3rd Annual Bowhunt - 2006


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Bowhunt and on the spot pictures -- by Robert Hoague

3rd Annual Bowhunt - 2006
With Billy Don at Wild Horse Prairie Ranch in Burnet, Texas
SPECIAL THANKS TO Wildlife Research Center for sending a generous variety of Scent Killer and deer lure products for every bowhunter on this hunt.

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Arrow Emergency

When I arrived at this hunt I had 3 surviving arrows to my name. I had ordered a dozen Maxima carbon shafts (made by Carbon Express) but received them the morning I left for the hunt.

Three days into the hunt I drove 35 miles to KC Outdoors, the closest archery shop in the area, and purchased yellow 4-inch Gateway Feathers and the yellow wraps. And I got my arrow shafts cut. Then I got together all the arrow making stuff.

I really like crested arrows and the arrow wraps have the crested look without all the paint, dip tubes and time . The ones I used this time were Easy-Eye yellow wraps. To get started I pealed a wrap off the sheet.

Next I placed the wraps flat on the table, lined it up with the nock end of the Maxima shaft and rolled the wrap around the arrow. I did 6 arrows.

Phase two of this arrow making process is done with the very handy Arizona E-Z Fletch for carbon shafts. The E-Z Fletch comes in helical or straight fletch. I like my fletching straight. And I always carry 2 fletching rigs with me.

The E-Z Fletch has 3 arms and one cut feather goes in the slot in each arm. Any length, shape and size feather or vane can be used.  Like I said above I chose yellow 4-inch Gateway Feathers to match the yellow wraps. I like yellow because I can see it when it impacts.

After the feathers are inserted it's time to put glue on the exposed end of the feather. The next step is to close the 3 arms around the shaft. Then a cap slides over the end to hold the arms firmly. Then I set it on the table and begin another arrow.

That's why I have two AZ E-Z Fletch rigs in my bow case. When a shaft gets capped up the arrow on the table has dried and is  done.

Lastly, slide the the cap off the AZ E-Z Fletch and open up its arms.

That's it. And believe me it took way less time to actually fletch these 6 arrows than it did to fix the pictures up to show you how it's done. Making arrows with the AZ E-Z Fletch is fast, simple and produces consistent, attractive fletching.

Ok, so some of you are wondering why I did all 3 three feathers the same yellow color. Heck, that's how I like it. But you can fletch your arrows any way you like.

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Billy Don Van Cleave
Wild Horse Prairie Ranch
P.O. Box 199
Satin, TX 76685
Call: 254-749-6119
Fax: 254-546-2709


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