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Bowhunting With Crabby 2000 - the Ohio Rut
The Digital Log Of A Bowhunt With Dennis Crabtree - by Robert Hoague

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DAY #1, Ohio 2000 Deerhunt
Our groups total deer sightings today, so far: 8 Deer, 5 bucks.

10:04 pm, Jackson, Ohio - Bowhunting With Dennis Crabtree
We landed in Jackson at 8:35 and called Dennis Crabtree. He met us and we drove to our motel and unloaded our gear. Dennis will hunt in the morning and then pick us up to buy our licenses and get us set up to hunt wherever it is he has us lined up to hunt. We are all bowhunting this years Ohio rut. Look for the updates right here, starting tomorrow.

Dennis - morning hunt
Dennis went to a stand on the "Y" of a hollow on a wooded point. The deer bed on top of the point in a honeysuckle and crabapple thicket. Dennis made a scent drag to the stand, climbed to his treestand, and waited in the dark for daylight. At 7:15 he doe bleated and a doe came down from the opposite ridge and looked around, 10 yards from Dennis. She went on to the bedding area. A yearling 4x4 come over the hill and cut her trail and turned and scent trailed the doe right by Dennis and over the hill. 

Dennis bleated at 8:15. A doe came out of the hollow and stopped 15 yards from Dennis. A130 class 9-point followed behind her. The buck stopped and face marked a beech tree limb. The doe walked behind Dennis on the steep downside of the hill, but still only 15 yards away. Dennis drew. The doe hopped a nearby fence and went another 10 yards. The buck followed ... but he did not give a clear shot. Dennis let down. The 4x3 trotted up and laid his ears back, dropped his head and started at the bigger buck. The 130 buck charged him and the smaller buck backed off. 

The 130 went right to a 3 inch maple tree and rubbed the bark from it. He was 25 yards away and a big poplar tree blocked his rib cage. The buck smelled and licked his rub and went to the doe. The walked, together, into the thick brush. At this point they had been there for 25 minutes. The 4x3 tagged along behind them for a ways and then returned to the rub and smelled it and rubbed it. Another doe walked over the ridge 20 minutes later. That was the end of the morning hunt.

The three of us went to Steve Willian's Bait & Tackle (and Archery Shop) and bought our hunting licenses and tags. We set up two stands in the suburbs. in an area where the Duck will hunt. We called it the Climbing Stick and North Starr They are both on the edge of trees along a fence connecting two pockets of woods. 
Afternoon Hunt
The Duck hunted the Climbing Stick He made a scent drag, climbed to the treestand, pulled his bow up and, bingo, a buck walked out of the brush into the field. The buck walked 75 yards to the far edge, licked on some limbs and made a scrape. He made 3 more scrapes and circled back by Don's stand. He was a big bodied 6-point, way tall and not too wide. He left and it was quiet the rest of the afternoon. At dusk Don started down the tree. A huge buck walked into the field 35 yards away and sniffed the scent drag. The Duck hung tough on the tree steps until the buck was gone. He saw unidentified deer as he walked to his truck.

Dennis hunted the Pine Tree Lick stand.. There was timber activity in the next property and nothing moved. He got down at dusk and came and got me.

I hunted the Planted Pine thicket. At 5:05 an 8-point walked into the area. He worked a scrape and left. He was a little to far away for a shot.

We all ate delicious venison burgers cooked by Penny Crabtree. Dennis's brother Doug Crabtree reported he saw 2 bucks. He rattled in a 135 with a G-3 broken at 18 yards. Later he rattled a yearling 9-point buck with dual main beams on the right. 

Setting up the North Starr Ladder Stand on an edge strip of trees.

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