3rd Annual Bowhunt - 2006


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Bowhunt and on the spot pictures -- by Robert Hoague

3rd Annual Bowhunt - 2006
With Billy Don at Wild Horse Prairie Ranch in Burnet, Texas
SPECIAL THANKS TO Wildlife Research Center for sending a generous variety of Scent Killer and deer lure products for every bowhunter on this hunt.

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Day #5: Fred Does It Again...

In Fred Lutger's Own Words:
Today I hunted at Salt Block Hill. I was accompanied by Full Draw Outdoor Production's cameraman Blain Covington. Our guide Clint Carpenter dropped us off an hour before sun up. We moved all our gear into the Double Bull blind and closed our eyes.

Five days into hunting; long days, late suppers and early alarms were being felt. Still dark with light on the horizon, I saw movement and the shape of an approaching deer. It was too early to film and we just watched as one deer after another passed over the hill. When it was light enough to film the sun was directly to our front and shining into the camera.

We decided to close up the blind facing east and open the blind's north side.  Minutes later I saw a nice buck headed our way and he was on the side we had just opened. He stopped at 10 yards. He was a young 8-point.

I passed but we got some great footage as he took his time feeding past the Double Bull. Another buck approached from the same direction. He was a small 4-point. An hour latter a mature doe came from the same direction as the previous two bucks.

She used the same path as the bucks and was soon to pass 10 yards from my blind. When she did I drew.

"Perfect shot," I shouted out to the camera. Blain had taken the camera off the tripod and was filming over my shoulder. He had to whistle to get the deer to stop in the perfect place for me to shoot and for him to film.

The double lunged doe went 40 yards and piled up in a big clump of prickly pear cactus. I had my first deer tag filled and we got a good segment for our new TV show, TV. Keep checking in to this web sight. We are off on more hunts this year. We have 13 shows to film. This is a tough job. Live is Good!

EQUIPMENT: Fred used a BowTech Old Glory set at 70 pounds, shooting Maxima 350 carbon arrows from Carbon Express, a Fletchunter release,  Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, and Simms stabilizer, LimbSavers, and PSE Top Gun bowsight. The doe was taken from a Double Bull Blind.

Fred Lutger owns the archery pro shop Freddie Bear Sports in Tinley Park, Illinois (708-532-4133) and has been in the archery and bowhunting business at the same location since 1977 Fred is a regular writer for and participates in many hunts and events.

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Billy Don Van Cleave
Wild Horse Prairie Ranch
P.O. Box 199
Satin, TX 76685
Call: 254-749-6119
Fax: 254-546-2709


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