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Bowhunting For Deer  2003 - Missouri Bowhunt With Possum's Trading Post Outfitters
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2003 Deer Hunt - A Bowhunt In Progress

Deerhunt With Possum Outfitters 2003
 Possum's Trading Post Outfitters | Email Possum I Hunt Info: 417-343-5853 

Possum (Ed Anders) with one
of his many trophy bucks.
An Interview With "Possum"
I interview the man with his finger on the pulse of those North East Missouri Big Bucks. GO
Day #9 - Duke's Morning
Monday - Morning
Tony took to the woods alone this morning, I had to do web stuff. He grunted in a 6-pt to 8 yards but passed him. 30 minutes later he grunted a big chocolate 8-pt across the corn field. The buck hung up at 60 yards so Tony didn't shoot.
Afternoon: 3:02 a doe walked out of the woods and came within 2 yards of my Montana Decoy. She investigated it for several minutes and then walked to the corn field. An hour later I saw a buck coming down the hill 80 yards away. I grunted when it got on the flats were I was. It looked at the decoy but wasn't interested and walked off. I saw 2 more deer on the hill and a doe came out of the corn field and walked right behind me. Tony grunted at 1:45 and an 8-pt buck responded. But he wasn't the trophy Tony had come for. A doe came through later.
Day #8 - A Perfect Buck Day
Sunday - Morning
The weather predicted rain all day. It wasn't so we went out. A deer I never saw busted me and snorted. Tony zipped. It is heavily overcast and cold but far it hasn't rained. Circumstances are good for the afternoon hunt.
Afternoon: I zipped but Tony was in the action. A doe walked by at about 30 yards. Soon after a P&Y class 8-pt followed in the does footsteps. It stopped and Tony took aim and shot. Whack. His arrow hit a limb and deflected. 
A Real Treat For You
Twelve breathtaking bucks pics
in a Trophy Buck Collection of
bucks from this area. Bucks

Day #7 - A "Booner"
Saturday - Morning
Possum took me to check out a new area. We found scrapes and as we looked at one (from a distance) we heard a deer coming. There was no place to hide so we laid down on the ground to be out of sight. A bomber walked past us 50 yards away -- a gigantic rack, high, wide, very heavy and dark chocolate in color. Another 2nd buck showed minutes later, a big 8-pt. Possum grunted and the buck came to 17 yards, looking in our direction. But on the ground we were pinned down and unable to move. He lost interest and walked away. "That first buck is a Booner," Possum said afterwards.
Today was the coldest morning yet. Tony zipped.
Possum and I are taking a treestand in and I am hunting the scrapes this afternoon. Cross your fingers for me.  :-)
Afternoon: At 2:58 an 8-pt came out of the corn field and passed me at 70 yards. The brush was too thick for him to see my decoys. Later a sixer came in close. Tony saw 4 does and a big coyote.
Bill Hammers hunted today and hed shot a 160 class bomber.
Day #6 - A Halloween Bomber
Tony saw a very big 8-pt. He grunted the buck over but it hung up at 50 yards. I saw two different bucks trailing does. Three different does checked my Montana Decoys. They were within range but I passed.  Another hunter Jim M. saw a huge, very big racked buck. He got within 30 yards and Jim shot, but he missed.  
Day #5 - "A Monster Buck"
Morning (Thursday)
I settled in on a ladderstand. The first rays of daylight showed in the sky. Whoosh, a big longbeard gobbler flew out of the tree next to me. I didn't see any deer. Ditto for Tony. 

Afternoon - Front Seat At The Monster's Ball
Possum and I moved my stand again, this time I am close to the traffic. He also moved Tony's stand to the trails the deer used yesterday. 
Tony Duke's Hunt: 3:15: two does walked down the trail 22 yards West of Tony's stand. 4:15: a sixer came off the mountain and passed Tony 12 yards to the East. Tony figured the move put him in the perfect location. 5:15: Two huge deer appeared on the mountain. One a truly monster buck with heavy white horns as wide as his fat hips and just as high. He rubbed his face on an overhanging limb and Tony counted 10 symmetrical points. For the first time in years Tony could not stop his heart beat and had to take his eyes off the buck's heavy rack. The Doe walked down the trail and stopped 8 yards from Tony's tree. Tony knew it was going to happen, he hooked his release up and concentrated on the lane where he would have a shot at 18 yards. This was the biggest buck Tony has ever seen while bowhunting, it looked as big as a calf. The buck stopped in the brush 40 yards away. He watched as the doe began browsing. Five minutes passed and the buck turned, took a step uphill and disappeared. 
Meanwhile I saw another 8-pt and a sixer following does. Another doe investigated my Montana Decoys.

Montana Decoys at the edge of 
a corn field.

Tony takes a buck's pic at a distance.
Day #4 Morning (Wednesday)
Tony and I both saw wild turkeys and some does. The weather was cold and still.

Possum and I set a 2nd stand in where I saw the buck yesterday afternoon. The move put me in the action. I saw 4 separate does and 3 were in range. A spike followed the first doe. Later a good 8-pt walked through with his nose to the ground following a doe, but at 35 yards he was out of range. 
Tony Dukes saw a whooping 35 deer this afternoon. He hunted the edge of a recently combined corn field. 3:15: Tony set up the Montana Decoys again and got in his stand. In ten minutes a buck 250 yards away trotted up to the decoys. He circled them and hung around for 10 minutes. 4:00: does began watering at a water hole. An 8-pt chased them, Tony stopped the buck with his grunt but he didn't leave the doe chase. Several does investigated the decoys. 60 yards away deer began entering the field to feed. In the brush Tony saw a dozen does closely followed by a large buck, high and wide.  His body dwarfed the biggest does. Tony saw 5 bucks in all.

Tony Dukes shows us one
of the many deer rubs in 
the area he is hunting.
Day #3 Morning
As the sun came up it was brisk and still. Sunlight brought a 40 MPH wind. Tony saw wild turkeys again; but, not surprisingly due to the wind, I zipped.

Day #3 - Afternoon
We went out at 1:00. The weatherman said the wind would be 17 MPH, they were off by 100. Just kidding, only 99. The wind blew hard and dropped dead at 4:23. A welcome change. Twenty minutes later 2 does came down the mountain and took a left away from me. A young 8 followed behind them. Soon I saw a large buck with a huge neck coming down the same trail. A doe was ahead of it. I grunted but the buck ignored me. Three more solo does came through. Nothing was close enough for the bow. 
Tony Dukes put out a Wildlife Research Center "Ultimate Scrape Dripper" and made a mock scrape yesterday. At 5:00 a doe came out of the brush and walked directly to the mock scrape, nibbled the overhanging branches and urinated in the scrape. She hung around the area for 10 minutes and worked the mock scrape one more time before leaving.

Tony's Montana Decoy.
Day #2 - Afternoon - The Deer Decoy Champ
Two does ran past Tony Dukes 150 yards away. Tony grunted twice and the does stopped, turned, and ran straight to the two Montana Decoy's that Tony had put out. Later two came off the top of the mountain 200 yards up the mountain, Tony grunted, ant they came directly to the decoy and walked around them for 15 minutes. Tony could have easily shot all of the deer he decoyed up. I ran two deer out when I went in and that was all the action I had.

Chris takes a picture of one of the 
does he sees.
Day #2 - Morning
5:00 came at 4:00 this morning. Somehow that always makes me feel like I didn't get enough sleep, even though I did. Chris saw 7 does. A raccoon chased off one of them. Johnna saw one doe. Tony Dukes saw 6 does. Earlier he had seen an 8-pt and grunted him into range, but after looking him over Tony passed on shooting. Three flocks of turkey came through but no Toms. Two does were coming in my direction when a buck charged across the draw and redirected them. Chris and Johnna left for home after lunch. They were fun to hunt with. 

Possum (Ed Anders), Johnna & 
Chris Pedersen with Tony Dukes
ready for the afternoon hunt.
First Hunt - Afternoon
We arrived at noon and everyone was eating my favorite lunch, deer chili. We ate, visited and got ready to hunt. I took a photo of our group at the truck. And here's Johnna and Possum going to her stand.
Meanwhile I hooked up my computer on Possum's DSL and got ready to do the internet thing.
Possum and I drove out to pick up everyone. Johnna saw 10 deer, 8 does in a group and two unidentified solo deer. Chris saw a young buck and a nice 8-pt. Tony saw 3 flocks of wild turkeys and 4 deer. Deer were around at the same time so he didn't shoot one. 
En Route To Bowhunting Missouri Bucks With "Possum"
 Tony Dukes and I are en route to North East, Missouri to bowhunt with :Possum". He reports that the bucks are looking for does right now, there is no moon, a cold front is coming in, and everything looks good. 
On the way up we stopped at Dick's Custom Archery in Wichita, KS for some last minute stuff. (If you're ever on I-35 going North Dick's is the place. I always stop there.)

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