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Bowhunting at Rancho Del Zorro
The Digital Log Of A Bowhunt - by Robert Hoague

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Day 1

(12:28pm)  I'm updating via cellular from the truck -- on the way to meet Chad Edwards of the Rancho Del Zorro in Webb County, Texas for a late season whitetail hunt. For starters, Webb county is one of the top ones in Texas for big racked whitetails. But the real carrot on the string is the fact that this ranch has not been hunted in 8 years and that formula equals mature bucks, a formula I like. Look for the pictures and daily logs, right here, as Jim Autrey and I hunt for the Texas Deer Hunter TV show.

(3:50pm) Jim Autrey and I arrived at Rancho Del Zorro at 3:50pm. We are covering this hunt on bowhunting.net as well as filming it for the Texas Deer Hunter TV Show (TexasDeerHunter.com). The main gate is directly across from George Strait's ranch. Chad Edwards, the ranch foreman,  was waiting for us a the gate. We followed him 7 miles to the ranch. Ranch Del Zorro is owned by Raymond & Jan Patschke. The ranch is 8,225 acres in Webb county and has not been hunted in 6 years. Jim Autrey is rifle hunting and he won the toss so so he hunts first. 

Chad took us out to a blind at the junction of three "T" shaped strips of oat fields bordered by thick South Texas brush. The deer absolutely came out of the woodwork. 

Chad was barely out of sight when a couple dozen wild hogs came trotting down the road and passed very close to the back of our blind. The fields are planted in strips. The ranch plants a mixture of wheat, oats, rye and tritacale and it appears to be a hit. There is no livestock on this ranch and the fields are munched on hard.

In no time deer started coming out of he brush. We were told the buck to doe ratio here is 1.2 does per buck. It may be true but it looked more like 4 bucks to every doe. We saw a lot of bucks. Bucks came out of the woodwork. And a bunch of them were mature whitetail bucks, 4 1/2 years old or better. I'm not used to seeing so many "old" bucks, it was super.

A buck fight broke out in the field to our right. Jim videoed the entire episode. They fought back and forth, head to head, twisting and turning. A couple dozen deer trotted right over to watch the fight.

Both were mature bucks and they went at it full bore. Suddenly, the largest buck flipped his opponent over on his back started gored him when he was down. The buck regained his feet and decided he didn't want any more of this action and he ran for the brush, closeby followed by the winner of the fight.

We saw over a dozen exceptional bucks. We have them on video and I took pictures of them with my digital camera. 

Another buck fight started up, this time in the brush 45 yards from our blind.

One of the bucks was a 10 point that, when he saw the video of him, Chad estimated would score 177. The buck has a 23 inch spread and his longest tines are 12 inches. This is truly a magnificent buck. 

He got close enough to us for a shot but he was a 3 1/2 year old and the ranch prefers we harvest a more mature buck. 

We also saw a big 12 point with 2 kickers on his G2's, a drop tine 10-point and several more 10 point bucks. All with blocky front bodies and fat necks.

When we returned to the hunting lodge I had technical difficulties getting the pictures out of my camera and tried every thing I know to do but I won't have them until I get back home. We will have wait for the pictures of some of the deer we took photos of today. 

Tomorrow we will use the backup digital camera and have the pics of what happens. To Day #2...

For information: about Rancho Del Zorro's whitetail, wild hog and javelina bow and rifle hunts as well as quail and dove hunting, email them. Chad Edwards @ Rancho del Zorro, email: ranchodelzorro@aciglobal.com, or phone: 956-419-1906.

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