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The 4x4 Grand Slammer of 2004
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4x4 Grand Slammer 

Search For The Rio Grande
At Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch in Texas

Arrival Day at Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch - Sunday Afternoon
We all met at the Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch this afternoon. Joining the hunt are Tom Carroll from Double Bull Archery and Tom Holmes. Randall Gibbs and Mike McCullar used a Topo Map to show us the areas we will be hunting. The part of the ranch we will be in is 5,200 acres. 

Day #1 - Monday The First Day
At Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch

My Hunt: They let me off on a high area above the river. Occasional gobbles drifted up as I set the Double Bull blind up in a prickly pear flat 100 yards from the road. Daylight came and I've never heard so many gobbles. 
Their sound moved off the the South.
Several more gobbled as time passed but couldn't call any in. Also, I couldn't see very far in the pear flat so I needed to move.
After lunch I went to the same area and set up near the road where I could see 250 yards down it in both directions. If anything crossed the road I'd know it. 
In 5 minutes I saw the first turkey 200 yards to the south. Lots more turkeys crossed there: groups ranging from 2 to 8 and several singles. Lots of turkeys and too frequently for me to move the blind there. Here are a few pics: PIc 2 - 3 Toms
I could not call any down to me.
To the north it was not as busy, but it was good. The first gobbler blew up big when I called at him. He moved closer and I took a pic when he was 120 yards away Longbeard # 1. But he hung up there. Later another nice Tom walked through -- Gobbler #2.

Gobblers At The Windmill
At Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch

Fred Lutger & Tony Dukes: Tony took this pic of the nearby Windmill as daylight came on. Gobbles were from every direction. Fred Lutger told Tony, "This is the most gobbles I've ever heard." Two sets of hens came to the decoys and moved on. Two jakes came next and hung up at 60 yards. After 10:00 the gobbling finally stopped.
After lunch, on the way out 6 longbeards crossed the road near where I was hunting. They moved the blind and most of the afternoon's turkeys were to the South, were they were this morning, including 3 different longbeard gobblers. 
Here is a turkey pic of Tony's. It shows you what this area looks like.
A deer snorted to the North and two gobblers were 55 yards away. They ignored Fred's calls. 
"It's because you sound like an Illinois turkey instead of a Texas one," Tony kidded.  :-)

Day #2 - Fred & Robert's Hunts
At Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch

WadingStreamFred Lutger and Bubba Gibbs hiked in and followed morning gobbles. Bubba spotted a gobbler, and Fred set up the Double Bull blind inside the edge of a field, put decoys out, and called. A white gobbler came out of the nearby brush. (The ranch has 2 of these rare color phase of gobblers and they are off limits.) Another gobbler followed it. The birds slipped through without offering a shot. 
Later Bubba slipped out of the blind to see if there were any more birds in the field. There were and he held up 5 fingers so Fred could see there were  5 gobblers. He returned to the blind and Fred began calling. No vocal response.
30 minutes later Fred heard a Tom spit and drum. The sound got louder as a big longbeard walked right to the Montana Decoy strutting Tom. The shot was broadside, 20 yards. Fred's shot went right and hit his tail feathers. The bird ran away, unhurt.
Back at camp Fred checked his bow. He came right here from the Florida hunt and hadn't checked it yet. It was off to the right and he had to resight.
After lunch (Dean's Armadillo stew) Todd Harmon went with Fred to video. Here they are crossing a creek. They called with no response. They moved 200 yards and on the first call a gobbler answered. The blind was not up yet and Fred quickly put out a hen decoy and started pulling the blind open. Todd saw 3 longbeards coming and began videoing. Fred looked up, the longbeards were 15 yards away. Fred grabbed his bow and drew. One of the longbeards putted and they all walked back into the brush.
They saw 5 hens later in the afternoon.

Robert Hoague - I had web work to do and couldn't make the morning hunt. 
Here are my turkey call "helpers".  They call pretty good.  Turkeys I saw today.

First thing for the afternoon hunt was to set my Double Bull blind where I had seen the most turkey action yesterday. Ten minutes later I saw 4 gobblers past where I could see yesterday. That area turned out to be the hot spot, 3 dozen plus turkeys, hens, jakes and gobblers passed through there. 
My area had activity too, several single hens and two groups passed nearby. Mid afternoon a hen flew in from some place and landed by my Montana Decoy tom. She sounded off with some calling that I only dream of being able to do. She walked around, calling off and on for half and hour. Then she opened up with a loud volley. I saw some turkeys coming in the cactus.
It was 3 hens and they walked up to the calling hen and joined her in calling!
It was awesome. Now ... if a gobbler was within hearing range!
But no dice.
Soon the sun dropped and the 4 hens left to roost. Here is a photo gallery of some of the wild turkeys I saw today.

Day #2 - Tony Dukes
Tony Dukes hunted the windmill again. He saw several goblers but no shots happrned.

Day #3 - Gobbler Brawl
At Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch
Morning: I moved 250 yards South. It took two trips to carry everything. I picked up the decoys and called. Answering gobbles were dangerously close, I chunked the decoys behind a cactus and grabbed the blind. It's a good thing the Double Bull blind sets up in seconds because right after popping it up 4 nice longbeards came through 40 yards away. When they were out of sight I set the decoys in front of the blind. 
It was a busy morning, in all I saw 36 wild turkeys, 14 were gobblers, 8 stared down my decoys (from out of range) and walked away. 
11:00 was lunch pick up time. At 10:53 I had a gobbler working in the distance. His head popped up in the cactus 100 yards off. I was 11:12 and I was running out of time so I laid on the volume. It worked, he sprinted toward me. But slammed on the brakes at 50 yards. Neither one of us had noticed the ranch truck driving up. The pick up time was my own request so I did it to myself.

Preparing For The Afternoon:  Because the area is fairly open I decided to try something different with the decoys. Instead of placing them in front of the blind (in plain view) I set them to the side so the Double Bull blind would block them. That way the turkeys couldn't see them from a distance and watch them forever. I felt this new setup would give me an element of surprise. And as things worked out it was a good idea. More later today & some cool gobbler pics too, this ranch has really has lots of mature gobblers. 

Afternoon: Downhill 200 yards a few hens and longbeards appeared. Six jakes walked up and the longbeards charged them. This happened several times and twice two gobblers fought. I took pictures but they were blurry due to their movement.
More longbeards came. I began calling softly and a gobbler blew up. Several Toms came closer and I got some swell pics. To 12 Super Gobbler Pics...
I put my camera down and concentrated on calling softly and clearly. I needed to get them within 20 yards.
One Tom moved ahead of the group and spied my decoys. It blew up and strutted around. Other gobblers gathered around it. 
I got my bow ready. 
One of the gobblers had a double beard and a very fat body. He shoved himself in front of all the others and started toward the decoys. He stopped in one of the blinds shooting windows. I drew and aimed. He lurched forward the instant I shot. I missed.
They scattered.

First Gobbler Of The Hunt
At Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch

Tom Holmes "Greenfletch" Bags Gobbler #1

(L) Tom Holmes "Greenfletch" and (R) Mike McCullar of Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch 

Late afternoon Greenfletch had called up 4 Toms, they hung up and he worked them hard with a mouth call. Movement to his right got his attention. Two excited gobblers were coming in 20 yards away. He drew, aimed and released. 
A ton of feathers flew up as the arrow knocked the Tom down. It ran and Greenfletch waited an hour and found a decent blood trail, He Doug Crabtree trailed it. But it quickly got dark and they found themselves in rocky, rattlesnake habitat and decided to continue looking tomorrow. 
They returned in the morning and quickly followed the trail to the Gobbler. Surprise! A skunk was eating the throat of the turkey. Fortunately the skunk ran away. The neck damage was not much and the bird was ok. Grenfletch is a veteran turkey hunter and a champion turkey caller and this was his first Rio Grande.
It was our pleasure to have him as a guest on our Texas Grand Slammer bowhunt.
Pics: Greenfletch Wallpaper 1024x768, 800x600. The Pic Above in 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480.

Tony Dukes Gets His 1st of his 4x4
At Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch

Tony Dukes & Struttin' Tom Carroll

Tony returned to a mesquite flat and moved his Double Bull blind 200 yards to the location where where he had seen lots of birds. He set out the Montana Decoy's Gobbler Mounting A Hen and hen decoys. Gobbles filled the air and at first good light 2 hens wandered toward the decoys. Back where the blind had been yesterday, 3 longbeards appeared. 4 more hens came up.
Strutting' Tom Carroll (of Double Bull Archery) called with purrs and the hens circled the decoys. He saw gobblers coming and whispered, "gobblers". They switched sides in the blind. As Tom moved the camera to the window the bird was walking at 14 yards, Tony drew and fired. The Rocky Mountain Assassin tipped Easton arrow dropped the longbeard in it's tracks. 
The second gobbler jumped on the downed bird and started pecking him. Tom handed Tony the video camera and got his own bow but the gobbler moved off before he could shoot. 
The gobbler weighed 20 pounds, had a 10 3/4" beard and 1" spurs.

Fred Lutger's First Rio, A Longbeard, his 2nd bird in the Grand Slam
At Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch

Fred Lutger with his Rio Grande longbeard -- his 2nd gobbler of the Grand Slam.

At dawn Fred heard more gobbling than he has ever heard before, it was coming from every direction. Returning after lunch he called a gobbler in right away. He saw it on the fence line coming toward him. 
Fred closed all the Double Bull blind's windows except one to shoot out of. 
Gobbles sounded on the left and Fred peaked through a corner of a closed window. Two gobblers ran up and went into full strut by the decoys. Fred dropped the window open and one of the birds saw it and ran 50 yards. 
Fred used his Knight & Hale slate and the smaller gobbler started back toward the Montana decoy Tom and a hen. Quickly the larger gobbler blocked the smaller one. Fred had placed a stone at 20 yards and the Tom stopped by it. 
Fred drew inside the blind and eased into the window. He was nervous and his sight pin was not steady. Fred thought, hold steady in the center of the bird. The pin stopped in the center. Fred squeezed his Carter release's trigger. 
The arrow went too fast to see the hit but it sounded good. Both Toms ran to a cedar thicket. The smaller gobbler stood there a while. He left and returned twice so Fred was sure his longbeard was there.
Fred recovered the bird there, a big longbeard with a 10 1/2" beard and 1" spurs.
(Fred is flying back to Chicago and will meet us in South Dakota and the Merriam's bowhunt.)

Day #4 - One Leg & The Double Beard
At Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch
Lots of turkeys are moving through my area and many of them seemed to be eating something in the 2-track road. I looked but didn't see anything but very fine pebbles. So I asked the owner Mike McCullar and he explained that they picked up these pebbles for their craw. 

Two groups of deer started my day. Two hens came by me. Then I saw a gobbler in the road. I took pictures as it approached the hens. To The Hunt & Pics...
Soon 3 jakes walked in front of my Double Bull blind and went to the area with the small pebbles and picked away at them. Two more jakes joined in. Then 3 longbeards came walking up the road. One was the Double Beard bird. To The Hunt & Pics...

Sponsors For The 2004 4x4 Grand Slammer
Our 4x4 Grand Slammer with the bow created excitement with several manufacturers and they stepped up to the plate to sponsor the event.

- BowTech - bows
- Knight & Hale - turkey calls
- Barrie Archery - Rocky
  Mountain broadheads
- Timberline Archery - bowsights
- - maps
- Double Bull - blinds
- Carter Enterprises releases
- Pro-Ears hearing
  enhancement & protection
- Fine-Line Archery peep
  sights & bowquivers
- Montana Decoys - decoys
- EASTON Archery - arrows
- Freddie Bear Sports
  Assorted bowhunting gear
- KBA Knives custom knives
- Sticks N' Limbs camouflage

- Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch - Rio Grandes
- Florida Wildlife Unlimited - Florida Osceolas
- Possum's Trading Post - Missouri Easterns
- Double K Guide Service Merriam's
- Fred Lutger's Wilderness Hunts Illinois
- Wells Creek Outfitters Easterns

To Contact the Outfitter:

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Randall Gibbs
Lodge Manager
P.O. Box 524
Brady, TX 76825

Phone: 325-463-5411
Cell:    325-456-0018

Mike McCullar
1406 Wooldridge Drive
Austin, Texas 78703
Phone: 512/474-9422
Cell: 512/970-5425

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