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2004 Deer Hunt - A Bowhunt In Progress

The 2004 Bow Season - Oct To January 1

Dec 31 - In the trees & on the ground
Setting a new treestand in an old favorite spot. Another turkey dance at the Point. To Hunt...

Dec 30- Robbed From The Sky
A good shot, more wild turkeys, and a bad thing happens. To The Hunt...

Dec 30 - Afternoon

Wild turkey action this afternoon. And a new one for the "I've never seen that before" category. To The Hunt...

Dec 29 
Hunting for gobblers and does. To The Hunt

Dec 28 - Broken Tine Buck

Morning: Before daylight a deer came from behind the Double Bull blind and walked close to me. It was only a deer shaped shadow in the dark, but a big one. 
Still to dark to shoot at 7:00 but I could make out it's antlers with my binoculars, it was the Broken Tine buck. To The Hunt & Pics ...

Dec 27 - 10 Point Back Again
(Last Update 838am)
Morning: The 10 point came back. This time I reached for the BowTech instead of the Sony. To The Hunt ...

Dec 26  (Last Update 7:51pm)
Morning: A 25 degree, clear, still morning. I started out to the NOrthStarr tree and got snorted so I went back to the Double Bull blind. 2 does and a lone doe came to the plot. Around 8:00 A big 8 came on the hill from the east, the sun lit up his antlers as he went into the draw and came out with a doe. They went east. Four more does, a pair and 2 solos, also used on the hill. Then a 6-pt came to the plot. He left minutes ago.

Afternoon: Back in the blind. First, I put more Special Golden Estrus in the Power Wick. It's 58 degrees, clear with periodic light gusts. 3 does in the plot at 4:10. They left after a button head came. A larger buck stepped out of the wood's edge and checked out the button, and left.
(4:51) I see deer in several places and a signing off for now.
(6:43) 5 deer moved through  the area. JimboTX saw 4 does at the NorthStarr stand on the farm road.

Dec 25 - A White Christmas

Two does gave me the perfect Christmas card for you at daylight. And the hunting wasn't bad either. To Dec 25... 

Dec 24 (Last Update 8:01am)
A Bomber 10 Point - It's A Shoot Day
I glassed the buck, a big 10 that I haven't seen before! To Dec 24, So Far...

Dec 23 - Cold But Busy Morning
13 degrees and gusty before dawn. A doe came into the food plot and I saw something out of place on the woods edge. I binoculared it. A buck with a high heavy rack. To Dec 23....
Weather Now: light cloud cover, blues skies, 36 degrees. It could be a good afternoon.
4:42pm - Two does are at the top of the hill.

Dec 22 (Last Update 6:05pm)
Afternoon: It's a cold one.  GO.
10:46am - Another Buck, can you see it?
The wind just laid and now only gusts occasionally. I saw a deer on the edge of the woods and had a thought. Lots of people tell me they are following this online hunt and log on several times a day. So if you are one of those folks see if you can find the buck I just saw. GO.

10:02 - Bad weather. Every time things let up bucks show up, which has been twice. Here are the pics and what happened. To Dec 22...
8:52 - HAIL !!!
Before Daylight - Half way to the NorthStarr stand on the hill it started raining. So I changed plans and went to the blind, that's another advantage of the  Double Bull, you're out of the weather. 

Dec 21 (Last Update 7:34pm)
Afternoon: "BowTech, Double Bull and Innerloc ... Awesome" (The Duck)

"BowTech, Double Bull & Innerloc ... Awesome", said the Duck after his wild turkey hunt this afternoon. To The Hunt...

Morning: At first good light I saw the Freak half way up the hill. He went into the draw. 15 minutes later a lone doe pursued by 2 bucks ran all over the hill. At 7:20 another doe came over the hill and a buck came out of the draw and dogged her. 

Last Update, 9:43 - The hill got the play this morning. 
Before eight 2 does came over the hill, then 3 does walked briskly out of the draw and went over the hill, then 5 does came out of the draw. At 8:28 a yearling doe and a longhead doe visited the food plot. 

My mouser cat walked up and they got nervous and kept their eye on him. Meanwhile he made a painfully slow stalk a few yards from my blind and suddenly snagged a dove, and killed it and took it away to eat it. 

The Duck hunted his Double Bull blind at the Canyon. He heard wild turkeys about 8:00 and a flock walked by at 10 yards. Don had the windows down and the sun was on him and the turkeys saw him and flew off. Ten minutes later another flock came down the same trail. There were 2 big jakes. But the Duck decided to let them grow. 

Dec 20 (Last Update 5:27pm)
"Never underestimate the power of good choices or dumb luck." Both of those things went to work this morning when the Freak walked into my shooting lane. To Today's Hunt.

Dec 19
6:18 - it's 34 degrees. calm & clear. Nice morning. No deer so far.
At 8:28 two does came from the draw to the food plot. 10:06 - 5 does in the woods and on the hill. Afternoon - zipped.

Dec 18 - Three does came to the food plot at first light. The new 8-pt from yesterday afternoon checked them out. 5 more does were on the hill.
That was it for the day.

Dec 17 -  Broken Tine Day
To see more & larger pictures go To Dec 17

Broken Tine is looking for one good doe at the food plot this morning and he came back at 8:52 for the 3rd time. This time I nailed him with the camera and definitely got some cool pictures. The pics are too good to do as little bitty pics for this pages format. Here are the Pics & What Happened...

8:41am: Two deer came to the food plot at 8:19, a yearling doe and button buck. A minute later sunlight glinted on antlers.

He moved to the edge of the field, the Broken Tine, and seeing the button head and young doe he turned and went back into the draw. 

8:10am: Movement along the edge of the woods. The Broken Tine buck. 7:56, I got a pic. He turned east 50 yards from the NorthStarr tree. 

7:33am: I hunted the hill in the NorthStarr Treestand I just put up. Before sunrise a shadow moved under my tree and a buck rubbed some low branches and pawed the ground. The Freak. Then he left.
Once it was light I glassed him and a young buck in the food plot. When they left I waited 15 minutes and hurried over to the blind. I don't want to be in the tree where the scrape is.

Dec 16 - last update 6:28pm

6:28pm: Broken Tine buck finally comes at picture time. More scent tricks. Hunt logs and pictures. To Dec 16 Hunt...

Dec 15 - last update 6:05m
6:05pm - One spike buck watched the food pot from the woods edge. He was too far for a pic.
2:45pm - More Scent
I did another scent drag with a Scent Wick and hung it in the same tree. I had to use a new one because a buck ran off with yesterday's. This time I used Active Scrape scent (from
11:45am - Lunch time. Be right back.

At 8:14 the Freak walked up out of the draw and over to near me. (His pic.) Apparently he was hungry cause he went straight for the leafy green stuff. After the 1st pic my camera malfunctioned. From the cold is my guess.
I slipped the battery out and wrapped a HotHands warmer around it. (A good product if you want to warm your hands too.)
At 8:26 he looked startled and ran to the road, and then I saw him on the tails of 2 does as they came down the hill into the draw.
Freak was lame, I've seen him run before and he had no limp. Don't know what happened.
A young buck left the does trail and come toward the food plot. He stopped at the fence and smelled the Scent Wick. My camera turned off again and the buck walked all around, looking. (Close Up of Buck.)
A doe came to the plot at 9:54.

(7:48am) A simple, beautiful sunrise began the day. If you're not hunting this morning I thought you might enjoy a peaceful sunrise, here it is bigger. No deer moving so far.
(5:36am) 20 degrees. A little oatmeal, some coffee and it's back to the food plot blind.

Dec 14 - Lets Try A Scent Trick

Early morning, Scent Wick, Afternoon buck

(6:56pm) That was all for today.
(4:46pm) a buck just came in. He smelt the Scent Wick when he passed near it and filled his nose several times while he looked around. 
(1:18pm) Had a hot but bland lunch special and then made a scent drag with a Scent Wick dipped in Excite (both from These wicks are way better than the cotton balls we used to use. I pulled it around in the food plot and made a trail leading to a 10 yard shot and hung it on a limb. See A Full View
(11:34am) Cold morning. No more deer. Signing off and going to the Red Barn restaurant for some warm food and hot coffee. Will rush back. 
(7:57am) Two does showed up at 6:58. I used the Night Shot to take their pics. It is 32, clear and calm. My breath keeps fogging up my binoculars.

Dec 13 - last update 6:32pm
(7:20am) Saw 2 8-pts at first light, 3 does later and a young buck. It's been uneventful since then.
(11:58am) The wind is up and it feels like it's getting colder. I've been in the food plot blind since 6:20.
(2:26pm) Bad news, when I broke for a fast lunch my coffee maker burned up. Rats, it's a restaurant one and I'll miss how quick it makes the coffee. Ate microwaved left overs and a grapefruit. Then I shot a few arrows and got back in the blind.

Practice makes you hit what you shoot at.
(5:11pm) Shadows are lengthening. Nothing else has moved so far.
(5:18pm) Two bucks are on the hill checking out the area. Their pics.
(6:32pm) Wow! 10 does came to the food plot plus the Freak and a sixer. One of the does urinated near the Freak and he dogged her. So far he doesn't know I am right in the middle of Freak city. Well, like I said, one day at a time.

Dec 12 - I slept late for a change and saw the Freak at 5:34 on the afternoon hunt. 
Dec 11 - Overcast and the temp held in the high 40's. I saw 13 does and 3 bucks. Only 3 does came to my food plot, the rest were in the woods.

Dec 10, Morning - The 9!

Going to the blind in dark a deer snorted at me and ran. I'm lucky it hasn't happened more. My camera has a Night Shot mode and I gave it a try at the 2 does and buck before daylight. The pics (above left is one) were a million time better than my older camera. 

When the sun did come up it was awesome, fire in the sky, absolutely all good. In the first half hour the deer were gone. Pictures: Night Shot of deer & Sunrise.

At 9:55 I hadn't seen any more deer and planned to quit at ten and eat a hearty home cooked breakfast at the Duck's camp trailer. At 9:58 my plans got trashed. I had my laptop with me and was busy typing and when I looked up a doe was munching food plot stuff 10 yards from me.

Before I raised my camera up I checked for other deer. 100 yards away, on the hill by the road, stood the big 9 point. To Pictures & what happened... 

Dec 9, Morning
 It's overcast and the temp is holding in the high 40's. I saw 13 does and 3 bucks. Only 3 does came to my food plot, the rest were busy in the woods.
Afternoon: No deer.

It Had To Happen. The Test

The sun settled into the trees as the Freak buck walked down the hill. Bucks and does moved out of his way. A narrow strip of the mixed seed (called PlotSpike Premium MIx) is 10 yards in front of my blind and the Freak walked right to it. This was it...

Back To Dec 7 - Pictures Of It All

The Freak came 3 separate times before he got up close and personal and there are plenty of pictures of it and other deer as the morning hunt progressed. Dec 7 Morning Hunt...

Dec 8, Duck Or The Duck's Gotcha

Afternoon: The Duck (Don Beckwith) and his brother Paul arrived mid day. Paul hunted a big oat field and Don went to the Dry Tank. I zipped. To The Hunt...
Morning: (9:58) It's overcast and the temp is holding in the high 40's. I saw 13 does and 3 bucks. Only 3 does came to my food plot, the rest were busy in the woods. No Freak today.

Dec 7 - Big Picture Day ... and More
I really got loaded up on pictures today. You'd think I was in the deer parking lot. While I sort out the best ones, here is a full screen pic of Freak with a doe to give you an idea of what went on. And, oh, he got a lot closer than this. I'll bring you up to speed on that too. Sizes (1024x768) or (800x600) or (640x480)

Dec 6 - Before daylight deer were all around. But they moved on before good light.
This afternoon I was in my treestand early. Just in time for a heck of a rain. A 7 point walked around in it anyway, no problem.

Dec 5 - Where has this big boy buck been?
Afternoon: There were two areas of separate action. Young bucks worked the edge of the woods, dogging any doe that would let them. Meanwhile bucks and does visited the food plot, ate, and left. Here are pics of a few of them

After sunset picture taking light got lousy but shooting light was left. Five does were browsing in the strip of Premier Mix 10 yards from my blind. A doe looked toward the woods, I could tell something was coming. It stepped out from behind a tree, a big buck, 35 yards and closing. A real dandy. Big bodied with a high, heavy, wide rack.

I was ready for this, bow in hand, focused, as the Dandy lip curled and grunted as came to the does. But the does ignored the big buck and also stayed between me and this fine buck.

Light was fading fast, too fast. When he finally moved away from the does I could not see my pins clearly anymore. He was hungry and browsed on the food plot goodies for half an hour . Finally all the deer left. I waited another 5 minutes and skedadled back to my house.

A 9-point buck, just what I've been looking for, was less than 15 yards from me and I could not take a shot without the possibility of hitting a doe. I would've liked it to work out different but I wouldn't change places with anyone this afternoon. I love this bowhunting.

Morning: More deer, a couple of new bucks, mostly young ones. Here are some of them.

Dec 4: Freak A Little Closer

Morning: The Freak came back during good light and gets close so I nail him with my camera and get good pics of that odd ball rack, including 2 wallpaper full sized pics that will fit your computer screen background. To The Hunt...

Dec 3: Freak!

Morning: The buck with a broken main beam walks into camera range and that left side is not broke after all. This buck has a Freak set of antlers. He put on t good show too and I got the pics. To The Freak!

Dec 2:
Morning: A bomber, mature buck was in my food plot. The left beam was broken off and the right was wide. He was too far away for a pic. An 8-point visited it later. 
Afternoon: I zipped at the Hammer Hole.

Dec 1 - Not Again!
The longer I bowhunt the more I learn. Wild turkeys have their plan for the day and it doesn't include getting an archery lesson from me. And if I hadn't learned something new today that's the way it would have been. To Today's Hunt...

Nov 30 - Point Me To Those Wild Turkeys

Afternoon - I slipped into the blind (Double Bull), set my camera and bow down. Woops! Wild turkeys! Yikes, I ain't ready. To The Hunt...

Nov 27 - 30 - Stuck
Saturday Afternoon - At the river stand a zillion turkeys roosted all over the area. I slipped out, figuring on returning in the morning. Wrong! My truck bogged down in a mud seep on a hill and I walked 2 miles to get home. 

When we went to pull it out we got the truck stuck twice at the bottom of the hill, we never got close to my truck. Two days later my neighbor was able to get to it with his tractor. He pulled me backwards, down the hill and across a mud hole creek and I was good to go so I went to the Point to hunt.

Nov 27 - Short Fat Fanny
Morning -  All the wild turkeys flew down and went into the woods and on to parts unknown. At 9:00 I stepped out of the blind to look for my wild hog from the afternoon hunt the day before. To The Hunt...

Afternoon - Back to Rick's River. I saw a buck and 3 does. At roost time a zillion turkeys roosted all over. 

Nov 26 - Fatso The Hog
Afternoon - Back at Rick's River stand something stepped in some leaves behind me and the distinctive wild hog aroma caught my attention. A very fat, black wild boar walked into my shooting window. I drew but it stopped behind a tree. To The Hunt & Pics....

Nov 26 - To The River
Morning -  100 yards uphill from the river, shadowed against the full moon sky, I saw dozens of roosted wild turkeys in the big trees along the river bank. I kept to the thick cover of the cedars and went quietly to the blind at Rick's River stand. At 6:30 the turkeys started talking. There were lots of them. It was beautiful, listening to wild turkeys all around me.
When they flew down they stayed vocal for the next two hours. But they used the trails further up hill.
Afternoon - Back at the blind at Rick's River the wind was gusting briskly and it was overcast and chilly. At 4:45 something stepped in some leaves behind me and the distinctive wild hog aroma caught my attention. A very fat, black wild boar walked into my shooting window. I drew but it stopped behind a tree.
When it took a few steps and was in the clear the window I needed to shoot out of had camo mesh on it. Since I was in Rick's blind I didn't want to shoot through the mesh and make a cut in his new blind.
I let my bow down and, and so that  I wouldn't attract the boars attention, slowly made an opening in the mesh, that eventually was high and wide enough to shoot through. The boar was standing 10 yards away, looking at the adjacent field.
I drew, aimed and shot. My arrow popped through the hog and it ran toward the blind, stopped, like it was going to fall over, but instead went briskly into the brush to my right.
The sun dropped below the trees and soon wild turkeys came into the area. Dozens flew out into the adjacent field and collected in a group. They yelped and clucked until they flew up in the tall trees along the river. Fifty yards to my right the trees filled up with more turkeys. I heard several gobbles.
This left me with a dilemma. If I recovered the hog now it I would spook the gobblers in the trees to my right. I didn't really want to leave the hog overnight, either. But it was cold and that wouldn't be a problem. So at dark I slipped through the cedars and returned to my truck. I'll get the hog after the turkey hunt tomorrow morning.

Nov 25 - Thanksgiving Day
Took the day off. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours on this American holiday began by hunters.

Nov 24 - The Rut Is On 
Morning at the Food Plot treestand. Shooting light came and a longhead doe was walking down the fence row toward me. I was ready. It stopped and looked back, an 8-point was on her trail. I was double ready. The doe ran into the thick stuff with the buck behind her.

Soon, 2 does browsed toward me along the fence. I took pics as they got closer. A young buck came out of the nearby draw and walked briskly toward them, he was limping on a front leg. A 7-point. The does trotted away when he got to them. 
The buck didn't follow. Instead I watched him walk to a big white oak tree in my front yard and he ate acorns for quite a while. 

Because deer are coming to this tree right now I put a TrailTimer EZ CAM up so I know what bucks are in the area.

This tree is not a place to hunt, it really is right in my front yard. The TrailTimer got his picture good, you can even see the acorns he is chowing down on  --  picture is right below. 

A vehicle drove down the road and the buck ran right to me. 

Then he walked into a corral that we planted PlotSpike Forage Oats in and browsed there. I know deer will go into the corral at night; but I was surprised to see a buck go in the coral during daylight. I guess those Forage Oats must be tasty. Just for grins, here is a close up of this young 7-point.

After he left a solo doe hung out at the edge of the woods, looking and waiting. Chances are good there is an active scrape near by. The doe left around 8:30. 

Afternoon:  Driving out I saw a flocks of wild turkeys. I hunted south of the Hammer Hole and saw 2 more  flocks of wild turkeys there.

And later one doe snuck through, looking around. She had that "I'm looking for a buck" look. 

Nov 23 - Same Thing
Morning at the Food Plot and Afternoon at Secret Stand #3 had the same results, nothing. I put my Double Bull at the Point where there are lots of deer and turkey tracks.

Back In The Home Woods: (Nov 22) 
AFTERNOON: Hammer Hole Action
It rained most of the day. At 4:00 I made the muddy drive to the back 200 and walked to the Hammer Hole. 3 does came from the east, they kept looking back and I passed a good 10 yard shot at a boss doe to see what was following. It walked behind me and I never got a look at it. 
At 5:30: I heard hogs to my left. They stopped and grunted. Movement to my right got my attention. A monster black, wild boar was on the trail to my right and I got ready for a 10 yard shot as he walked behind a tree. But the boar turned and came out 30 yards away. He growled, eerily & loudly at the other hogs and they all left. This was the biggest wild hog I've ever seen. His nose looked as large as my two fists.

Bowhunting The Rut In Ohio 2004

The Duck & I are bowhunted with Dennis Crabtree during the Ohio rut. Follow the day by day action and pics as the hunt developed for the Duck, PIp, Dennis Crabtree, Dennis 2, and an occasional guest. Ohio Hunt 2004...

Oct 31 - The Eight Returns

On the last day of the bow only season I am the only hunter and the hunt heats up big time. And some of the details I always attend to before I leave for the stand pay off. To The Hunt & Pics...

Oct 29: Hanging In
I spent most of the entire afternoon in the Double Bull and saw a bunch of does and a new 8-point. I dumbed up and left the compact flash card for my camera at home so I couldn't get pictures. But it was a cool day in the deer woods.

Oct 28: The Right Move

I moved the Double Bull closer to yesterday's deer activity and returned at 4:45. In 15 minutes the hunt was on. To Pics & Hunt...

Oct 27: Moving Time At  The Hammer Hole
I want to move further into the woods from the Hammer Hole hoping to intercept deer traffic that I am not seeing. The Double Bull blind is perfect for this cedar infested area so I set one up when I went in for the afternoon hunt. I saw a few deer but they were on trails that were not close to me. Tomorrow I will move it again.

Oct 26: December Tree - A Core Rut Area
I check the core rut area I call December Tree. There were problems and here is how I fixed em', complete with pictures. Then I went hunting in my new set up and got into the action. To Hunt...

Oct 24: Look At That Butt!
For my morning hunt I went to the Hammer Hole. This is a thick area and there are no trees large enough for a treestand, but this is a good spot, so I have three tripod stands set up here. To The Hunt...

After the very successful Deerhunt with Billy Don Van Cleave I returned home on the 19th. I had pressing work to do for a couple of days but still got out to hunt in my home area. 

OCT 20-23: John Askew came down with his son Bryant and daughter Emily. Bryant, who graduated from high school last year, has hunted on our lease before and has taken a few does as well as wild hogs with his bow. This trip, while hunting the Pond area, Bryant saw a longhead doe meandering through the dense cedars. It meandered right into Bryant's shooting lane and he was ready. The arrow hit home and the big doe dropped in 40 yards.

The Askews: John, Bryant and Emily with Bryant's doe. 

Bowhunting With Billy Don @ Wild Horse Prairie Ranch
The 1st Ever Deerhunt
Day #1 - Dave Cole (owner of BowFit) hunted #17 and saw 2 does and a fawn and lots of wild hogs 
The Duck had activity also, he saw 2 does, 2 fawns several wild hogs and 3 bucks. Here is a picture of one (on the right).
Boyd Burbank is hunting for a black buck and hunted # 21, an area that blackbucks frequent. He saw 2 forkys, a spike, lots of wild hogs and an audad.
We are leaving for the afternoon and I don't have time to type up my hunt right now. But, not to give away the story, but here are a couple of pics. To Deerhunt...

OCT 6 - Wednesday - Hunt On The Way
The first every Deer Hunt begins Friday. The Duck met the landowner Billy Don Van Cleave and they are at Sam's buying the food for the 10 day hunt at Wild Horse Prairie Ranch. I've  got a million things to do to be ready, so we didn't hunt today. However, Rick Philippi came down to hunt and he is at the Slew Hole this afternoon. (But the deer didn't move.)

Making Cool Arrows Fast
I like to make arrows up 4 or 6 at a time so today I fixed up the arrows I am going to use at the hunt at Wild Horse Prairie Ranch. First I rolled the EZ Eye yellow tiger stripe wraps on 6 of  Easton's C2 Realtree carbon shafts. (If you buy wraps be sure to notice if they are for aluminum or carbon arrows, they are different widths.) 

I matched up the yellow in the wrap with 4-inch, yellow, parabolic cut feathers from Gateway Feathers. I don't use a contrasting cock feather, I like it better if they are all the same.

One particular product that makes arrow making go easy and fast, instead of at a snail's pace, is the Arizona E-Z Fletch. This unique fletching unit attaches all 3 feathers at once. Today I used the Carbon model with straight fletch. (They make 4 arrow models and different heilicals as well.) 

After puting the EZ-Eye wraps on the carbon shafts, the nock end of the arrow slides in the Arizona E-Z Fletch unit. Put a feather in each of the 3 slotted arms. 

Apply glue to each feather. Close the fletcher's arms and slide on the end cap. Snap the cap in place on the end of the arms. 

Once the arrows were fletched I removed their green nocks and replaced them with bright yellow. I used 3 E-Z Fletch units and it took 15 minutes to make 6 arrows. When the arrows were finished I took a few practice shots at my new Cube Target from American Whitetail Targets.

OCT 5 - Tuesday
It's raining. It's not raining. All day long. 

Sunday Morning - OCT 3 
Morning Hunt
Robbie B hunted the the entrance of the Canyon. and zipped.  John A was at his Pond stand and  saw 1 doe and more wild turkeys. Mosquitoes were bad there and they ate him up. I zipped.

The Duck hunted the Mudslide stand, again, Don saw the longhead doe that had run the deer off yesterday, (as well as in year's past). But today it came close and as it walked behind a tree 10 yards away Don drew, and when it cleared the tree the Duck aimed and shot. The doe took a few steps and dropped underneath Don's treestand.

Here is the Duck (Don Beckwith) with the first deer of the season, a mature longhead doe. Plus, for the Duck's bear hunting fans, here is a larger pic of the Duck with the doe and his favorite hunting bow, his BowTech Patriot. 

After the hunt we all went to the ranch house and all ate a swell breakfast with Stan Alexander at his ranch home. Here we are.

Breakfast time at the ranch house.

Afternoon Hunt - Buddy Group Break Down
John saw hogs, Robbie saw wild turkeys, the Duck saw 2 does. Nobody fired a shot.

I had all the luck watching my food plot area. Two bucks hung out there and when some does came in the area the bucks locked horns and sparred for over half an hour. That's an indication that the buck buddy groups are almost ready to break up and the bucks will start to roam until the rut starts. Unfortunately I left my camera's memory card in my computer's card reader. Maybe I can redeem my self and get a pic of them tomorrow morning.

After the hunt the Duck fried up a bunch of chicken fried venison and we capped the day off  with a great meal.

Saturday Afternoon
Oct 2 
The Duck zipped at the Dry Tank. Robbie sat his new stand in the bottom of the Canyon and saw 1 doe. At turkey time two flocks flew up in the big trees all around him. At dark Robbie slipped out without spooking them. Back at the Rock Ledge, John A saw two does.

(Pic 1 & 2) The reason deer and turkeys are visiting this area are the tasty, ripe wild grapes that are currently falling to the ground. (Pic 3) a view of the area from behind my NorthStarr Treestand ladder stand. And so you can see how narrow this strip of woods is here is another, larger pic from a different angle.

I went to the Slew Hole. This is a narrow strip of woods where I've taken TrailTimer pics when I was scouting. It's bordered by a coastal field. I hunted a ladderstand made by North Starr Treestands. 

All was quiet until 6:54 when 3 does walked along the edge of the field, actually they were only 15 yards from me, but with lots of limbs in the way. They passed my crossing, which would have brought them by me, and I heard them jump the fence at the next crossing 30 yards down the fence.

I hunted from a NorthStarr Treestands "Super Starr" ladderstand. It has a big, comfortable padded seat which was much appreciated after 3 hours on stand. Another thing I like about it is it is wide enough in the sitting area. Some ladderstands are stingy about the width so there is not enough room for your knees to be relaxed but this stand has plenty of room up top. web site.

After leaving my stand I saw a giant wild hog in the adjacent coastal field and, since it had  seen me too, I went toward it to see if I could get close enough for a shot. It moved away 50 yards and stopped. When I got to 35 yards it moved away and stopped again. We replayed that scenario 3 more times until the big hog got to the edge of the field and disappeared into the woods. This was a really big hog. At first glance I thought it was a heifer cow.

Saturday Morning
OCT 2 - (10:36am) 
I hunted at the Point in the new model Double Bull blind called the Matrix. A longhead doe came through with a fawn with spots was with it, I would've liked some venison but not in that scenario. Two flocks of wild turkeys came from opposite directions, joined up about 60 yards away and went to the South. Here's a larger pic of the Double Bull Matrix.

The Duck had a longhead doe with a fawn in the Mudslide area. It stayed around for quite a while. Several other deer tried to come through this funnel of woods but they were run off by the longhead doe. 

Robbie B saw 2 does and an unidentified deer. At his Rock Ledge stand John A saw 2 young bucks and a large flock of wild turkeys. He got a shot at a jake but missed.

(5:19am) Opening day is always the sleepiest hunting day. Partly because I'm not in the swing of getting up this early, partly because I never can sleep on opening day eve. Oh well, it's the toll over the bridge, and it's gladly paid. Let's see what happens this morning.

OCT 1 - Some of my hunting buds are down for the hunt opener tomorrow; the Duck, John and his daughter Emily, and Robbie B. The daily hunt logs and pics will begin tomorrow and be right here throughout the season. Also the landowners, Stan and Alex Alexander will be down.
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Golden Key Futura
Hunt Recorder
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Rope Ratchet
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