3rd Annual Bowhunt - 2006


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Bowhunt and on the spot pictures -- by Robert Hoague

3rd Annual Bowhunt - 2006
With Billy Don at Wild Horse Prairie Ranch in Burnet, Texas
SPECIAL THANKS TO Wildlife Research Center for sending a generous variety of Scent Killer and deer lure products for every bowhunter on this hunt.

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Day #3 - A Deer Day (Morning Hunt and Afternoon Hunt)

(Left to Right) Clay Gilmer and Rick Philippi.

Afternoon: More Deer
Two hunters had does with them when they drove up to the lodge.

Clay Gillmer
Clay hunted a 12-foot two man ladder stand inside the edge of a thick cedar break in a big flat area called Horse Prairie. Clay had two does come in front of him at 27 yards and he split his pins and made a double lung shot. The doe went only 15 yards and expired. 

Rick Philippi
Rick hunted at View Point in a Woodsey Two gray ghost treestand. Tyge Floyd went with him to video and sat below Rick in a 16 foot ladder stand.

Two bucks came through and one was a good looking 8-point but Rick let him go on by.

Rick had a Quik Wick sweetened with Trail's End deer scent(both  from Wildlife Research Center) and when a buck investigated it Tyge took its picture.

Soon some does came through and Rich wanted to take one for the freezer.

Rich drew slowly and got to full draw. One of the does got skitish and the doe Rick intended to shoot got that "I'm leaving here" look. Rick put his pin on the doe and triggered his release. The arrow hit the doe and it immediately did an oiff the ground cartwheel and hit the ground out of gas.

Rick Philippi with his doe. Rick shot a BowTech Tribute set at 70 pounds and Terminator Hunter arrows from Carbon Expres.

When we finished taking a few photos of Clay and Rick with their deer we went inside the lodge to see if dinner was ready yet. It was. Here are Ronda Carpenter and Don Beckwith (Donald Duck) with meat loag that is Chef Klaus's secret ricipee.

The full aroma of this secret recipee meatloof and even more secret mashed potatoes drifted through the dining room and no one was shy about filling their plates. 

We got after it and believe me it was every bit as delicious as it smelled. 

Then Ronda went to the refrigerator and got out her own secret recipee desert, bannana cream pudding.

After dinner we visited for awhile and everyone turned in to get as much sleep as possible before 4:30 the next morning.

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Billy Don Van Cleave
Wild Horse Prairie Ranch
P.O. Box 199
Satin, TX 76685
Call: 254-749-6119
Fax: 254-546-2709


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