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2005 Grand Slam 6-Pack Bowhunt
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Digital Logs of the 2005 Online Grand Slam 6-pack Bowhunt
with Doug Crabtree, Robert Hoague & Fred Lutger
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HUNTS: The Osceola | Rio Grande | Merriam's | Eastern
Hunt Status:  Who Has Their Grand Slam So Far?

Grand Slam 6-pack

2005 Grand Slam 6-Pack Bowhunt (In Progress)

Rios - Getting The Job Done

Roy Keefer Comes Through Too ...

When Kenny McCrea and I arrived at the lodge Roy Keefer was already there. Here is his hunt...

Gettin' Er' Done At Rocky Creek

Afternoon of Day 3 - The message I left Kenny on his cell said I gave another turkey a haircut and wanted to go home. I was just kidding. GO...

Morning of Day 3 - Eric McCrea took me to an flater, more open area. Pics & The Hunt...

NEW :(May 8) Last Day Cliffhanger

Dressed in black and ready for the last afternoon's turkey hunt, I called every 20 minutes beginning at 3:00pm. GO...

(May 8) Last Morning
For the last day of seaon I hunted the same place that it started, on the dam. As I unzipped the blind;s door it turned into a rainy morning. Windy too. Rain started blowing into the blind on the north side and I closed that side up tight. This Double Bull Matrix is some cool blind, it protects you from rain too. 
It stayed dark a long time -- except for occasional lightening. Finally at 7:21 there was enough daylight that a turkey could fly down. Hunting wise, there were no gobbles and no responses to my calls. 
When 8:30 came I walked to the truck and drove home. My truck thermometer had dropped 12 degrees. As I started to write this update the turkey meister Rick Philippi phoned and he got two big toms this morning, one had an 11 1/2" beard and the other a 10.

NEW:This Morning's Hunt (May 7)
The "Slunge" Comes To Call

(L) the Slunge, getting ready to dance. (R) the dance floor
Gobble! I called and reached to open a shooting space in the Matrix 360. A hen walked out of the woods and stopped a few feet from my blind. And a big fan popped up behind her. Pics & Hunt...

Nice Day For A Grand Slam
Rios - Back To The Apr 28 Hunt

The plan was to only hunt an hour. That was before a longbeard showed up. To The Hunt...

Rocky Creek Ranch For Rios

Day 2: Roy's Turkey Haircut

Roy Keefer invents the "Turkey Haircut." Hunt & Pics...

Day 2: Afternoon - A Bad Haircut Day

You'd think it was a gobbler traffic jam, the way they kept showing up this afternoon. GO...

Day 2 - Morning

Our goal was to get to the blind near the roost tree without disrupting the turkeys in it. GO...

Day 1: Afternoon - More Gobblers

A Tom stepped over the creek bank and stopped at the cross trail. The blind's shooting windows were closed and I opened them one at a time. The Tom did not notice. Hunt & Pics...

Day 1: Morning - Gobblers

Surprise! In the moonlight we could see wild turkeys roosted in a big Pecan Tree near where our blind was. Kenny McCrea and I waited until they flew down and snuck in along a rocky creek bottom. It did't take long. To Hunt & Pics...

Rios - Still Hunting For One

Apr 26 -  Gobble On Over

Here come the gobblers. And the Duck has a trick for the Longbeard Trio. To Hunt...

Apr 25 -  The Longbeard Trio

Gobblers are working the hens hard. So they are not coming to calls now. But they are constantly on the move and the time proven turkey areas are paying off. To The Hunt...

Apr 24 -  Longbeards, Ready Or Not

One gobble sounded louder than the rest and I smacked down a hen and jake decoy and got in the blind.
Gobble! Close! Like 60 to 70 yards. I reached to make a shooting window. 
Woops! Hold up! A longbeard walked out. To Hunt...

April 23 - I hunted the Gate and Point. To The Hunt and a couple of pics... 

April 22  - Afternoon - Since it was so hot erlier I set up at the "gate" with the Double Bull Matrix blind. I mean right at the gate too, 6 yards from it, right against the fence on the west side -- which is the non-cow pasture side. (Cows are not ground blind friendly.)
I called in two different toms. They jammed on the brakes and studied my lone hen decoy. And blew her off. Lots of gobbles this afternoon, mostly from the west and the river area.

April 21 - Dry Tank  - With a rio grande yet to get I'm digging in and will start to hunt this afternoon. I called in 5 jakes. One gobbled once and they hung out but would not get in bow range.

Bowhunting Illinois
Guides Bob McNeff and Fred Lutger
Our host for the Illinois Hunt  is Wells Creek Outfitters. Famous for its trophy whitetail buck operation they also have spring wild turkey hunts guided by Fred & Bob McNeff.
For Information on Wells Creek buck or turkey hunts call 217-894-6804, or Email: Visit the web site at Wells Creek Outfitters

NEW - Back To Day 4

Every time the hen laid down for the longbeard the other hen pecked her until she got up. I wanted to get closer than 150 yards. And I did ... up to 10 yards. Here's how...

Day 4 & 5 - Last Minute Rally

Chances were good that I could call in both male turkeys. Things looked good for a last minute rally. To Day 4 & 5 Hunt...

Day 3 - Boc McNeff's Turn 
Today Bob McNeff, our host at Wells Creek Outfitters, heard 5 toms gobbling and walked uphill and set his decoys in a small open area and hid behind a "green, leafy bush." The toms stayed in the trees until 6:50. While he waited Bob called & rattled leaves. To Day 3...

Day 2 - A Ground Dragging, Rope Beard Comes To The Call
At 11:12  I answered a deep toned gobble. We went back and forth as the booming gobbles got closer. He walked out of the woods and looked at my decoys and and strutted up. Then he looked into the field and back at my decoys, and back and forth. I checked the field. Yikes! To The Hunt & Lots Of PIcs...

NEW - Illinois - Day 1

We are hunting as guests of with Wells Creek Outfitters in Clayton, Illinois. Everyone heard lots of gobbles on the roost and had encounters of the gobbler kind. To The Hunt...

Bowhunting Nebraska 
Nebraska - Day 2

NEW - A Nebraska 6-Pack

All we needed was for me to get a 2nd gobbler and we would have 2 apiece. I got lucky and shot right when it counted. And got some swell pictures of the gobbler as it came in. To Hunt & Pics...

5 More Minutes ...
As Doug's first longbeard collapsed at the base of a tree a 3rd longbeard attacked it by jumping up and spurring it, grabbing its snoodle and jerking its head around, and pecking it wildly.
As soon as Doug dropped his second tom Fred grabbed his bow and started a sneak toward the attacking gobbler. To This Hunt...

"Just Looking For The Right 5 Minutes." 

It's 30 miles of slow driving, dirt roads to get to the property we are hunting and we got up at 4:00am so we could all 3 be set up before daylight. I went back to the Wind Break. Doug and Fred returned to the blind Doug had hunted. And things got good. To The Hunt...

Day 1 - Patience Pays Off (Imagine That)
 To Nebraska Day 1 Bowhunt...

I wanted to hunt the gobblers we saw in the wind break. I set up differently and it got me in some turkeys and pictures. To My Hunt & Pics...

Day 1 - Fred Tags The First
After the landowner showed us around.Fred went to an area ear near a gate in the wire fence by one of the ranch roads.
Terry had told him the turkeys passed through the area in the afternoon on their way to the roost trees. Terry was right!  To Hunt...

Hunt For The Rio Grande - In Progress
  | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 |

Day 5 - MORNING - The Last Stand
Gobbles sounded all along the river and across the field as Fred and Doug waited in the blind for daylight. When it was light enough that a turkey could be on the ground Doug made soft hen yelps. Gobbles ... it sounded like thunder going down the river. Day 5 Hunt

Morning: Fred gets gobbler action.
Afternoon: A loud cracking noise sounded in the sky. Everything looked ok. CRACK!!! Louder.
Everything got dead still. Whoooommmm. Big wind. Leaves, twigs and debris filled he air. Oh, oh, the blind lifted up and I grabbed a window and struggled to hold it down. Day 4 Hunt

NEW - Gobble and Shoot

Morning - Fred Gets The Action At The Gate
Incoming birds walk right up. Fred draws. Go...
Afternoon - Gobblers answer in the distance and I call them in and take 3 cool pictures. And get my bow. Go...

First Rio Grandes Down 
Back To Day 2 Morning...
Fred Lutger hunted the Gate and had gobbler action several times. Later he heard hen talk as gobbles got closer.

Suddenly he was surprised by a bow shot. Then a long beard raced into view ... with Doug Crabtree right behind it. To Fred's Hunt... AND To Doug's Hunt...

Day 2 - 4:14pm
I'm updating directly from my blind at the Point. Minutes ago two gobblers responded to my calls. Here's what came down... 

Day 1 - 4:30am - It's Time To Do It
Doug Crabtree and Fred Lutger and start the Rio part of our Grand Slam Quest. We heard several gobbles at sunset. This morning we will set up on the dam where Fred and I saw 2 rope longbeards strutting Thursday. Wish us luck. To The Hunt...

We are hunting with David Mills of Zolfo Springs, Florida in Central Florida's Osceola wild turkey country. David is an immediately likable guy and makes you feel at home from the get go. He has thousands of acres available to hunt Osceolas. He understands this unique species of wild turkey and knows his extensive area like the preverbal back of his hand.
To contact David about Osceola hunts, bow or shotgun, phone 1-863-990-9087.

NEW - Action In The Orange Grove
Across the adjacent cow pasture, 300 yards away, several black, turkey objects walked into view. I cut excitedly on the Woodhaven Aluminum call and went into a volley of yelps. 
The birds stopped.
I cut again. Louder. They switched directions -- the right way too -- toward me. To Hunt...

NEW -  Fred gets 'er done
Fred still had the Woodhaven slate in his hands when he saw 3 gobblers crossing the cow pasture. He closed up 3 sides of the Matrix blind, leaving a shooting hole where his hen decoy was. As the gobblers got close he lost sight of them behind a palmetto patch. The first bird appeared 60 yards away and trotted into the orange grove. To Fred's Hunt...

NEW -  Oranges Anyone?
David Mills takes us back to the orange grove where we saw the turkeys. And our luck changes for the better. Go...

Back To Day 5 - Swamp Cabbage
A pivotal day in our hunt. Hurricanes. And I learn about swamp cabbage. GO...
Day 6 - Mike Bailey In The Swamp
Mike Bailey went with David Mills returned to the same swamp. David called aggressively for two hours, alternating between the Woodhaven Aluminum and Crystal Slates. Suddenly they saw a big longbeard 100 yards away, running ... toward them. GO...
Day 5 - Mike Leonard's Swamp Tom
David Mills calls in another big Osceola longbeard and Mike Leonard draws a bead on it. GO...

Day 5 (Mar 25) Mike Leonard's Deep Swamp Hunt
Fred & I zipped this morning and when we returned to camp Mike Leonard told us about his exciting turkey hunt in a Florida swamp. GO...

Day 4 (March 24) 

A view from the blind, my decoy, a crane, a fox and a breathtaking sunset on the way back to camp.

Morning Hunt: We hunted in an orange grove today. Turkeys in Central Florida go to them and eat bugs and plants. A variety of game was in the grove but we saw nor heard any turkeys. No one else had any action either, it was a quiet turkey day. But a great sunset day!

Day 3 (March 23) 

Morning Hunt:  Doug Crabtree broke the silence of the pre dawn woods with an owl hoot. RaaaaaOuuuuuu, an owl answered. Suddenly Doug and an owl barely missed him.

Three owls landed on limbs, we could make them out against the morning sky. I got my camera and  clicked on the flash and took a picture of one looking at us. Another was closer and in a different position, I took its picture. And here it is close up. It was definitely a cool thing. (Woodhaven Owl Hooter for anyone wanting to know what call was used.)

A gobble sounded very -- far away. At daylight we drove 3/4 mile and stopped. Doug put on the Pro Ears and listened for another gobble. He heard it and we walked half a mile and set up on the edge of the woods. We hunted until 11:00 but no turkey encounters took place.

Rain clouds rolled in and it started to rain. When we finished eating the rain was over.

Afternoon Hunt:  David Mills took Fred and I to an orange grove and we set up in a corner so we could watch two roads. We saw a turkey immediately, way off. Then 3 more. And a bomber longbeard. 

Our view from the Double Bull Matrix blind.

The action picked up today and tomorrow we go to a new area that has not been hunted.

Day 2 (March 22) 
Morning Hunt: We were there. The turkeys weren't. We are moving to a new area this afternoon.
Afternoon Hunt: We duplicated the morning hunt. But we are pumped for tomorrow.

\Day 1 (March 21) - Osceola Hunt, Florida's Central Zone

Morning Hunt: Fred is hunting but I needed to get Monday's web work out of the way so I can be ready to update today's hunt. 

Fred met David Mills at 5:00 this morning. They hunted 50 yards into the woods off a cow pasture and David gave an owl hoot. A gobble came from behind them. The backed up and set up the Double Bull blind in an opening inside a palmetto patch. 

At daylight they made hen calls. Fred saw a Tom fly down and there were no more gobbles. They called loud, off and on, for an hour. 

They heard a hen making light yelps and a distant gobble behind the hen. In front of the blind, on a clear trail leading into the palmettos, without a sound, a big longbeard stepped out. He watched the hen decoy briefly and walked away.

An hour passed and the Tom showed up again on the trail in the same spot. He watched the hen and walked away.

Half an hour later Fred and David called together. The longbeard returned right away, watched, and left for the 3rd time. David 

When they were ready to leave Fred walked to where the bird had stood to see if anything was wrong. He could not see into the blind at all, which is a good thing. David said there is a larger gobbler in the area and this bird probably was afraid it would show up and although he was not spooky he was reluctant to come to the hen decoy.

Knock, knock. I opened the motel door and Fred and David told me what happened. We drove to the Pioneer restaurant and ate lunch. There, I visited with Ken Mayes of Florida Wildlife Unlimited (where we hunted last year). Ken's hunters are having a good season

With lunch out of the way we drove to a big orange grove and set up near an edge with large roost trees  along a creek. 

And that's were we are right now.

(4:17 pm) A longbeard entered our orange grove row and hurried toward our decoys. Fred got ready with the bow and I had the camera at ready. It was limping and hung up briefly at 60 yards and went somewhere else.

(6:20 pm) A barred owl buzzed our decoys and landed on a fence post 40 yards away. David and I focused him in the binoculars. Woops, a gobbler walked through my view, 100 plus yards behind the owl. Two more followed, longbeards all. They went to the roost trees and flew up. We waited until dark and slipped out, leaving the blinds and our gear there.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, yea David, it's gonna be good.

NEW - DAY 3 - First Osceola & More

Turkeys! In the palmettos. Doug popped up the Double Bull on the edge, set the decoys, and called. Without a peep the birds entered the field and then ran to the blind -- 14 Toms. To Hunt...

DAY 2 - Grand Slam Quest
At first light a gobbler sounded off in the distance. Doug Crabtree called aggressively for several minutes and the tom gobbled constantly. GO...

DAY 1 - South Florida Opener

Doug Crabtree and 3 other hunters squeezed into the Double Bull Matrix blind and waited for daylight to break. An owl hooted in the hammock and several gobblers sounded off 100 yards behind the blind.
Ten minutes later Doug made soft tree yelps. Gobblers came from all sides. "We were surrounded," Doug told me., "just like the indians circling the wagons of the cowboys." To Hunt...

It's a wrap. We're all ready. This year is going for a six pack! That's 6 Grand Slams for 3 Wild Turkey Bowhunters trying to get 2 each of every species ... in one Spring season ... with the bow and arrow. Online! TO THE HUNT -- Now In Progress...

  1. The Florida Osceola:  Doug Crabtree starts the hunt in Florida on March 5 at in the Southern Zone. Fred Lutger & I go to the Central Zone on March 21.
  2. Rio Grande:  April 2 we hunt in Texas with the Duck and JimboTX.
  3. The Merriam's:  On April 20 we hunt Merriam's in Nebraska.

  4. Eastern:  We got drawn for Brown county, Illinois and start hunting on April 11 with Fred Lutger's Wilderness Hunts at Wells Creek Outfitters. Then we go to Ohio and hunt Doug Crabtree's turkey haunts.
Recognizing Hens & Gobblers 
The heads of hens and gobblers are different and their overall appearance has a different purpose. GO

The Difference Between Wild & Domestic?
Webster’s Dictionary defines "turkey" as: a theatrical production that has failed, three successive strikes in bowling, a stupid or foolish person and a large North American bird that can either be domestic or wild. The large bird is the turkey we're talking about and here is the difference between Domestic & Wild Turkeys

So What Is A Grand Slam, Anyway?
The Grand Slam consists of 1 each of all 4 of the North American wild turkey sub species. 




Rio Grande

4x4 Grand Slammer of 2004
TO HOME PAGE of 4x4 Grand Slammer...

Four bowhunters go for their online wild turkey Grand Slam, in the 2004  Spring season.
Follow, day by day, with lots of pics,  Doug Crabtree, Fred Lutger, Tony Dukes and Robert Hoague on this Spring's adventure as we hunt wild turkey in Florida, South Dakota, Texas, Illinois and Ohio. We got the pictures!
TO the hunts for the: Osceola, Rio #1, Rio #2, Merriam's, Eastern, and Who Got The Grand Slam? (the pictures)

Sponsors for the 2005 Grand Slam 6-Pack Bowhunt
Our Grand Slam 6-Pack with the bow created excitement with several manufacturers and they stepped up to the plate to sponsor the event.

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- Innerloc Broadheads
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- Carolina North Rope Ratchet
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Sponsors of the
Grand Slam 6-Pack 

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