3rd Annual Bowhunt - 2006


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Bowhunt and on the spot pictures -- by Robert Hoague

Online Whitetail Bowhunts - 2006
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Pre Rut Illinois Bowhunt - 2006
Wade Nolan's Writers Camp at Dream Woods Adventures
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The following companies were represented at the Whitetail University Writers Camp: John Carpenter  of Pennington Seed, Scott Alread of Bear Archery, Ron Boyce of MDR Outdoor Group (24 Seven Scents),  Scott Harper and Joe McArty of Fall Guy, Jeff DeRegmaucourt board member with Treestand Manufacturers Assn. (TMA), Marvin Carlson or Gold Tip, Jay Leitchy of Grim Reaper Broadheads and The meetings and bowhunt are at Dreamwoods Adventures. in Southern Illinois. The organizers of the event were Wade Nolan and Bruce Ryan of Whitetail University.
Pennington Seed - John Carpenter | MDR  24 Seven Scents - Ron Boyce | Gold Tip - Marvin Carlson | Scott Alread - Bear Archery | Jay Leichty - Grim Reaper Broadheads |
Gold Tip - Marvin Carlson
Marvin Carlson, the owner of Gold Tip addressed the group. Durability, memory, straightness, accuracy ar what Gold Tip is dedicated to. Gold Tip now has Vanes. The new E-Z Pull target points minimizes target damage and is easier to pull arrow out of foam targets.

All Gold Tip arrows and related products were Re-engineered in 2006. Gold Tip has unique processes and techniques.

  • New Inserts: re-designed so broadheads line up accurately and spin perfectly.
  • New camo finish: have a patent for their camo process.
  • Stronger and more consistent shafts - a new shaft manufacturing process and Gold Tip has patent pending for it.
  • VaneTec vanes are more durable than any existing vanes and bond strongly to carbon shafts.
  • A New Nock System: a new nock system the pros claim is the "best out there.  Target pro archers are winning more and more with Gold Tip.

Bear Archery - Scott  Alread
Scott Alread began by handing out the 2007 Catalog for Bear Archery. Its cover showed off the new Logo for Bear Archery. 

Escalade Sports now owns the company and has re-established Bear Archery Inc.. Bear has purchased Carolina Archery Products (Whisker Biscuit and Fox Fire bowsights).

Companies Focus: Bear Archery is the performance to value leader for all compound and traditional bows. More value and performance than the price tag is what Bear is about.

The success of the Instinct bow re-established Bear Archery. The Instinct is a strong parallel limb bow at $399 retail. A bow that shoots like the more expensive bows but costs much less.

Dealer's report that consumers are coming in and requesting Bear bows. And Bear Archery is having a good year. Now that Bear owns Carolina Archery Products manufacturing for the Whisper Biscuit and Foxfire is in Gainesville, Florida. Customer Service is back on track.

Scott showed a new TV commercial for the TRUTH bow with Will Primos that is new for 2007 bow addition. You can see it too on the web at

New design. Parallel limbs, light weight, 8 points of vibration dampening, Steel bearings, Tapped a hole for SDS users, special holes in riser allow use of  Trophy Ridge bowquiver and all others. Scott and Bear Archery believe the TRUTH bow, designed with Will Primos help, will be an immediate success.

Scott Alread takes us outside to introduce us to the new TRUTH bow.

Scott takes a few shots with the TRUTH bow. Then several writers shot it.

Fifteen draw positions and NO bow press necessary.  Odyssey II and Pioneer II come with pre assembled accessories: Foxfire bowsight, Whisker Biscuit, Camo quiver, 3 carbon arrows. NO BOW PRESS REQUIRED

WHAT makes Bear Archery unique?

  1. Quad limbs
  2. Compression molded process makes the most reliable limbs in the industry. Strongest, toughest most durable limbs in the industry. 
  3. Bear has the fewest limb problems of any bow company in archery.
  4. Limbs do not have structural weakness because of cutting and shaving the limbs. Cutting or shaving exposes fibers and the limb is weaker and subject to stress. The Bear fibers run the entire length of the limb.
  5. Bows go through a million shot cycle when they are designed and tested.
  6. Bear Archery owns the Single Cam patent. They aren't spending money for licensing of single cam. This is a definite savings for Bear.
  7. 100% of the bows are produced in one spot, the Gainesville, Florida plant.
  8. You don't have to pay $700 to get a bow that performs like $700.
  9. Bear does their own bowstrings. They are excellent and will be marketed and sold
Takedown Supreme - Adding take down bows to the line of Traditional bows.
New Bowquiver - full vibration dampening bowquiver.
RTS - Ready To Shoot bows have accessories included. Arrow rest, camo stabilizer with wrist strap, self aligning peep sight, Six Shooter came bowquiver, Foxfire Hunter Series bowsight, Camo String Loop, Sims String Leeches and Limb Savers.

Grim Reaper Broadheads - Jay Leichty
Jay owns 17 patents in the broadhead industry. Grim Reaper Broadheads patents cover the major new ideas in today's broadhead market.

Jay was a pre med college student at BYU and as a bowhunter/college student got interested in mechanical broadheads, which he liked but thought needed improvement. Jay wanted a mechanical broadhead that got great penetration. 

  • First mechanicals needed a sharper front end. Jay developed the Trocrazor Tip with razors in the Trocar Tip. He was the first to do this.
  • He did not like O-rings and the Grim Reaper does not have O-rings.
The first broadhead was the Razortip. Named because it had a razor on the tip. Also the tip of the broadhead was further out in front of the blades than other mechanicals. Each Grim Reaper blade opens independently from the others. The 3 mini razors cut and cut a slit for the blades to cut into. It increases penetration and opens a cut channel in front of the broadhead. The spring system inside allows the blades to open easier.

Razorcut is the cut on contact version and it has a razor blade in the front of the broadhead.

Hades is a 3 blade broadhead that has its back blade edges sharpened also. It further cuts the wound channel if the arrow is pulled out.

All Grim Reaper Broadeheads are Made in the USA.

MDR  24 Seven Scents - Ron Boyce
MDR is a leading company in the animal repellent business. Shake Away, a timed released deer and varmint repellent, is a big seller for them.

In Ron Boyce's presentation he covered:
24seven scent products use a porous particle that soaks up scent and releases it in a time release fashion.  It takes 7 days for the 24seven scent to evaporate. Heavy rain and high wind can speed up dispersal. It is a timed release product so it keeps fresh scent in the area.

Some deer are aggressive, some are not, age is a factor, so generalized statements about deer's reaction to things can not be made. 90% of hunter bad experiences with scent are due to the hunters careless scent practices. For example; 

  • Footwear: leather holds scent, never wear them. Rubber boots are recommended and tuck your pant legs in your boots.
  • When you put out scent be extremely careful how you handle the scent and walk around to put it out.
Deer communicate with scent. Tarsel gland, preorbital scent, interdigital glands give off scent and have meaning to other deer. The matriarch dominant Does determine where she is going to live and where she raise her fawns. The boss doe gets the best ground. The rest settle for the rest.

Human odor lasts for 24 hours. The 24seven scent products lasts 7 days.

Licking Branch Communication is Important To The Deer Herd
Licking branches are throughout the deer range. They lick and rub their face, near the eyes, on the branch. During the rut the scrapes show up where there are licking branches. Scrapes show up year after year. Mock scrapes that are outside of the licking branch have a low chance of drawing bucks. Does are not friendly to mature bucks and don't want them around them or their fawns.

Before Hunting
Use a scent destroyer. Canine scent and perspiration are your enemies. In farm country they don't care about gasoline smell. Wash your clothes in unscent detergent. Carbon base clothes can help. Spray boots. Use scent destroyer, use a mist bottle. 

As you approach your hunting area be careful not to touch branches, etc.. Your hair holds scent more than any other part of your body.

24seven Deer Scent Products Include:

  • Dominant Buck
  • For making mock scrapes and scent trails.
  • Early Buck
  • Tarsal gland scent. It does not have deer urine. Shake it where you want a shot. Or make a line with it. Can use it all season. Can put it in a scrape or mock scrape. Very effective when deer are still in doe and buck buddy groups.
  • Doe Estrus
  • The rut can cause distress in does and fawns as well as bucks. Alarmed deer put scent on the ground and that can make other deer nervous.
  • Unscented
  • You add 1/2 ounce of the liquid scent of your choice.

Meeting #1 - Pennington Seed

Pennington Seed - John Carpenter
Pennington Seed began in the mid 1980's and is a major player in the wildlife food plot world.

John Carpenter talks food plots and Pennington wildlife products as the group listens.

John Carpenter of Pennington Seed was impressively knowledgeable about his Pennington's large product line. They make products for perennials, harvest plots, warm season annuals and cool season annuals; so hunters can pick out the type of seed(s) they want to plant.

John stated that the hunters goal is to create a harvest plot. One that will attract deer and other wild game for the hunter's harvest. His presentation covered it all. He introduced Buckmaster Hunting Frenzy ia a key product for Pennington Seed. It is a mixture of winter peas, reseeding annual clover, plus small grains (like oats and wheat).

John Carpenter giving his wildlife food plot planting seminar.

The goal is to attract deer immediately after it is planted and keep them coming back the entire season. Some seeds are selected because they last the longest. Some because they come up first and wild game starts eating them right away. For example, Winter Peas come up and deer love them and come to them but they don't last long.

Pennington makes a variety of products. Brassicas are broad leaf plants, i.e.. turnips, greens. Year round mixes that have crops all year long. 

John Compared clovers.
Many seed companies use clovers that have leaves on top. Pennington Seed uses clovers that have leaves in layers and makes runners on the ground.  These runners create new growth. Pennington Seed uses Durana clover. Developing Durana clover was extensive process for Pennington Seed. It took years. White clover is a preferred feed  Clover is slower to germinate than grasses. The Perimeters For It Were.

  • a white clover that will tolerate drought.
  • tolerate heavy browsing.
  • Testing in actual conditions.
  • A faster germinating clover. 
White clover is a preferred feed  Clover is slower to germinate than grasses. Germax treating makes seeds germinate quickly and easier.

Pennington Seed goes to consumers to begin the research. They create by what the consumers want. They discovered that Hunters want a food plot that:

  • come up fast
  • low maintenance
  • lasts all year
  • attract deer
  • be perennial
The plants develop in stages and the first crop sets the stage for the next plants. Pennington Seed uses a clay coating on the seeds. It soaks up ground moisture and improves and accelerates germination.

Heat kills the seed.

Pennington Seed is based in Georgia and was founded in 1945 by Brooks Pennington. The company makes seed and seed mixes and products for Lawn and Garden, farm and ranch, wild game and bird markets. Also Football fields use Pennington Grass which is a separate division called the Professional Turf Seed Group.

To Find The Nearest Dealer For Pennington Seed Products  Click Here.

John's Advice For The Bowhunter Who Wants A Food Plot
BUY A PRE MIX PRODUCT with small grains, winter peas, brassica and clover mixed. 
MIXES ARE GOOD. You have several type of seed for different situations, one will grow.
Use annual type harvest mixes. One season growth. Germinates in 7 to 10 days and will feed deer in 30 days. Small grains: wheat, oats, grain rye are excellent.
Grain rye is the most cold tolerant of small grains. It grows at low temperature. Mid winter small grain production, high in carbohydrates. 

Pennington has broadcast seeds. Mash the seed into the ground. Remove leaf Liter and Grass, Kill the grass with roundup. Kill the weeds.  EXPOSE THE SOIL
After using Roundup wait 10 days. Then Broadcast seed into it.
The more you work the ground the better. Kill the plant competition. Soil aggravation is important. You can use a Rake or drive back and forth over the seeds with a 4 wheeler.

Get Soil Equipped To Grow The Plants
It is important to use Fertilizer. Most soils do not have nitrogen. 
Make soil test. Go to county extension office and they will give you a bag and instructions for collecting your soil sample. Send it per instructions and you will get results quickly.

It is best to try to grow year round because it helps the soil as well as the game. In Fall use cool season: small grains and clovers. In Spring plant cow peas, soy beans. Plants that have Vines produce more forage. Cow peas, black eyed peas and other runner type plants are good.

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