within bow range? 
Day #6: (Nov 18) Light Rain
Morning: Dennis and I each saw a large buck that was too far away for a bow shot. Lisa Price passed on a 4-pt and some does come in range. 
Afternoon: The afternoon was a mixture of light rain and no rain -- but mostly light rain. I saw one doe at Hoss Cat hill. Dennis and Lisa zipped.

Heavy morning fog at Scrape City
on Day #5.
Day #5: (Nov 17) Foggy Morning Blues
Morning (Nov 17): I settled into my TreeSuit at Scrape City. It was an even 40 degree and at sunrise a brutal fog set in and lasted until 9:00  -- which is when I took this very cool and very foggy picture. As you can see visibility was double low all morning. Dennis passed on a doe. Lisa Price joined the hunt this morning and she saw the same thing I did ... fog .. and no deer.

Afternoon: Lisa Price hunted #16 stand. She an 8-pt, 2 button bucks, a doe and 2 fawns all within bow range. In the Gorilla stand Dennis saw a longhead doe under his toes and passed it. I returned to the Hoss Cat stand and at hunting time a 4-wheeler with the land owner and his kid came driving through the area. It's cool that they were enjoying deer country too. A few minutes after 5:00 I saw a 9-pt buck with a light colored rack in the brush. It walked through my area but there were too many twigs and limbs for a shot. The buck definitely had me in the shoot mode too. Maybe it will be back. Cause I will.

Day #4: The "Truck" Buck At 30 Yards
Afternoon: The "Truck" buck walked through the brush 30 yards from Dennis Crabtree Jr.'s treestand. He saw it's massive rack and estimated his longest points are 16-inches long. But shooting light had faded away. I saw a young buck and got a slammer pic of it and I made this Wallpaper for you. Dennis passed a sixer and two does.
Doug Crabtree saw 5 deer and he shot a doe.

Morning: Back To Scrape City
I went to my favorite stand, Scrape City. I snuck in and after two hours of not seeing anything I grunted. Forty-five yards away 2 does jumped up out of their beds in some thick brush. Neither one of us knew the other was there. At 10:00 I moved to the tree I hunted last year with the TreeSuit. It is 15 yards from the hot scrape that is always here. This time I used EZY Climb strap on steps to zipped right up the tree, it was a snap and much better than screwing steps in that hard tree. I'm good to go for the morning hunt here. Dennis zipped at the Dark Holler stand. Dennis Crabtree's son Dennis Jr. will hunt with us this afternoon.

The 3-pt I saw, definitely 
not the "Truck" buck.
Day #3, Nov 15: "Big As A Truck"
Afternoon: When I got in his pickup I didn't ask Dennis if he had seen a buck, his expression gave it away. "It was big as a truck" he said. The "truck" buck stayed too far away for a shot. But Dennis will be back to Dead Tree looking for it. I saw & took pics of a forky and a 3-pt plus a large buck with a doe a couple hundred yards out in the nearby field to the Hoss Cat stand. Doug Crabtree saw a big yellow racked 8-pt, a forky and 2 does. Pip & Kevin zipped. Eddie Biehle saw 6 does and walked a 4-pt. Steve Biehle had 2 does in close.

Morning - Gimme Three Steps ...
Dennis raised his binoculars to check the approaching bomber  buck .. a 10-point ... a mature one with a huge body ... headed right where Dennis needed him to be. The buck stopped 3 steps short, his attention averted by something across the valley. The buck bounded down hill toward whatever had caught his attention. Before and after that Dennis saw deer movement up hill from his stand. At 9:30 he got down and moved his stand to overlook the maize of trails he found there. I hunted the Zone and zipped. Afterward we checked Scrape City and it was just like I like it, TORE UP! The stand is already in place and I'll be there tomorrow morning. Pip saw 2 bucks. I haven't heard from Doug Crabtree or Steve Biehle yet. 

Day #2: 
At the Zone Dennis passed on an good 8-pt trailing 3 does that had passed by earlier. Half an hour later a spike came through following the same trail. I was tired and slept in. It is 12:44 and we will be on stand at 2:30.

Afternoon: Dennis saw a big bodied 8-pt and a 5-pt at the Dead Tree stand. I hunted Hoss Cat Hill and took pics when a doe walked under my tree and another one came down my main shooting lane. Kevin Dill zipped. Pip saw 16 deer, 3 were bucks. Doug Crabtree and Steve Biehle joined the hunt. Doug saw a "110 class" 8-pt. Steve saw 7 does.

. Day #1: It Just Blew Us All Away 
Pip hunted all afternoon. "It was horrible!", he said tonight. Earlier I looked at the pine trees flapping in the breeze and asked Dennis what the weather report said the wind speed was? "45 MPH," Dennis answered. But the deer have their own agenda and here is a Buck I saw, a doe and a 2nd doe that ran right by me. Tomorrow the wind is supposed to be 10-15 out of the West. That sounds all good to me and I know Pip is ready for a little less wind velocity

BOWHUNTING THE OHIO RUT 2002 - An Online Bowhunt
Dennis Crabtree (Crabby), Dick Pippenger (Pip), Kevin Dill & I bowhunted in Ohio. 
The peak of the rut is over in southern Ohio but you and I were there, bowhunting with Crabby, Pip and Kevin Dill (with the bombger buck above). Here are the pictures of bucks at scrapes and lots more deer acion, plus the day by day field notes to this super bowhunt. (To this Ohio Hunt & Pics: Days 1-12.)
Robert Hoague and Ohio 8-point Bowhunting The Rut In Ohio 2000
The Duck & I bowhunted with Dennis Crabtree during the Ohio rut. I got slammer pics of a big 8-pt working a scrape and then walking under my tree. Plus lots of other pics. Day by day action. The Duck, Kevin Dill and I drug nice bucks out of the brush. This hunt was a super one. Ohio Hunt 2000


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