3rd Annual Bowhunt - 2006


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Bowhunt and on the spot pictures -- by Robert Hoague

3rd Annual Bowhunt - 2006
With Billy Don at Wild Horse Prairie Ranch in Burnet, Texas
SPECIAL THANKS TO Wildlife Research Center for sending a generous variety of Scent Killer and deer lure products for every bowhunter on this hunt.

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Day #3 - A Deer Day (Morning Hunt and Afternoon Hunt)

Bryant Askew, Roy Keefer and Colby Ward with their Day 3 morning Does.


Bryant Askew
So far Bryant has seen three 8-points and a dozen turkeys and wild hogs. Two bucks were large but Bryant passed on them. This morning, as he watched two does a wild hog came up and they ran off. Later the does came walking through and Bryant drew on one. But Bryant couldn't get turned far enough in time to shoot and had to let down as the does walked away.

Bryant cell phoned Billy Don that he wanted to hunt until 11:30. It paid off.

At 11:05 Bryant saw two does and one stopped 18 yards away. Bryant took his shot and the doe ran 70 yards and piled up.

Bryant Askew with his doe.

Roy Keefer
The next bowhunter in was Roy Keefer and he had tagged a hill country doe from a Double Bull blind. A good shot downed the doe near the stand. Clint had been with Roy and had his hunt on video. 

Roy Keefer with his doe. Roy used a Carbon Express Maxima Hunter arrow and wore Sticks N' Limbs camouflage.

Colby Ward
Colby went to a ladder stand site near a pipeline opening. Deer came up the edge of the pipeline and Colby took his shot. The doe ran a short distance and went down.

Later a group of wild hogs came out of the thick brush and went to the doe and it looked to Colby like they intended to eat his doe. Colby got down and made a ruccus. The hogs retreated into the woods. 

Colby Ward with his doe.

When the other hunters arrived we exchanged the morning's events and reported on how many deer, hogs turkeys were seen. Two groups of Aoudads were seen and one almost got itself in bow range.of Clay. Several hunters are hoping to get a chance at an Aoudad on this hunt as they are very wairy and ellusive and a real trophy for a bowhunter. 

As Chef Klaus gathered his gear to get out of his treestand he accidentally bumped his bow and it slipped off the peg and fell to the ground, bouncing some 20 feet before stopping -- with the bowstring derailed from the cams!

Breakfast was ready and we ate waffles stuffed with srawberrys topped with a mixture of cream cheese and whipping cream. They were a big hit ... a really big hit.

With breakfast out of the way Fred Lutger went to work on Chef Klause's "basketball" bow. Fred owns the Freddie Bear Sports archery pro shop in Tinley Park, IL and has been in business since 1977 -- Fred knows his stuff.

The immediate obsticle to fixing the bow was that a bow press was needed to do it. Roy Keefer had a cable type one in his bow case. Below Blaine Covington and Donald Duck are hooking the bow press ends to the limbs of the bow.

It worked and Fred checked the bow and pronounced it "well". The Chef went outside with a handfull of arrows and shot them several times. 

All was well.

George Tague gave me a picture of some young wild hogs that he saw. And Fred did some archery practice.

Everyone left camp at 4:00 and went to their stands. When they came back shortly after dark Billy Don came and got me and told me we had more pictues to take. I took my camera over to the game pole. Tyge Floyd was already there setting up his video camera. MORE...

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Satin, TX 76685
Call: 254-749-6119
Fax: 254-546-2709


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