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The 4x4 Grand Slammer of 2004
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Digital Logs of the Upcoming 2004 Online 4x4 Grand Slammer Bowhunt
with Doug Crabtree, Fred Lutger, Tony Dukes and Robert Hoague
EQUIPMENT: Sponsors of the Grand Slammer | Getting The Gear Ready |
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HUNTS: The Osceola | The Rio Grande | 2nd Rio Grande Hunt | Merriam's | Eastern
Hunt Status:  Who Has Their Grand Slam So Far?

4x4 Grand Slammer

Grand Slammer Field Tests  by Robert Hoague

The equipment we used on the 4x4 Grand Slammer was a key factor in the success of our 4 separate hunts for the Grand Slam. Here is my personal take on on the products from:
  1. Knight & Hale Game Calls, Double Bull, BowTech and Montana Decoy. Tests, Part 1 
  2. the Carter One Shot hunting release, Timberline Power Glo Extreme, MyTopo Maps and EASTON C2 Carbon Epic arrows. Field Tests, Part 3
  3. CarboMask, the Fine-LIne Hunter bowquiver, Barrie Archery's Rocky Mountain Broadheads and the Pro Ears hunting model. Field Tests, Part 2 
Bowhunting Eastern's With Possum
by Tony Dukes
Tony Dukes reports on his and Fred Lutger's bowhunt with Possum at Possum's Trading Post Outfitters in N.E. Missouri. 
Lots of Eastern wild turkey action, successful gobbler hunt pics, even pics of a hen trying to mate with the Montana Decoy strutting Tom. To The Hunt...

Wild Turkey Wallpaper
Pictures of Rio Grande wild turkey gobblers for your computer
During the hunt atWulff Cedar Creek Ranch I took photos of a bunch of Rio Grande wild turkeys, longbeards, hens & jakes. Here are 11 pics that are eye candy, for your enjoyment and possibly for your computer wallpaper. Sizes: 1024x768 or 800x600 or 640x480.

Fred Lutger's Search For His Grand Slam Eastern
Day 9 - Sunday May 23 - Last Day Of The Season
Fred Lutger and Eden Taylor waited half an hour in the dark. Gobble! 
More gobbles! Daylight came on and they heard 2 gobblers fly down. 
Eden called. One gobbler answered. He continued to gobble and came slowly -- eventually they saw it 40 yards away. To The Hunt...

Day 8 - Saturday May 22 - Bingo...
We got roosted birds, gobbles even. The Toms have NOT been gobbling anywhere. But this afternoon Fred and Eaton heard 3 gobblers and roosted them. Tomorrow may be a whole different story. I can't wait...
Morning: A ditto of yesterday.
Day 7 - Friday May 21: Fred and Eden went to a new area this morning with the same results as yesterday. These late season hunts are tough.
Day 6 - Thursday May 20: Fred and Eden set up for the strutting Toms. They neither heard nor saw any Toms.
Day 5 - Wednesday May 19: Fred's alarm went off at 3:30 this morning. He was ready when Eden Taylor arrived to take him hunting at 4:00. They set up the Double Bull blind and set out decoys in a downpour. At 9:00 the rain slowed somewhat and Eden called. When there was no response he suggested they check a field where he had seen some Toms strutting. To The Hunt...

Day 2, 3 & 4 - May 16-18: On Sunday Terry Speakman went with Fred. Terry called. He talked to a gobbler after fly down and videoed 3 hens that went to the gobbler. The gobbler hung out with the hens instead of Fred. On Monday & Tuesday Fred spent hours in the blind but saw or heard no gobblers.

Day #2: The Hillside Gobbler -- A nice day for a Grand Slam

Doug had a plan for today and we worked it to the letter. According to Doug's scouting the Hillside Gobbler normally arrived at the hillside field around 10:00. We went to the top of the hill and set up in the dark, then we entered the waiting mode for 4 hours.
At 10:05 Doug said he heard a hen. He called and a hen came uphill to us.
Our Hillside longbeard announced his arrival. To The Hunt...

The Eastern Hunt In Ohio - Gobble On!
Day #1 Continued: The Hillside Gobbler

Doug Crabtree and I drove to several spots and called with no response. Doug had scouted a bird he called the Hillside gobbler and we drove to its area. The gobbler was high up on the hill, the time was 8:19, the bird was 2 hours early today.
We parked at the property owner's, cut through the woods, and set up against the fence on the edge of the woods -- on an adjoining hill. We were 400 yards from the gobbler and a hen.
Doug called. He gobbled back instantly. To The Hunt...

Day #1 (Saturday, May 15): Fred Lutger Gets Into Gobblers
Doug Crabtree drew Fred Lutger a map of the Pine Field and dropped him off near it. Going in Fred walked under a tree that birds were roosted in -- they spooked. That caused a nearby Tom to gobble.
Fred backed off and skirted around the bird and got on a ridge above the roosted gobbler. He set up his Double Bull blind and put out 2 hen decoys. Fred made a few light tree calls and waited.
He heard the gobbler fly down and it started up the ridge, gobbling all the way. To The Hunt...

Tony Dukes Completes the Triple Header
Dave Keiser did the run and gun with Tony Dukes. By 9:00 they had worked 4 groups of turkey and had 3 sets of gobblers in. The 3rd was the charm. 
They saw a gobbler on the edge of a cedar wind row and went 300 yards past it and set up the Double Bull blind. Dave called and got an immediate gobble.
Dave videoed the gobbler--he is videoing hunts for Double Bull Archery's new video--as it came in on a strutting trot. Dave called all the way and the Tom gobbled and strutted to 15 yards. Dave was filming and calling in the window Tony needed to shoot out of. To The Hunt...

Nothing Beats A Good Plan ... When It Works!
May 7 - Morning: This morning was no good for gobblers. However I had visitors, deer, and they gave me some swell photo opportunities. After taking the deer photos I felt very calm, centered if you will. 
Heck, I'm just hunting. I love hunting.
I pulled the blind and took it back to the Point.
Afternoon: This afternoon I'm changing tactics.
No calling until I see something. And then only the slate -- light yelps & purrs, just a few. Then shut-up.
7:06pm: Man, I'm excited. My plan worked.  To The Hunt...

Still Searching For A Rio
A Nice Surprise Of The Buck Kind

A nice morning with a full moon above the tree. (Pic of early morning sky.) I set my Double Bull blind up 400 yards down the fence that is across from the Dam. 
In 10 minutes I saw a hen under 10 yards. 
Apparently I am on some turkey route because I saw hens 7 times during the day. No gobblers. In the morning I'll give it another try.
First Buck With Antlers: One thing very cool happened, I saw and got a pic of the first buck I've seen with visible antlers this year. First Buck With Antlers.

Everybody Gets The Blues Now and Then
I hate to admit this ... but it happened. Late in the afternoon's hunt... To The Hunt...

Missed The Point
Straight to the Point today and my Double Bull blind went 65 yards down the fence. The 3 gobblers came gobbling and walking through again. They crossed the fence at the gate by the point.
Afternoon:  Gobble! A couple hundred yards away. I answered and soon a Tom came up. To The Hunt & Pics...
Find The Gobbler Wallpaper: One of the pics of this gobbler strikes me as a good Find The Gobbler pic. So I made it into wallpaper sizes for you to see if you can locate the bird. To Find The Gobbler Wallpaper...

Search For The Rio
A White Head Tom & Gobblers at the dam.

Rio Grande Bowhunt - The 3 gobblers came through in the trees, busy fanning and romancing a hen. (Pics too.) They crossed through a wide hole in the fence 65 yards from the gate. Half an hour passed.
Look at this! A striking white headed gobbler was at full strut in the open, admiring my Montana decoy. 
Here are the logs and pics of this and other recent hunts since I returned from the hunt in Florida. Rio Grande Bowhunt.

Day 2 - Triple Header, Contd.
Hunt compliments of Double K Guide Service

Morning, Contd.- Two big longbeards strutted for a group of hens and jakes in the middle of the large field across from Charlie's, they were walking towards his gravel, farm road. 
We turned onto the farm road. When we rounded a curve I saw a side lane. Charlie told me the birds used it regularly. He zipped ahead and stopped. 
We ran back to the side lane. 
Gobbles were getting close already, the birds were on the gravel road -- we were 65 yards down the lane. The Double Bull blind only takes seconds to set up, and, with loud gobbles ringing in my ears, I think I set a new record. To The Hunt & Some Exceptional Gobbler Pics...

Grand Slam #1 - Lightening Strikes Twice At The "Reclaim"
Doug Crabtree is the First To Complete His 2004 Grand Slam

In a two day hunt beginning on Ohio's Opening Day April 26 the turkey calling master Doug Crabtree hunted a longbeard at the exact same "Reclaim" location we both hunted on the 2003 opener. To Doug's Grand Slam Hunt & Pics...

Doug Crabtree Gets the First Merriam's
Early AM - After his Texas Rio hunt Doug drove to Pieare, South Dakota and bought his license. He arrived at Double K Guide Service in Gregory, SD at 4:45pm. 
Guide Don Wing met Doug and they went to an area where Wing had located Merriam's. Doug set his Double Bull blind up at 6:15 and began calling. 
Hens yelped and one came to the blind. Other hens joined it and two fought, charging and beating each other with their wings. 
During the commotion Doug saw 3 gobblers approach, he took a picture of some of the birds in front of him and then got his bow.
When they were at 12 yards he drew. His arrow hit the bottom of the longbeard's waddles and it collapsed. Time: 6:50pm. The gobbler weighed 19 lbs. with a 9" beard and 1 1/8" spurs. To Merriam's Hunt...

Back to Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch
May 3, Sunday: I lugged my Double Bull blind after gobbles all day. I saw glimpses of several but they would not come to my calls.
May 2, Saturday: Lo 40's, hard rain and heavy winds at 4:45am -- I got up anyway and set my Double Bull blind up in the rain. At "go to roost time" I had 3 hens walk right in front of my blind. Tomorrow is predicted to be clear with a 6 mph wind. That'll work.
Note: Tuesday Tony and I leave to bowhunt Easterns in Illinois and I don't have a Rio yet. So I'm hoping Wulff Cedar Creek can change my Rio luck this weekend.

Day 2 - Daylight Photo Treat
Hunt compliments of Double K Guide Service

Early AM - Dave Keiser took Tony Dukes and Fred Lutger hunting and I went with Charlie. We grabbed a cup of coffee and drove to his Wild Wings property. 
I set up my green Double Bull blind up on the edge of a 90 yard wide field on a hill. Daylight trickled in and I heard distant gobbles.
A lone turkey's silhouette appeared at the top of the hill. Others followed. I took pictures as 27 turkeys walked downhill and ducked under a fence at the uphill boundary of the field, on the opposite side from me. 
When I saw some red heads I clucked softly. 4 gobblers separated from the group and with a little Knight & Hale slate call coaxing put on a show right in front of me.
Across the field 3 big longbeards strutted and did their thing with the hens at hand. 
I  took some super pictures. Here are the Photo Highlights.

Last Chance Osceola

Apr 23 at 7:46pm - At 1:08pm Ken Mayes of Florida Wildlife Unlimited picked me up at the Sarasota, Florida airport. We ate a fast lunch and drove to one of Ken's nearby properties. We went to a clearing and set up Ken's Double Bull blind on the edge of the woods. I'd been up since 3:00am and was tired so at 4:15 I told Ken I was going to take a short nap (That's another good thing about the Double Bull blind, it's big enough to spread out for a nap.) I quickly dozed off.
"5 gobblers!"
I heard Ken's words and instantly I was awake. To The Hunt...

Apr 23 at 9:46am - I'm at the Detroit airport updating from the Online Cafe. Ken Mayes of Florida Wildlife Unlimited will meet me in Sarasota, Florida and we'll get some huntin' done. Sunday is the last day of the Osceola season. To The Hunt So Far...

Osceola Hunt, Contd.
Apr 17 - Things picked up for me after Tony Dukes got his Osceola. Ken Mayes and I hunted hard. To The Hunt...

Doug Crabtree Bags Gobbler #2, A Rio
Doug called every half hour with clucks & yelps.  At 6:00 pm a gobbler answered. In turn, Doug answered it. 
As an hour passed there were two more exchanges. 
Then 2 longbeards appeared and they walked up behind the blind. But all the back shooting windows were closed. To The Hunt...

Day #4 & 5 - Tony's Birthday Hunt & the "Helicopter" Gobbler
At Florida Wildlife Unlimited)
Day 4 was Tony Duke's birthday, he set up in the Grove again. He heard gobbles and a hen flew down near the blind.
At 9:00 he had 5 longbeards coming to his calling. And the most incredible thing happened.

Day 5 - Tony returned to the Grove and started seeing gobblers and hens again. And he met the "Helicopter" gobbler

Day #5 - Last Hunt
At Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch

Day 5 - I set my blind up in the closest brush to the area with the small pebbles the turkey are picking up. 7 hens came through, every one passed by my blind. I took some cool pics of them. My favorite is the one of the hen in pic 5. At straight up noon I saw the first gobblers...

Day #4 - One Legged Gobbler & the Double Beard

At WulffCedar Creek Ranch
Two groups of deer started my day off. Two hens came by me. Then I saw a gobbler in the road. I took pictures as it approached the hens. To The Hunt & Pics...
Soon 3 jakes walked in front of my Double Bull blind and went to the area with the small pebbles and picked away at them. Two more jakes joined in. Then 3 longbeards came walking up the road. One was the Double Beard bird. To The Hunt & Pics...

Chasing The Osceola...
At Florida Wildlife Unlimited in Central Florida

Tony Dukes & I are bowhunting for the Osceola wild turkey at Florida Wildlife Unlimited. We've been to the Badlands, the Barefoot & the Grove. To The Hunt...

 Day #3 - The Gobbler Brawl
Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch - Afternoon: Downhill 200 yards a few hens and longbeards appeared. Six jakes walked up and the longbeards charged them. This happened several times and twice two gobblers fought. I took pictures but they were blurry due to their excessive movement.
More longbeards came. I began calling softly and a gobbler blew up. Several Toms came closer and I got some swell pics. To 12 Pics...
I put my camera down and concentrated on calling softly and clearly. I needed to get them within 20 yards. And I did ...

More Day #3 - Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch
Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch - Afternoon: I glassed 2 longbeards 200 yards down the road and called at them. They leisurely changed direction and walked toward me and I got some pictures of them. At 80 yards they cut into the woods on the opposite side of the road. Then they appeared by some cedar trees and let me get some more pics. From their vantage point they could not see my decoys. I kept calling but the birds hung up and camped out, one even laid down. I range findered them at 43 yards. To The Pics...

Florida Wildlife Unlimited - The Missing Picture Of Fred Lutger & Doug Crabtree with their longbeard Osceola wild turkeys. To The Hunt...

Fred Lutger Takes #2 Of The Grand Slam 
Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch
At dawn Fred heard more gobbling than he has "ever heard before." It was coming from every direction. Later he saw a gobbler coming. He closed all the Double Bull blind's windows except one to shoot out of. Two gobblers ran up and went into full strut by the decoys. Fred dropped a shooting window open and one of the birds saw it and ran 50 yards. 
Fred used his Knight & Hale slate and the smaller gobbler started back toward the Montana decoy Tom and a hen. To The Hunt...

Tony Dukes Gets His 1st of the 4x4
Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch - Tony returned to a mesquite flat and moved his Double Bull blind 200 yards to the location where where he had seen lots of birds. He set out the Montana Decoy's Gobbler Mounting A Hen and hen decoys. 
Gobbles filled the air and at first good light 2 hens wandered toward the decoys. Back where the blind had been yesterday, 3 longbeards appeared. 4 more hens came up.
Strutting' Tom Carroll (of Double Bull Archery) called with purrs and the hens circled the decoys. He saw gobblers coming and whispered, "gobblers". To The Hunt...

First Gobbler Of The Hunt
At Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch
Tom Holmes "Greenfletch" Bags Gobbler #1
Late afternoon Greenfletch called up 4 Toms, they hung up and he worked them hard with a mouth call. Movement to his right got his attention. Two excited gobblers were coming in 20 yards away. He drew, aimed and released. To The Hunt...

Photo to right:  (L) Tom Holmes "Greenfletch" and (R) Mike McCullar of Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch 

Day #3 - Gobbler Brawl
Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch - Morning: I moved 250 yards South. It took two trips to carry everything. I picked up the decoys and called. Answering gobbles were dangerously close, I chunked the decoys behind a cactus and grabbed the blind. It's a good thing the Double Bull blind sets up in seconds because right after popping it up 4 nice longbeards came through 40 yards away. To The Hunt...

Day #2 - Fred & Robert's Hunts
At Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch
Bubba Gibbs checked the field for turkeys. He held up 5 fingers indicating there 5 gobblers. Fred began calling. No replies. 30 minutes later Fred heard a Tom spit and drum. The sound got louder as a big longbeard walked right to the Montana Decoy strutting Tom, broadside ... 20 yards. To Hunt
Robert - I had an active day and took some cool turkey pics and made a short gallery of them. To Hunt

Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch - Day#1

Fred Lutger described the morning hunt as, "the most gobbles I've ever heard." And it was. And plenty of wild turkey action followed too. To the Hunt...

Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch - Arrival Day
We all met at the Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch this afternoon. Joining the hunt are Tom Carroll from Double Bull Archery and Tom Holmes. Randall Gibbs and Mike McCullar used a Topo Map to show us the 5,200 acre area we will be hunting. THere is this hunt's Home Page.

Rio's - Opening Day 2004 - Never been one quite like it !!!
Huntin' At Home - My Double Bull blind was already in place on the dam (where I got my Grand Slam Rio last year). It was fogged over big time and daylight came without a sound. I called with no response and waited an hour, listening for a gobble. 
Suddenly I noticed something standing on the dam looking at my Montana Decoy strutting tom. It was big bird, but it was not a turkey. To The Hunt & Pics...

Day #4 Continued - Fred's Last Hunt ...
At Florida Wildlife Unlimited in Central Florida
They stopped and called at two locations before they reached the Indian Mound. Once there, Doug called. A Tom gobbled in the distance.
They grabbed the blind and hurried 200 yards and set the blind and decoys up in a bend in a road bed bordered with palmettos. By the time they were ready the Tom was gobbling regularly 400 yards away.
Doug called. The gobbling stopped. So Doug game the gobbler his no holds barred, down and dirty, "Victoria Secret" calls. To The Hunt...

Day #4 Morning - The 40 yard gobbler
Florida Wildlife Unlimited - Fred's Hunt - Fred & Doug were back in the flag pond blind well before daylight. Daylight broke. 4 other birds gobbled, but not the Tom that roosted 40 yards away yesterday. Doug waited for good enough light for the gobbler to see to fly down and made a soft tree yelp.
The roosted Tom gobbled 4 times. When he hit the ground Doug started calling. Woops, a hen came into the field and ran straight to the gobbler. She squatted down and he bred her. When she left the Gobbler circled toward the hunters position. To The Hunt

Day #3 Afternoon - Doug Gets #1
(Hunt compliments of Florida Wildlife Unlimited)
Inside the blind, Doug Crabtree clicked his cell phone on. He had a signal. My phone rang and Doug told me what had just happened.

"I've never seen a gobbler react like that to a decoy!" Doug Crabtree was elated, "They were totally convinced the Montana Decoy was a turkey, 100%. They did not hesitate, they raced in, ran past my hen and stopped nose to nose with the Montana Decoy gobbler. One went into full strut and the other stood up tall." Both Longbeards were only 4 yards from Doug's shooting window. To The Hunt...

Day #2 Afternoon & Day #3 Morning
Florida Wildlife Unlimited - Mar 31 Morning - Doug returned to the Looney Field. A big gobbler strutted in the field but would not come over to the decoys. Fred returned to the "bus" spot and zipped.
Mar 30 Afternoon, Fred's Hunt - Fred hunted the "bus" area. "Never heard a bird, never saw a bird," he told me on the cell phone. 

Day #2 - March 30 - Morning Hunt
(Hunt compliments of Florida Wildlife Unlimited)
MORNING HUNT: Before daylight Doug and Fred sat up the Double Bull blind near a few trees on a high area on the Looney Field. At dawn they heard faint gobbles. Doug called for an hour and a half. Suddenly a bird spit and drummed right behind the blind. Doug purred and hen yelped. It gobbled and circled left and came into view 60 yards away, strutting, a big Osceola longbeard. To The Hunt...

Doug called a hen in at the Indian Mound. She yelped and clucked for half an hour. No gobblers showed all afternoon. Doug pulled the blind at quitting time and started out. He heard palmettos rumbling and grunts ... and nocked an arrow. MORE...

Day #1- The Osceolas Show Up
(Hunt compliments of Florida Wildlife Unlimited)
Mar 29 - This morning Fred Lutger and Doug Crabtree began their Osceola bowhunt in an area nicknamed the Badlands. At dawn they heard a gobble and walked 800 yds along the edge of a field. When they were in the gobbler's area they put up the Double Bull blind (a Green T5 Pro Staff model) on a road bed near the edge of big woods.
Doug did two sets of yelps. The Tom gobbled back. Doug switched to cutting. The bird triple gobbled. They waited.
Ten minutes later Doug made a plain yelp, one. A Tom answered 80 yards away. Doug clucked & purred and the Gobbler saw the decoys at 50 yards and puffed up and strutted towards the decoys. Doug quit calling. To The Full Story...

Montana Decoy - If these turkey decoys moved you'd shoot 'em!
These decoys look like Longbeards Gobblers, hens and jakes. Exactly like 'em! The 3 decoys I received from 4x4 Grand Slammer sponsor Montana Decoy are made from a tough, polyester fabric. 
An actual picture image is printed on both sides of the decoy. The printing process gives the decoys a 3D look, too. 
To give you an idea of how realistic these decoys are I made the picture above into a Larger Picture and also a even larger Wallpaper sized picture -- so you can see how good they look. DECOY PICS & MORE,,,

"Where You Go I'll Go"

Today I got a pic of a gobbler that's hooked up with this hen. He's going where she goes, at least for now. I think I've scouted myself up a pretty good place. To The Pic

Scouting: Fred Lutger Scouts Our Illinois Turkey Woods
Fred reports in from his scouting trip in Brown County, Illinois. 
Mar 23: "Today Bob McNeff (of Wells Creek Outfitters) took me to a new farm that we will hunt turkeys for the 4x4 Grand Slammer this year. We drove slow around it for an hour. The turkeys co-operated." MORE...

Scouting: A Fighting Gobbler (9 pics)

This morning just before 8:00am I got lucky and took pictures of a gobbler strutting along behind 2 hens. He's missing some tail feathers, so he's been fighting, but he's none the worse for it. Gobbler Pics

Recognizing Hens & Gobblers 
The heads of hens and gobblers are different and their overall appearance has a different purpose. GO

The Difference Between Wild & Domestic?
Webster’s Dictionary defines "turkey" as: a theatrical production that has failed, three successive strikes in bowling, a stupid or foolish person and a large North American bird that can either be domestic or wild. The large bird is the turkey we're talking about and here is the difference between Domestic & Wild Turkeys

A project like this takes some help from folks who know where gobblers are the areas we will have to hunt. Here is the list of the outfitters and a little about each one. To The Outfitters.

Getting The New Gear Ready To Go
Mar 19 - I shot for an hour today. I'm really grouping good and hitting accurately out to 25 yards with my first pin. This weekend I'll sight in a 35 yard pin. 

Mar 18 - Sighting & Practicing In For Turkey
(L) Double Bull blind in my front yard, (M) Inside the blind looking at the target
(R) My make shift turkey target and a good group

At 31 1/4 inches the BowTech Justice is a shorter bow than I've shot before. I wondered if it would be rough to shoot -- instead it is very smooth to draw and nice (as in quick and smooth) when I release the arrow. I lined the pins on the Timberline Archery Power Glo up with the bowstring and my arrows were dead on vertically from the first shot. My arrows hit high so I moved the pin upward in increments until it was on. My new release, a Carter Two Shot wrist strap release, worked perfectly without any adjustments.

Then I set up the Double Bull blind in my front yard next to my practice tripod, put a folding chair in it, and got down to shooting through a shooting window. To practice for turkeys I cut a piece of cardboard 12" high and 5 " wide and tapered the top half -- a homemade turkey target. Then I used a marker to make a 2" circle to shoot at. A couple of fine adjustments to the bowsight and I was shooting strong (turkey target pic). Now I will practice with this new rig every day  so I'll be used to it when the hunt begins next weekend.

Mar 17 - Today I took my new bow gear from the Grand Slammer sponsors to Peacock Archery to have Roger Peacock set everything up right. So far I had resisted carbon arrows but I admit the Easton Epic carbon arrows look great and the BowTech Justice shoots them faster than any arrow I've ever shot. So I'm happy with them The pins on the Timberline Power Glo bowsight are really bright -- an definite asset inside the Double Bull blinds we will hunt from. The Fine-Line bowquiver and Peep Sight finish the bow off nicely. The big hole in the peep is a good thing. I can not wait for this hunt to start.

Informative articles and tips about hunting the wild turkey.

  • The Bow and Arrow Shot

  • Bowhunting for turkeys is a different game altogether than shotgun hunting. Here's what you're up against and where to aim ... and when.
  • Tips For Recovering A Turkey

  • Do you run after an arrowed Tom? Or wait? What do you do if he flys? And more...
  • Turkey Call Basics

  • What kinds of turkey calls are there? What are they used for? How do you keep them working properly? 
  • Turkey Decoy Tips

  • While not every hunter swears by decoys, they can be a great asset in many situations. Here is what kinds there are and what they can do for you.
So What Is A Grand Slam, Anyway?
The Grand Slam consists of 1 each of all 4 of the North American wild turkey sub species. 




Rio Grande

4x4 Grand Slammer 2004 Bowhunt ...
It's a wrap. We're all ready. This year is going for four! That's 4 Grand Slam Wild Turkey Bowhunters trying to get the wild turkey Grand Slam ... in one Spring season ... with the bow and arrow. Online!

  1. The Osceola:  Doug Crabtree starts the hunt in Florida on March 20 at Florida Wildlife Unlimited in central Florida. Fred Lutger goes the next week and we follow on April 11.
  2. Rio Grande:  April 5-8 we go to Texas with Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch midway between Brady and Brownwood. Plus I will, as always, bowhunt Rio's on my own place.
  3. The Merriam's:  On April 20 we hunt Merriam's in South Dakota with Dave Keiser at Double K Guide Service.
  4. Eastern:  We got drawn for Brown county, Illinois and start hunting on May 6 with Fred Lutger's Wilderness Hunts at Wells Creek Outfitters. Then we go to Ohio and hunt Doug Crabtree's turkey haunts.
Sponsors For The 2004 4x4 Grand Slammer
Our 4x4 Grand Slammer with the bow created excitement with several manufacturers and they stepped up to the plate to sponsor the event.

- BowTech - bows
- Knight & Hale - turkey calls
- Barrie Archery - Rocky
  Mountain broadheads
- Timberline Archery -
- - maps
- Double Bull - blinds
- Carter Enterprises releases
- Pro-Ears hearing
  enhancement & protection
- Fine-Line Archery peep
  sights & bowquivers
- Montana Decoys - decoys
- EASTON Archery - arrows
- Freddie Bear Sports
  Assorted bowhunting gear
- KBA Knives custom knives
- Sticks N' Limbs camouflage

- Wulff Cedar Creek Ranch - Rio Grande
- Florida Wildlife Unlimited - Florida Osceola
- Possum's Trading Post - Missouri Eastern
- Double K Guide Service Merriam's
- Fred Lutger's Wilderness Hunts Illinois
- Wells Creek Outfitters Eastern


Sponsors of the
4x4 Grand Slammer 

Hunting Maps



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