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The 2000 Venado Loco's Great West Texas Invitational Bowhunt - Del  Rio Texas

The Digital Log Of A Bowhunt With Venado Loco - by Robert Hoague

Venado Loco's Great West Texas Bowhunt - Earlier this year I received an email inviting the Duck and I back on the annual bowhunt with Venado Loco at his 6,300 acre deer lease in the desert near Del Rio, Texas. This is as far West as Whitetails go and this bowhunt is different from other deer hunts most of us are familiar with ... there are no trees!  It's ground hunting only.
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Seting Up #24, A Doe For The Duck - Del Rio Day # 6
The Duck watched a scrawny doe with a spotted fawn grazing nearby. Another doe walked up and the scrawny doe charged it. The new doe circled and in doing so cruised right by the Duck's shooting window. The Duck was at full draw and ready. A well placed arrow put the doe down in 50 yards. He drug the doe to the road and field dressed it. To Day 6.

Buck Confrontation & A Rattlesnake - Del Rio Day # 5
As the Duck looked for deer tracks in the cactus and sage he saw movement ... and heard a piercing rattle! A 3 foot rattlesnake struck at Don. But somehow the snakes strike fell short. Immediately the snake crawled underneath some sage and Don poked at him with a stick to get him out in the open. More - Day 5...

.Day #4 at The Venado Loco Annual Bowhunt
Some days you see magic things happen. Things that people rarely see in the wild. Wonderful things that most folks will never witness in their lifetime, wheather they hunt or not. When the animals don't know you're around they do what they do when you're not there. Today, one of those magic things happened 17 yards from me ...  and I got the coolest picture of part of it. Doe Fight & More - Day 4...
DAY #1, Venado Loco Deerhunt
The Dog Cactus Buck & The Duck
Three other and the Duck and I are bowhunting with Venado Loco on 6.300 acres of deep South Texas desert near Del Rio. The hunt started off with a bang as the Dog Cactus Buck walks by the Duck's ground blind. Plus, pictures right from my blind and new wallpaper for you, taken right here on Venado Loco's annual bowhunt, right now. Day #1

Saturday Morning, Arrival at Venado Loco's Bowhunt: 
The Duck (Don Beckwith) and I got a late start on the way to Venado Loco's place. We stopped in Llano, TX and ate the town out of mexican food. Further along the way I phoned with my cell phone to see if we should stay in a motel tonight, because our arrival would be so late, or else come on in. The connection on Venado's end was full of static and he couldn't hear everything I said, but did hear that we were on the way, so he said to come on down and, "knock on the door when you get here." So right now we are in Del Rio and I'm uploading this and some other pages for Bowhunting.Net. We'll be at the ranch in half an hour. Tomorrow morning we will set up some blinds and start hunting in the afternoon.

The 1999 Venado Loco Bowhunt
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The 1999 Venado Loco Bowhunt

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