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January 2

A double cold morning in a Double Bull blind at the Ridge. Part 1: Elimitrax, Where Art Thou?
And things get even better in Part 2: The Rocket Lifts Off!

January 1

Figuring out what the deer are doing on by looking at last night's BuckEye Cam pics. And the first hunt of the year. GO...

Buck #2: What Does This Buck TrophyScore? 

Talk about wide. Here is how Tommy Soriero's Bar None buck scored with TrophyScore software. GO...

A Hen For A Decoy?
I emailed our Taxidermy Columnist Larry Reese to see if he can make a hen decoy for me. This year hens are legal  in our area for the first time.

Is It Big Boy 10?

My neighbor brought over the head to the buck he killed to see if it was Big Boy 10. GO...


Dec 31
I hunted Secret Stand #7 and at 8:00 saw deer legs through the trees, walking uphill in my direction. This is a stand I haven't hunted this year and when I raised my bow to be ready I bonked my bow on an overhead limb that didn't used to be there. The buck flagged and went downhill -- with a wide rack shinning in the morning sun. I am not far from the river and had heard wild turkeys since daybreak. Their sounds got louder and soon I saw a small group of wild turkeys coming up the same hill. This looked like a chance to get a hen for Larry Reese to make me a hen decoy for the 2007 turkey season. But they went around the tree in front of me. 

In ten more minutes I spotted a larger group of wild turkeys coming. I drew in advance of them stepping out of the trees. But one picked the motion up and switched directions. I gave it a few more minutes and got down before I scared all the game off. 

I needed to make some major changes at this area and drove to the Ridge and got the Double Bull there and moved it to ol' #7 and set up so I could get into that hillside action.

Robbie saw does from the ground blind at Alex's Road again but couldn't get a shot. He had to go hime and I hunted at #7. Two groups of wild turkeys worked through the area but out of bow range.

Dec 30
Cool and overcast at the Point this morning. A small doe and the smallest forky in the world walked right where I want the big deer to go. But I didn't want them. Two other does came through to my left abut 60 yards away. Then at 10:15 I noticed a doe coming from the direction of the river. It went into the woods across from me.  I stayed put until 12:30. 

My long time hunting buddy Robbie Cramer is dow and he hunted Alex's Road and saw 1 doe. After a quick lunch we set up a ground blind 45 yards from the Alex's Road stand. That afternoon he hunted there and saw two groups of does within range but couldn't get a shot. I hunted the December Tree scrape area. The scrape has dried up but I saw 3 bucks: familiar ones, the Son of the Freak, Broken Horn and one of the 9 points who now has a broken brow tine. They are going to be impressive bucks in future years. 

Dec 29
Seven hours in the blind. A spike buck and a sixer started the day with me watching them. Later at the Point a big bodied buck walked up beside the blind and stood watching the area ahead. I could see him in a small slit I fixed in the Matrix window. He was so close all I could only see the bases of his antlers. When he left he went the way he came. After he left I opened the slit a little wider. Later a doe walked through and I saw her because of the slit. She was 15 yards and some twigs obstructed her. Before I left I adjusted the Matrix window so I now have a shooting slot. Then I pruned a few limbs. 

Dec 28 - Where'd They Go?
Eight hours in the blind today and no deer or wild turkeys anywhere.

Dec 27 - Back At The Point

Pictures on the (L) CamTrakker and (R) BuckEye Cam
Another day at the Point. Plus a review of the photo highlights and some thinking about what to do next. GO...

Dec 26- A New Big Buck At The Point

Another nice buck, a little wind dammage to the blind, CamTrakker pics and the morning and afernoon hunts. GO...

Dec 24 - A New Bomber ... Close
Behind the doe 12 yards away I saw a big bodied buck walk out of the trees. HOLY COW! What a rack. Heavy. Very wide. And coming closer  GO...

Dec 23 - CamTrakker Finds A Bomber

My eyes surely bugged out of my head when I checked the CamTrakker at the Point. GO...

Dec 23 - Wide-8 is back

Over 200 infrared pictures of deer greated me before the morning hunt. Is the dry spell over? GO...

What To Do Now?

Yesterday (L) the CamTrakker found a new buck and the BuckEye Cam had a tale to tell.
Dec 22 - Suddenly, every place I hunt I don't see anything. Even my cameras haven't been taking pictures. But last night they came though and now I'm trying to figure where to hunt next. GO...

Dec 20 - Three does came to my food plot on this morning's hunt. 
This Afternoon the drizzle stopped and I left for the Last Barn at 2:30. Deer like to move after a rain and maybe I'll be in the right place to see Wide 8 or the Big Boy 10. four does: two together and two solos came through the area at a distance. No bucks.

Dec 19 - As I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes at 5:15am I heard rain outside. When I poked my head out of the front door it definitely was raining too hard. Rain can make a tracking job a nightmare and I didn't want one. The afternoon hunt went kaput because my wife had car trouble.

Dry Spell Over?
Dec 18 - This morning was eventless. But I hunted at Alex's Road this afternoon and saw 12 does walk by within 10-17 yards. This stand needs a little branch trimming if I'm ever gonna get an arrow out of it. I'll get that done tomorrow and maybe I can fill a doe tag here.

Dry Spell
I was really pumped about the possibility of seeing Wide 8 soon. But the weather changed from cold to the 70's and the deer stopped moving. No pictures on either of my game cameras at the Hay Barn, the Food Plot, the Point or at a scrape I found and put the CamTrakker on. 

Back Again

Hunting the Last Hay Barn pays off again as Wide 8 returns. GO... Plus, giving credit where it is due. GO...

Bryant Gets His First Buck

When I saw him at camp he smiled and said, "Wanna take pictures of my buck?" GO...

Finding Wide-8

A buck walked into and across a small opening 50 yards from me. I recognized him, it was the Wide-8 buck. And he was moving east. East is good, cause I'm east. GO...

A Bold Move
Time to make changes, quick changes! GO...

First Hunt In The Last Hay Barn
All the sign led to the deserted tin barn. With no close trees and not enough cover for the blind it occurred to me, why not put the blind in the old barn. Woops! First Hunt In The Barn...

Following Big Boy 10 With Pictures

Big Boy 10 again. And the Last Barn hunt

In Part 3: Big Boy 10 Pics - We discover a travel route Big Boy 10 is using now. GO...
Part 4: - Fast scouting with the wireless camera leads to Wide 8 and the Last Hay Barn. GO...

Finding The Last Hay Barn

How 3 High Tech items helped me find Big Boy 10 and Wide 8. TO Part 1 and Part 2

The Duck Is Down
Donald Duck and his son Robbie came down Friday afternoon to hunt for the weekend. GO...

Bow Set Up For Deer In 2006

Every time a group of bowhunters go on a hunt the topic will turn to their bow and setups. Here is mine for 2006. GO...

Dec 10 - Sunday
Morning:  Robbie hunted Myron's corner. He had a huge buck walk by within touching distance of his Double Bull blind but it was not shooting light yet. Later he had a 7-point hang out in the area. Meanwhile the Duck and I took the morning off from hunting and drank coffee and visited until Robbie came in. Then they loaded up their gear and went back home. That afternoon I zipped.

Dec 9 - Saturday
Morning:  Robbie went to Myron's corner. He saw a 8-point within range but passed. He also saw 3 does and 5 unidentified deer.  The Duck slept in. I hunted the Point and zipped again.

Afternoon: The Duck and Robbie zipped. I saw an 8-point. It was a nice afternoon, alternating between overcast and sunny, in the mid 40's. When the sun dropped into the trees the temperature dropped like a sledge hammer and iced us all up.

The Duck cooked up a heck of good batch of chicken fried venison steaks tonight. Good stuff.

Dec 8 - The Duck Is Down
9:00 The Duck (Don Beckwith) and his son Robbie came down on Friday before noon-time. Robbie was in his horse pasture stand by 1:00. The Duck went to the old dry tank. The temperature shot down below freezing and they both came out at sunset. I hunted the ridge above the river. All  3 of us zipped

Dec 7 - Morning
9:00 came and I hung in. Suddenly a buck came up from behind me and walked by the right side of the ground blind. I had the camera in my hand and quickly took its pic. 

A few steps more and I aimed to take another one and he turned straight away. Oh, oh. wide antlers. I set down the camera and got my BowTech and teetered between shoot and wait. And while I teetered the buck made up my mind and walked out of bow range.

Dec 6 - Morning
The deer are back! And they came to my poor froze up food plot and chowed down. So some of the winter seeds in the mix are still working.
AFTERNOON: I went to the ridge above the river again when I was almost to the blind I jumped a big flock of wild turkeys and they did the bad thing and hit the sky. But later I heard them fly up.

Dec 4 & 5
Monday morning Robert Cramer saw a bomber with a doe at T.E's Folley stand. Wide with heavy beams and tines. I saw a sixer. 
Afternoon: Turkeys came through but not close to me. I heard them fly up. This morning was really cold and I zipped. The afternoon was another zip.

Dec 3 - Afternoon: Robert at Paul's Corner
I hunted a new, secret stand and saw one buck. Robbie had to return home after lunch. Robert stayed to hunt this afternoon and tomorrow. He had good luck.

The sun shown brightly on the Eastman ground blind's mesh and Robert Cramer had trouble seeing through it until 4:30 when the sun finally got off to a side angle. 

Soon 3 does and a button buck came into view from the left. The button buck was dashing around  erratically as the does walked into bow range. Robert  drew on a doe and the button buck darted in the way and Robert let down his draw. Then the button buck darted over to the blind and and looked at it. Robert watched him through the mesh, he was 3 yards away. 

Small birds were in the area and making noise in the leaves under the tree where the blind was set up. The bird's noise made the deer jittery and every time the birds rustled leaves the deer looked toward them nervously.

Finally the deer got used to the bird sounds and they walked in front of the blind. One worked its way into the shooting lane and turned quartering away. And stopped.

Robert drew for the second time and put the top pin on the big doe, and then he moved his face away from the bowstring to check that his arrow would go through the mesh and not hit the blind. It was ok.

Robert looked through the peep and found the spot. The arrow hit entered the left side going forward and went out the right front shoulder and fell on the ground.

The deer ran 25 yards and they all stopped. The shot doe stepped behind a tree and the others looked her way for a moment and then only the 2 does and the button buck ran away. 

Robert's watch read 4:45. Fifteen minutes later got out of the bind and checked his arrow. It looked good. He took two steps in the direction the doe ran and saw his doe laying by a small tree.

Then Robert went for his truck and drove as close as he could and loaded the doe. This was Robert's 2nd deer with the bow and the first one completely alone.

Robert Cramer with his December 3 doe.

December 3, Morning
A cold below freezing morning. I zipped. At the Point Robbie Cramer saw a 9-point as well as 4 other bucks and 3 does. His son Robert saw 5 does at Alex's road.  Neither bowhunter took a shot.

December 2, Afternoon

Robbie hunted Alex's road and 6 does walked by on the opposite side of the road. A buck was dogging them. Robert Cramer hunted the Hammer Hole and nothing showed up.

I went to the ridge above the river. At 4:45 a flock of wild turkeys came walking down the main trail on the ridge. One had a nice beard.

Look at this! A bearded hen. I zoomed in to get the bearded hen on the left and the gobbler on the right in the same picture and realized that both of them were hens. I thought you might enjoy the picture.

Half an hour later wild turkeys started flying up along the river. They talked it up briefly and then shut up. I waited a few minutes longer than usual so it would be dark enough that the wild turkey could not see me leave. The full moon was in the sky as I walked to my truck.

We ate at Storms in Hamilton. Good stuff. 

December 2, Morning - A Fighter and a Doe

Robbie Cramer went to Paul's Corner. Robert Cramer went to the Point. Robbie saw one doe. Robert saw 15 does and two bucks. He was ready to shoot a doe 8 yards away but it turned with its butt toward Robert.

Meanwhile, I hunted the food plot main blind. Early, a doe walked out of the far woods and walked right by me and continued in the direction of Paul's Corner. The temperature was 32 today but I didn't wear enough warm clothing. The light wind blew right in my viewing and shooting window and it was much colder.

At 7:15 I felt like a layer of ice was everywhere but my feet. I began thinking I wasn't gonna see anything anyway and ought to go back to the house and warm up by the fireplace. I kept trying not to think that but the thought persisted. At 7:30, from the top of my Wolverine boots up I was one solid block of ice.

Each minute it got harder to stay with the hunt. At 7:38 a doe came out of the woods on the the hill.

I walked up and checked things out before browsing around the food plot.

At 7:51 I saw a buck in the woods to my left -- 85 yards away. He looked interested in the doe.

The buck started walking closer. I checked the doe and it had not seen the buck yet.

It was the broken hour buck. He stopped at the edge of my food plot. That part of the food plot didn't handle the recent frost and it dried up. The doe still didn't see the buck.

He stepped into the sunlight and gave me a cool pic. 

He walks up behind the doe and she sees him for the first time.

The doe scoots to the other side of the tree as the buck approaches her. Check the look on the does face.

The doe stepped clear of the tree and looked at the buck. Broken Horn watches.

 Take a quick look at Broken Horn. He is a for sure fighter. (You may remember the earlier pictures when he was sparing with another 8-point.) Now he is darker and his neck has filled out. But look at the gouge in front on his hip, a healed gash on his back leg, another gouge behind the front leg, and additional gouges on his neck and face. 

Here you can see the fighter from the front. His face has several marks from antler pokes. His antlers are are scraped and chipped in places and the right main beam is broken off at the first point. His left ear is drooping. I looked at it with my Nikons and there is dried blood inside the ear.

The doe seemed interested but the fighter turned and walked away.

And walked up the hill to the woods.

With the doe walking along behind him.

A super morning. Let's see what happens this afternoon.

Nov 30 - Down By The River

Last year in December I hunted on a ledge above the river It turned out, unexpectedly, to be a travel funnel for bucks on the lookout for does ... and it also was a frequent last stop for wild turkeys before they roosted. (The extra height of the ledge made it easier to fly up into the trees along the river.) Before I left for Illinois I put a Double Bull Matrix there to let the deer and wild turkeys get used to it.

This afternoon I hunted there for the first time. Before getting in the blind I put out a HotTrails doe in rut scent candle. I lit the candle, snapped it in its small carrying lantern and hunt the lantern on a limb. In the picture below you can see both the ground blind and the HotTrails.

Blind on the left. HotTrails on the right.

The HotTrails lantern is hanging from a cedar limb.

Once inside the blind I began adjusting the mesh to create shooting windows. Woops!

A doe popped out from around the closest tree to me. It clearly had its attention on the HotTrails. But at that moment I had an issue, my face was in the window the doe was standing in front of. So I froze.

The doe turned its head and looked at what it could see of my face from 5 yards. Without keeping its eye on me it back peddled behind the tree and then looked at me. By this time I had slowly eased my face out of view. The doe studied on things. Shook its tail. And casually walked away. 

A view through the mesh window of the Matrix ground blind.

The doe had definitely been interested in the HotTrails scent. I wonder what it would have done if it had not been seen me. 

An hour before dark a wild turkey walked out of the near by trees to the right. I took its picture.

It continued walking and I took another.

More wild turkeys were with the hen and they began filing by on the other side of the trees. I tried for more pictures but my camera kept focusing on closer limb parts and this pic below is the only god one. 

Over ten minutes passed before I saw them again. A group gathered on the same ledge I was on. They were 43 yrds per the Nikon Laser 880 Rangefinder. They were silent in the trees but now they made soft yelps and many other turkey vocalizations. In the pic below you can see the evening sunlight beaming through the trees. It was truly beautiful.

Soon more joined them and I saw 3 gobblers with nice beards. One of the questions people often ask me is how do you tell a hen from a gobbler? With providing the answer in mind, I took this picture of a hen and a gobbler.

Then I zoomed in as they walked along. They say a picture is a thousand words. If that is so I think you can see the difference between these two birds.

A 2 1/2 year old gobbler on the left and a hen on the right.

At roost time the birds walked my way and the closest gobbler passed at 27 yards. Minutes later I heard them flying up.

I waited until almost dark and gathered up my gear. At home Debbie cooked up venison steaks and red eye gravy on rice. It was delicious. A super end to a good day hunting.

Nov 30 - Morning Hunt
The temperature was right at freezing when I went to the food plot blind. Overcast skies made daylight come slowly and a very large bodied buck with lots of points walked steadily along the trees beyond the food plot, he was 75 yards away. He stooped one time and quickly surveyed the food plot area. I had him focused in my 10 power Nikon binoculars and saw chocolate antlers with 10 heavier than usual points, long ones ... and lots of width. He had a very long and heavy body too. But ... no does here. He kept on going and passed right by the blind I set up a couple of days ago (I call it the Tin Door Blind and will catch you up on that -- with pictures -- over the weekend.)

Around 7:30 I caught a distant view of a second buck coming on a trail that passes 7 yards from the same blind. I locked the Nikons on him and counted 8 long tines. Almost ivory colored. Not as wide as the first buck but wide none the less. 

I got my BowTech. So far this season I have not put my Fletcher Flathead release to use but now I hooked it on my string loop. This looked like it was gonna be it. 

Fifty yards from me he turned left and strolled into the trees and walked parallel to the food plot, just inside the edge of the woods. 70 plus yards away he stepped into the open and I grabbed the  camera. The pic was blurry but it gives you the idea.

Once again, this morning, a mature buck cruised the food plot looking for does. No does, then move on. (Where are those does when you really want them to be there?)

A small spike buck came to the food plot and chomped down oats for awhile. White flakes appeared in the air. It was snowing!

At 9:00 I went to the house. Debbie and I drove to Watson's and ate lunch. Afterward I did some big moving to try to get 20 yards from one of these big bucks. (I took pictures and will come back to tell you what I found and what changes I made.)

Nov 29 - Afternoon Hunt - Paul's Corner
Earlier my bud Robbie Cramer and I set up a Eastman Outfitters pop up blind at the break between the woods and a coastal field. From my kitchen window I see deer using this area all the time -- it is only 300 yards from my house. I hunted there this afternoon.

Cold weather started coming in and it clouded up. At 4:23 a buck came to a scrape 30 yards from the blind and worked the limbs and ground. Then it walked right by me. It was the 8-point with the broken right main beam.

He was on the other side of the only tree between us and I got this picture.

The Broken 8 continued toward the the boundary fence 40 yards away and I poked the camera through a slit in the mesh and pointed it in the buck's general direction. Click. I got him. Or at least the front of him. 

The wind got up. The temperature dropped. So did the hunting, dropped that is.

Nov 29 - Morning Hunt
As it slowly struggled to get daylight this morning, and I struggled to keep my eyelids open, a buck walked up close. Low light pictures are always a challenge and I changed settings on my camera and took several pictures. A couple came out ok and one is below.. 

Daylight improved and a lone doe came to the opposite end of my food plot. It hung out for about 10 minutes and them walked away. 

My eyelids got the best of me for a short while and when my head bobbed forward I came back to life. A doe was in front of me and a 7-point was walking around it.

The doe ignored the buck but she left to my right and out of my view. He tagged along. At 9:00 I was ready to call it a day and got my stuff together. Before quitting any hunt I always count to 100 slowly. So I started counting. 

A buck walked out of the woods. I got my camera back out and took its pic.

He walked right to me and stopped.

A nice 8-point. A 2 1/2 year old. He's a little thin so he has been busy chasing does around. 

I guess he wanted to be sure I got a good picture because he walked even closer. Then he walked on past the left side of my blind. I waited half an hour and counted to 100 again. This time nothing happened and I went to the house. 

Hey Baby!

A lone doe hung out at the far edge of my food plot. Waiting perhaps? When a nice buck cruised the area and went to her things got real interesting. To The Pics And More..

Nov 27 - Morning: One doe at daybreak and 4 does between 9 and 9:30.
Afternoon: I went to the Point. And I was the only animal there. 

ElimiTrax: What is it? Does It Work?

My Field Test results after 90 days use. GO...

Bucks Thanksgiving Weekend

Camtrakker buck pics over the weekend. GO...

November CamTrakker Pics

Pictures from my food plot. GO...

Nov 19 - He's Back
Remember the June Big Boy buck from 3 years ago. I saw him Sunday -- heavier beams, taller tines and wider. He was dogging a doe. I'm gonna do a little dogging myself this week.

Wade Nolan Writers Camp #2 at Dream Woods Adventures
Southern Illinois Bowhunt and Writers Camp at Dream Woods Adventures

Day #5 - Last Day

The last day in Illinois. And a word about Brenda Doty and her contribution to the camp. GO...


Interviews with the Whitetail University Brian Richare and Bruce Ryan, plus Greg Griffith and Doug Doty of Dream Woods Adventures. GO...

Day #4

Jay Liechty does broadhead tests. GO...
And my hunt report and Joe Doty switches to a left handed bow and gets it done. GO...

INTERVIEWS With The Writers
Interviews with outdoor writers Lon Lauber, Joe Bell, C.J. Winard & Rick Combs. GO...

Day #3

Alan Ainsworth showed us NULLO, a pill that eliminates odor causing bacteria! GO...

Today I put up a ground blind and after a colossal sunrise I got a little deer action. GO...

Day #2
I grunted at the 8-pt and it stopped and turned my way. More...

Dana Brackins introduced the new Carbon Express NANO-XR High Precision arrows and Gorilla Treestands new ground blinds. GO...

Day #1
It poured rain last night and we had a much needed temperature drop. The day began with a meeting and Mike Jordan gave us the show and tell about ATSKO deerhunting products. GO...

Mike Jordan check Lon Lauber's bow for UV. 
After the meetings we, of course, went bowhunting for deer. GO...

Bowhunting Deer At Home - 2006
HOME PAGE For All 2006 Deerhunts

Start Of The Rut  (Oct 4 & 5)
Saturday Morning another bomber walked steadily by at 80 yards. Later I saw two solo does, a young 8-pt and a spike. The spike was the only one that ate in the food plot. Robbie saw the same 8-pt. My hunting buddy Robbie Cramer is down and he also saw two does together. 
Saturday Afternoon at Secret Stand #8 I saw a bomber, wide and heavy beamed buck walking behind a doe. They were moving my way. An 8-pt scooted out of the trees and when the doe saw it she changed directions. The bomber cut off the 8-pt and it fell in behind the bigger buck and the newly formed trio trio went into the nearby trees.

Walking In The Moonlight

Nov 4 - my CamTrakker got the buck above and a very similar buck.. Plus more deer. GO....

Sunday Morning The 8-pt that has a broken right main beam (in the above CamTrakker pics) walked by close enough, but I didn't. The spike buck returned but didn't stop. He walked so close to my blind he had me wondering if he was going to bump into me. Another solo bomber made the 80 yard walk. Also 3 solo does that were on the move. Things definitely look promising. Robbie zipped.

Sunday afternoon I started packing for my trip to Illinois on Monday. Robbie saw 6 does, 5 in a group and a solo.

CamTrakker Pics on Nov 3

Just checking to be sure the deer are out there. They are. GO...


Wade Nolan's Writers Camp - Illinois
And Bowhunt At Dream Woods Adventures
HOME PAGE For All 2006 Deerhunts

Fall Guy Report #2
More pics, plus video of Fall Guy falling. GO...

Fall Guy Report From Writers Camp

Accidental FALLS from treestands can injure you, Fall Guy keeps that from happening. GO...

Two Last Deerhunt Reports

Ken Piper the Editor of Buckmasters magazine (L) and Wade Nolan of Whitetail University (R) share their hunts. GO...

About Dream Woods Adventures

I interview Doug Doty & Greg Griffith about their Southern Illinois trophy buck bowhunts. GO...

Got Any Buck Pics?

That's what I asked Doug Doty of Dream Woods Aventures. They did. GO...

More Meetings & Bowhunt Reports

The bosses of Bear Archery, Gold Tip and Grim Reaper Broadheads tell us what's up. NEWS...
And Scott Alread, Rob Reaser and Jay Leichty give their hunt reports. To Hunts...

Hunt Reports from Mike Handley, editor of RACK magazine, Marvin Carlson of Gold Tip and Ron Boyce of MDR 24seven Deer Scents.

Meeting #2 - 24seven Deer Scent

Ron Boyce really understands the role scent plays in the lives of bucks and does and how and when to use scent to get results. GO...

Meeting #1 - Pennington Seed

John Carpenter of Pennington Seed was impressively knowledgeable. He covered how the average hunter can make a harvest food plot for deer and other wild game and much more. GO...

Bowhunting Deer At Home - 2006
Big 9-point

He stood in front of me in the dark, both of us waiting. Him for does. Me for enough light. GO...

Another Nice Buck

I changed stands this morning to check for deer traffic and find buck movement. GO...

Oct 13-15 - My hunting lease buddies John Askew, his son Bryant Askew, and two of Bryant's firefighter friends James Walker and Dewayne Woolsey came down to hunt for the weekend. On Friday cohorts they saw saw plenty of deer but couldn't get any shots. In the morning John saw twenty plus wild hogs and shot a big boar. Then 4 nice bucks came through but John let them walk.

Meanwhile Bryant and Dewayne also shot wild hogs. The afternoon hunt was uneventful. That night Dewayne cooked steaks with jalapino beans and baked potatoes. It was good eating.

Sunday morning Dewayne and James hunted the river. A group of wild turkeys came across the field and into their wooded area. The firefighters each picked out birds and drew. Then, on cue, they shot at the same time and both got their first wild turkey with the bow. Here they are.

Dewayne Woolsey and James Walker with their "on que" wild turkeys.

Meanwhile the 2006 Freak and a 9-point rattle my cage. GO...

After daylight I noticed a deer to the right, a doe. Then I noticed more deer scattered around behind the doe. They co-operated very nicely and walked right by my ground blind in a group. Later, when the sun was brighter a lone doe meandered through the area. The afternoon hunt I switched spots and hunted a ground blind near my food plot. Here are the pics, (just like you were there too). The Pics...

Oct 10 - 5 Bucks!
First I noticed a deer standing stone still in the shadows of the trees about 90 yards away. It was a buck. And when I glassed the area around it I saw more bucks behind it. PICS...

2006 Bowhunt
With Billy Don at Wild Horse Prairie Ranch
Home Page For The 2006 Bowhunt with Billy Don

Billy Don Van Cleave
Wild Horse Prairie Ranch
P.O. Box 199, Satin, TX 76685
Call: 254-749-6119 or Fax: 254-546-2709 or Email:

Last Day ...

The report on the last two days of the hunt, pics, and more. GO...

Duck's Bucks

The Duck (Don Beckwith) took his camera too and here are some of his pictures. GO...

Well Water?

I make a little information gathering hunt and find out two good things. GO...

The Chef's Double Decker

They say pictures tell a story, but it takes words to tell what happened on this hunt. GO...

Arrow Emergency

When I arrived at the hunt I had 3 arrows left. Here's how I cured my arrow emergency. GO...

Ricky Bags His Best Yet...

Ricky arrived yesterday and saw two bucks and a dozen plus wild hogs. The deer were younger and he didn't take a shot. Today he did. GO...

Fred Lutger: Gear & Deer

GEAR: Fred is a serious outdoorsman and wants his equipment to be the best he can get. GO...
DEER: Fred draws on a doe at 10 yards as  Blaine videos. GO...

Day 5 - Three Year's In The Making

This year Roy came to hunt Aoudad's and today his perseverance and patience paid off. GO...

So, What Did Roy's 10-point TrophyScore?

While Roy put the tape to his buck I measured it online on TrophyScore. GO...

Day #3 - A Deer Afternoon

Clay and Rick have a good deer day, too, on the afternoon hunt. MORE...

Day #3 - A Deer Morning

Colby, Bryant and Roy all bring in does this morning. Fred fixes a broken bow and MORE...

Day #2 Afternoon - Hogs...

Colby, George and Fred get into hogs. GO...

Day #2 At Billy Don's

The hunt continues on Day 2. GO...

Day #1 At Billy Don's

Afternoon: Roy Keefer's good luck continued as a 10 point gets within bow range. GO...

Morning Hunt:

Roy Keefer text messaged at 7:44. He had a wild hog down. Here's what happened. GO...
Veteran bowhunter, Kip Waddley has taken whitetail, elk and pronghorns. And this morning he got the chance to bag a wild boar. GO... 

Arrival Day

It's arrival day for for our 2006 hunt with Billy Don at Wild Horse Prairie Ranch. Here's what happened so far. GO...

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Billy Don Van Cleave
Wild Horse Prairie Ranch
P.O. Box 199
Satin, TX 76685
Call: 254-749-6119
Fax: 254-546-2709
Dream Woods Adventures
2501 Ridge ST
Eldorado, IL 62930

For information call:
Doug or Greg at 618-926-1481

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