3rd Annual Bowhunt - 2006


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Bowhunt and on the spot pictures -- by Robert Hoague

3rd Annual Bowhunt - 2006
With Billy Don at Wild Horse Prairie Ranch in Burnet, Texas
SPECIAL THANKS TO Wildlife Research Center for sending a generous variety of Scent Killer and deer lure products for every bowhunter on this hunt.

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Duck's Bucks
The Duck (Don Beckwith) took his camera on several occasions. Early in the hunt he saw a bomber 12 point but he, of course, got his BowTech ready instead of the camera. He saw the buck 4 more times but never close enough for a shot. And unfortunately no pictures were taken either.

When the Duck was picked up on the last morning of the hunt they drove around a bit and an hour later they passed by the area where the Duck had hunted. The 12 point was standing near the edge of the woods watching the truck drive by.

He did take some pictures during his hunts and here are a few of them.

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Billy Don Van Cleave
Wild Horse Prairie Ranch
P.O. Box 199
Satin, TX 76685
Call: 254-749-6119
Fax: 254-546-2709


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