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2005 Fall Deer Hunts
by Robert Hoague

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Double Kicker Buck  - Day 1, Ripping It UP

Saturday's temperature drop made the difference, the deer started moving. Saturday afternoon the Double Kicker Buck came into my hunt area ripped up a tree, and more. Here's what happened and the pics. GO...

Double Kicker Hunt (Day 2 - 4)

On the second day I switched to a treestand 90 yards from the food plot. I've had a North Starr Treestands "Steel Starr" in this tree for 3 years and hop in and out of it at will. (North Starr Treestands) In the woods I saw the Double Kicker buck and his grey running buddy. I don't have a clear view of the food plot from here but I saw deer parts in it.

Day 3 
I moved to a different stand where I can watch the back fence corner of my corral. This fence line and corner is a good deer funnel and the trail I saw the bucks on yesterday goes through here. I have a "Boss Star" treestand from North Starr in this tree because the seat turns and I need that here because there are shooting lanes to the left, right and in front of my tree.

Several does walked right by me before I saw the Double Kicker bucks tall antlers a little further in the woods than I wanted them to be. 

He was alone and seemed interested in something ahead of him. 

An 8-point walked into view and the two bucks watched each other. 

Then they both looked into the woods and walked in that direction.

As darkness came several deer slipped through my area in the fading light. The Double Kicker walked right under my tree but I could not see my pins clearly. He headed toward the food plot. I didn't want to spook him so I sat in the woods an hour after dark -- until I felt deer were out of the area. When I finally got down I made it to the house without hearing any deer snorts.

4th Day - Here He Comes...
Two sixers came to the food plot and drank water from my water tube. They walked around and saw someting and left. Before long the Double Kicker buck walked into my view and I took its picture as it got closer.

It stopped and looked in my direction. There was time for another picture so I took it. The buck seemed to be staring at me.

And just as quickly and delibertly as it came up it walked away. My thoughts felt scrambled. I did not expect this. Did he leave because there were no does or otheer deer. Or because he had seen me or the camera? And is he gonna be back?

Double Kicker Hunt - Day 5 - Banging Heads

The Double Kicker buck walked in my direction and when he stopped and watched the other two bucks I checked him with my Nikon rangefinder, 24.5 yards. I stayed behind the camera tripod but carefully picked up my BowTech. I wanted him a few yards closer and if he did I was ready. GO...

Double Kicker Hunt - Day 6

I was early. The deer were late. Both Double Kicker and his Buddy walked through the high grass surrounding my food plot. I took a quick pic of each of them, set down my camera, and got my BowTech and waited at the ready. Several times, I checked him with the Nikon rangefinder. I don't like to shoot past 20 yards and prefer closer and Double Kicker stayed out of reach. No other deer were in sight and they left in a few minutes for some place unknown. Like I said yesterday, I better get some shooting done.

Double Kicker Hunt - Day 7

A 6-point came from my right and the Buddy started toward the deer and Double Kicker followed. I can't believe my good luck. No time to fool around now. GO...

Double Kicker Hunt - Last Hunt - It All Comes Down To This ...

He took off after a doe and chased her all around the place. Then they both stopped and stood apart. I range findered him at 27.5 yards. There were several deer closer to my Double Bull blind and he walked over to them. I pushed the yardage button ... 18 yards.  To the Hunt & Pics...

Double Kicker Hunt - Pictures & Hunt Comments

At 5:30 I woke up, didn't have to do it this morning but I was too antsy to sleep any more. The outside temperature display on our atomic clock read 29 degrees -- the first cold day of the season. Pictures and Hunt Comments ...

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