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Bowhunting For Deer  2003
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2003 Deer Hunt - A Bowhunt In Progress

Deerhunt With Keith Warren 2003
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Day 2 - Afternoon Hunt
Mark Denman and I were stoked for the afternoon hunt. We were ready and in our treestands shortly after 4:30. Early on we had a buck walk by behind us, he was very close but the brush was too thick for a shot. Then ...
Day 2 - Back In Camp
Following our exciting morning bowhunt Mark Denman and returned to camp. Keith Warren greeted us with a big smile. He told us he had harvested a doe. Then we drove to Keith's morning stand and videoed the recovery and I took pictures. GO

Day 2 - Morning - Buck City

Driving to the stand Mark and I saw a bomber buck walking with a doe cross the road in our headlights. Always a good sign. Mark pointed out the travel corridor that the stand was near. I paced off the distance to a tree in the in the corridor, 18 yards. That turned out to be information I would need this morning. To The Hunt...

Day #1 - Afternoon
Afternoon: Mark Denman, the video man on this hunt, and a deer management expert and competent deer hunter to boot -- went with me to the afternoon stand. Our set up was in a forked tree. My stand was at the split of the fork and Mark's was 4 feet higher. Very little time passed before we saw the first deer. Back in the trees, we saw a wide racked buck. It came toward us just like we wanted it to and stopped 15 yards away. I took two pictures as it stood under the overhanging leaves on an acorn tree. This buck is nice and wide, a 10 point. Buck's Pic $1 and Pic #2. It stepped out from under the leaves and turned broadside. My camera was already hanging on its peg and my bow was good to go. More 

Day #1 Morning
Keith took me on a tour of the ranch we are bowhunting, Texas Hidden Springs Ranch. Seeing deer was easy here, we saw over 80 different bucks. I put together a photo gallery of the best pictures I took. Because we were driving many of the bucks were out of photo range or there were too many branches in the way. Nevertheless I did get some cool pics. More...

Travel Day
This afternoon I drove to Saguin, Texas and met Keith Warren and Mark Denman at Texas Hidden Springs Ranch. Keith is a very congenial, easy to like guy who loves the outdoors. He should be an enjoyable hunting partner. The plan is for me to take pictures this afternoon and tomorrow morning. Mark drove me to a box stand that overlooks the treestand I will hunt tomorrow. (I received an invite to bowhunt deer on Keith Warren's Hunting & Outdoor Adventures TV show.)

Afternoon:  This afternoon I sat in a box blind with my camera and computer (no bow yet). Today Daylight was fading as I saw 3 bucks. Two 14 inchers and a bomber, high wide and looking good. The bomber walked right by my stand. Unfortunately it was too dark for the pictures I took to come out (It's that digital shortcoming thing.) 

Afterward we all ate BBQ in Saguin. 5:00am is wake up time tomorrow. Maybe I'll get lucky and see the bomber in the morning. 

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