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 Robert Hoague
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Wade Nolan's Writers Camp& Bowhunt - Illinois
HOME PAGE For All 2006 Deerhunts

Reporting from Whitetail University Writers Camp at the Dream Woods Adventures in Roseclaire, Illinois.

Got Any Buck Pics?

That's what I asked Doug Doty of Dream Woods Aventures. They did. GO...

More Meetings & Bowhunt Reports

The bosses of Bear Archery, Gold Tip and Grim Reaper Broadheads tell us what's up. NEWS...
And Scott Alread, Rob Reaser and Jay Leichty give their hunt reports. To Hunts...

Hunt Reports from Mike Handley, editor of RACK magazine, Marvin Carlson of Gold Tip and Ron Boyce of MDR 24seven Deer Scents.

Meeting #2 - 24seven Deer Scent

Ron Boyce really understands the role scent plays in the lives of bucks and does and how and when we can use scent to get restults. GO...

Meeting #1 - Pennington Seed

John Carpenter of Pennington Seed was impressively knowledgeable. He covered how the average hunter can make a harvest food plot for deer and other wild game and much more. GO...

Arrival at Wade Nolan's Writers Camp

Coverage begins for the Whitetail University Writers Camp at the Dream Woods Adventures in Roseclaire, IL. GO...

Bowhunting Deer At Home - 2006
HOME PAGE For All 2006 Deerhunts
Big 9-point

He stood in front of me in the dark, both of us waiting. Him for does. Me for enough light. GO...

Another Nice Buck

I changed stands this morning to check for deer traffic and find buck movement. GO...

Oct 13-15 - My 

Oct 13-15 - My hunting lease buddys John and Bryant Askew, and two of Bryant's firefighter cohorts Dewayne Woolsey and James Walker came down to hunt for the weekend. GO...

Meanwhile the 2006 Freak and a 9-point rattle my cage. GO...

Oct 11- After daylight I noticed a deer to the right, a doe. Then I saw more deer scattered around behind the doe. Soon they walked right by my ground blind in a group. Here are the pics, (just like you were there too). The Pics...

5 Bucks!
Oct 10 - First I noticed a deer standing stone still in the shadows of the trees about 90 yards away. It was a buck. And when I glassed the area around it I saw more bucks behind it. PICS...

2006 Bowhunt
With Billy Don at Wild Horse Prairie Ranch
Home Page For This Bowhunt

Last Day ...

The report on the last two days of the hunt, pics,
and more. GO...

Duck's Bucks

The Duck (Don Beckwith) took his camera too and here are some of his pictures. GO...

Well Water?

I make a little information gathering hunt and find out two good things. GO...

The Chef's Double Decker

They say pictures tell a story, but it takes words to tell what happened on this hunt. GO...

Arrow Emergency

When I arrived at the hunt I had 3 arrows left. Here's how I cured my arrow emergency. GO...

Ricky Bags His Best Yet...

Ricky arrived yesterday and saw two bucks and a dozen plus wild hogs. The deer were younger and he didn't take a shot. Today he did.GO...

Fred Lutger: Deer & Gear

DEER: Fred draws on a doe at 10 yards as  Blaine videos. GO...
GEAR: Fred is a serious outdoorsman and wants his equipment to be the best he can get. GO...

Three Year's In The Making

This year Roy came to hunt Aoudad's and today his perseverance and patience paid off. GO...

So, What Did Roy's 10-point TrophyScore?

While Roy put the tape to his buck I measured it online on TrophyScore. GO...

Day #3 - A Deer Afternoon

Clay and Rick have a good deer day, too, on the afternoon hunt. MORE...

Day #3 - A Deer Morning

Colby, Bryant and Roy all bring in does this morning. Fred fixes a broken bow and MORE...

Day #2 Afternoon - Hogs...

Colby, George and Fred get into hogs. GO...

Day #2 At Billy Don's

The hunt continues on Day 2. GO...

Day #1 At Billy Don's

Afternoon: Roy Keefer's good luck continued as a 10 point gets within bow range. GO...

Morning Hunt:

Roy Keefer text messaged at 7:44. He had a wild hog down. Here's what happened. GO...
Veteran bowhunter, Kip Waddley has taken whitetail, elk and pronghorns. And this morning he got the chance to bag a wild boar. GO...

Arrival Day

It's arrival day for for our 2006 hunt with Billy Don at Wild Horse Prairie Ranch. Here's what happened so far. GO...

Scouting Pics
Sept 25: Now, the bucks have shed their velvet and are showing off their 2006 headgear to the other bucks and the does. Eventually two bucks lock antlers. GO....
Sept 24: Generally you don't see many fawns for weeks after they are born. Today a few showed up. GO.... TV Hog Hunt

We spied a group of wild hogs on the hill side and when they disappeared into the tall weeds they were coming our way. GO...

Home Page - 2005 Deer Hunt & Pics
| October | November | December

The 2005 bowhunt for whitetail deer is a dandy. Daily hunt logs and pics are on this page. Here is the latest on the hunt.
To  Home Page For The 2005 Deerhunt...

 Bowhunt In The Illinois Golden Triangle

From November 11-17 Fred Lutger and I bowhunted with Rob McNeff at his Wells Creek Outfitters in Brown County Illinois. Here's what happened GO... 

Hunt For The Double Kicker Buck

We followed the Double Kicker buck from July up to bow season. Here are the daily hunt logs and knock out picturesis during the roller coaster ride that was this hunt. Double Kicker

2nd Annual Deerhunt With Bill Don
We're back at Wild Horse Prarie Ranch with Billy Don, smack in the middle of lots of bucks, wild hogs, wild turkeys and exotics.
To This Hunt's Home Page

Bowhunt At Double G Outfitting

I met our Taxidermy columnists Larry Reese as well as Mike Glanden and John & Whatt McBride at the Double G Outfitting and our host Garrett George gave us all a 4 day hunt to hang on the wall. GO...

2005 Canadian Bear Hunt

Setting Up For The Hunt

Before the first group of bear hunters arrived there was lots of work to do. Set-Up #1 and #2 and #3

A Skunk Bear At Double Matrix
Taking A Bear On The Ground...

Fred had a plan, using two Double Bull Matrix blinds so we could video our hunts. It was kinda off the wall. Just the way we like it. GO...

Bear Hunters - Group #1
Group #1 Hunt Home Page

Kirby Knackstedt's Group for 2005
They are guys who know all about working hard, playing hard and hunting hard.

Bear Hunters - Group #2
To Group 2 Hunt

More bear hunting logs and lots of pictures as Group 2 takes to the big woods.

TrailTimer Bear Pictures

Before and during the hunt we monitored stand sites and bear movement with TrailTimer EZY-Cams and I put several galleries online during the hunt. GO...

Equipment Field Testing
Part of our job on the bear hunt was to test products. | Tests #1 | Tests #2| Tests #3

2004 Deerhunt

Join us online for the daily hunt logs and pictures of the 2004 deer season bowhunt. 2004 Deerhunt...

In December I ran electric cords and a phone line out to my Double Bull blind and made live updates during the day. Follow the sightings and pics of the Freak buck, Big Boy 9, & Broken Tine, day by day. GO...

November Hunt & Pics..
Bowhunt With Crabby In Ohio
October's Deer Bowhunts & Pics..

First Ever Deerhunt
Bowhunting With Billy Don @ Wild Horse Prairie Ranch

NINE BUCKS TAKEN - The first ever Deerhunt was a big success for all the bowhunters who attended. Here are the hunt logs along with lots of pictures of this fun hunt. To Deerhunt...

2004 Bear Hunt in Ontario With Fred Lutger
Our Mission: A Bear On The Ground
This season Fred Lutger and I have a quest, both of us want a bear on the ground.

We talked to Double Bull Archery about this and they sent Fred Lutger and I the blind to use and TrailTimer provided scouting cameras to help us locate mature bears (lots of bear pics too). Follow this picture rich bowhunt and the hunts of 7 other successful bear bowhunters. 2004 Bear Hunt...

Online Wild Hog Hunt At Texas-S Bowhunting Ranch
Hunt Compliments Of Texas-S Bowhunting Ranch
Rick's Boar Charges Us | Hunts by Ricky, Blaine, Me

Teenagers Blaine Cupp and Ricky Philippi join Rick Philippi and me in an action packed bowhunt at Merle Smith's Texas-S Bowhunting Ranch in Texas. GO...

4x4 Grand Slammer of 2004
TO HOME PAGE of 4x4 Grand Slammer...

The "white head" Rio gobbler and our merriam's tripple-header with Dave Keiser in South Dakota.
Four bowhunters go for their online wild turkey Grand Slam, in the 2004  Spring season, with the bow. Follow Doug Crabtree, Fred Lutger, Tony Dukes and Robert Hoague on the hunts in Florida, South Dakota, Texas, Illinoi and Ohio. 
TO the hunts for the: Osceola, Rio #1, Rio #2, Merriam's, Eastern, and Who Got The Grand Slam? (the pictures)

2003 Online Bowhunts
Day to day Online Coverage & on the spot Pictures
Late Season January Bowhunt With Zan Christensen - An action packed 4 days of bowhunting with Zan Christensen (Zano) in the San Antonio suburbs. Big bucks, good company and deerhunting done right.
2003 Online Whitetail Bowhunt:  Follow the 2003 deer season from opening day to the end of the season. Pictures and day by day hunt logs.
Trophy Buck Bowhunt with Billy Don Van Cleave.
5 trophy bucks in one morning! The 7,500 acre Wild Horse Prairie Ranch by Burnet Texas definitely got Tony Dukes and me into the "mucho grandes" bucks.
Bowhunting With Possum in N.E. Missouri:
Tony Dukes & I bowhunt whitetial bucks at Possum's.
Ohio Rut With Dennis Cratree: November's bowhunt during the Ohio rut.
Bowhunt With Keith Warren: Keith invited me to bowhunt on his TV show
Wild Hog Bowhunting 2003 - All Year Long!
Photos & logs for the 2003 Wild Hog Bowhunts.
Scouting: Deer Pictures as 2003 Progressed:
Follow the deer activity January thru September.
To 2003 Bearhunt In Aug-Sept
Non stop bear hunting action at Fred Lutger's bear camp in Ontario.
Quest For The Wild Turkey Grand Slam 2003 - Doug Crabtree and I bowhunt for and get the Grand Slam in the Spring of 2003.

Quest For The Grand Slam - 2003
Part 4: The Rio Grande Wild Turkey

The Rio Grande hunts were in 3 parts, sandwiched in between the Ohio and South Dakota bowhunts. Of our Quest for the Grand Slam this hunt turned out to be the biggest challenge. A lot of exciting hunts came down on this hunt. Doug's "Man on a mission" hunt proves what you can do when the hunting clock is almost done ticking. The last week of season the gobblers were scarce and call shy. My hunt boiled down to one late seaon window of opportunity.  TO: the Rio Grande Bowhunt

Part 3: The Eastern Wild Turkey

This bowhunt was tops. Doug Crabtree and Terry Speakman team called in wild turkey gobblers, one after the other. Doug Crabtree called in a longbeard almost a mile away and and completed his Grand Slam. Pictures and hunt logs. TO: Eastern Bowhunt

Part 2: The Merriam's Wild turkey

April 2003 - The South Dakota bowhunt with Dave Keiser at Double K Guide Service was action packed. Brooks Johnson and Keith Beam of Double Bull Archery hunted with us. (Pictures and the hunt notes.)  To The Merriam's Bowhunt.

Part 1:  Search For The Florida Osceola

March 2003 - The 2003 Grand Slam gets off to an action packed start at Florida Wildlife Unlimited wild turkey camp near Zolfo Springs, Florida. Doug Crabtree and I are both going for the Grand Slam ... this Spring ... with our bows. To The Osceola Hunt.

2003 Wild Hog Bowhunting
The 2003 wild hog bowhunting is off to a good start. Lots of action and picturesd. 2003 Wild Hog Bowhunting.

More 2002 Deerhunt

The 2002 bow season is still in progress. The logs and pictures are being put up daily. 2002 BOWHUNT LOGS & PICTURES.

BOWHUNTING THE OHIO RUT 2002 - An Online Bowhunt
Dennis Crabtree (Crabby), Dick Pippenger (Pip), Kevin Dill & I bowhunted in Ohio. 

November 2002 - The peak of the rut is over in southern Ohio but you and I were there, bowhunting with Crabby, Pip and Kevin Dill (with the bombger buck above). Here are the pictures of bucks at scrapes and lots more deer acion, plus the day by day field notes to this super bowhunt. (To this Ohio Hunt & Pics: Days 1-12.)

2002 Deerhunt
The 2002 bow season is in progress. It is off to a strong start. The logs and pictures are being put up daily. 2002 BOWHUNT LOGS & PICTURES.

Wild Hog hunting has been rockin' so far this year. Wild Turkey season lost of wild turkey action. There are plenty of pics and hunt reports.

Wild Hog Are Not Dangerous - whoever said that ain't hunting in the real world! 
Apr 10, Bowhunt In Progress - 2002
Half way to the Hammer Hole two black hogs crossed the narrow woods road, about 80 yards ahead of me. Immediately I cut into the woods and hurried to the edge of the brush along a dried, rocky creek bed. I got my camera out and started down the edge. In seconds both hogs walked out of the brush some 50 yards from me. They stopped when they saw me. One ran away. The other hog hurtled down the edge -- straight toward me! MORE

Wild Turkey Bowhunting 2002
Apr 8 - Here is the Short Video Clip I got today of a puffed up gobbler messing with a flock of turkeys. More Wild Turkey Hunting...

The 2001 Deerhunt:
Again this year, we did a lot of bowhunting. Here are the logs for all the hunts and all the bowhunters who participated. Lots of pictures. My scouting by camera paid off and I located a beautiful, mature 10-point and caught it surprise. Twice! Rick Philippi bags a 300+ pound wild boar, we pulled it out ot the woods with the 4-wheeler but 3 of us couldn't lift it to the tail gate of the pickup. Here are the day by day posts and pictures of this seasons bow season, reported online as it happens. 2001 Deerhunt In Progress

Bowhunting Fall Bear With Fred Lutger In Ontario
Five bear were taken on the first day of our hunt. Five!!! Incredible. But that was just the beginning, 15 bearhunters took home 14 black bears. Join us as 15 bearhunters go for bear at Fred Lutger's Bear Camp in Ontario, Canada on his Fall Bearhunt. This hunt was very successful and it was no accident. Fred Lutger knows how to bowhunt for canadian black bears. Join the hunt, day by day and in pictures. MORE

Week Of June 11, 2001:  Wild Hog Bowhunt at the Texas-S Bowhunting Ranch
A Hog With An Attitude
Water and mud flew everywhere as the red boar came out of the mud. He stopped. He looked for me and saw me. Right then, it was clear to me that he wasn't going to run this time.Everything went into slow motion -- things started happening one frame at a time. I already had an arrow out. Fifteen yards behind me I heard Merle say, "God, he's going to charge." GO

Wild Hogs & Javelina At Rancho del Zorro
Javelina were in the road, about 80 yards from the Curve blind and 200 yards from us. Chad stopped and turned off the pickup's engine. He took their picture as I grabbed my bow. An old, rusty fence is to the right, along the side of the road, so I slipped over to it and stepped over a low place in the wire. Brush and mesquite grow along much of the fence. They provided good cover so I walked briskly for half the distance, but then the cover ran out. 

Doug Crabtree fulfills his dream hunt, the Wild Turkey Grand Slam with a bow in 30 days.
Follow the hunt with reports and pictures from Florida to Texas to Oklahoma to South Dakota and to Kansas for the Osceola, Rio Grande, Merriam's and Eastern wild turkeys. Doug's pop Doug Sr. was also on the hunt and he too harvested the Grand Slam with a bow. Here is the hunt (with pics)...

Special Youth Hunt  - Doug Crabtree takes the Matson boys hunting wild turkeys.
The weekend preceding the Ohio wild turkey season is open for hunters under 16 who hunt in designated Public areas. Cody (10) and Christopher (12) Matson flipped a coin to see who would hunt first and Cody got the luck and won the toss. But he was going to be even luckier that day ...

Rancho Del Zorro Deer Hunt, (Jan 18, 2001)
Jim Autrey and I hunted at this outstanding South Texas ranch in the renond Webb County. We saw plenty of deer, this ranch hasn't been hunted in over 6 years and it has lots of mature bucks. The ranch owner Raymond Patschke bagged a bomber buck. Jim took a big 10 point. Angie Edwards got a big wild hog. I photographed some super deer pictures and put some tamale meat on the table when I harvested two wild hogs. To The Del Zorro Hunt...

Bow Season 2000
Pictures of deer and the game harvested in 2000. Here are the stories of all the people who hunted a deer with me in 2000 -- in day by day logs and pictures as it all came down and was reported daily on Bowhunting.Net.  From opening day through the 2nd Rut in late December. From Robbie Cramer's opening weekend 8-point (pictured) to Bryant Askew's and Christy Getts late season first deer ever, it was a super, action packed season. The 2000 Bowhunt For Deer

Bowhunting The Ohio Rut - 2000
Count To 100 - It Worked!
It was time to leave so I started counting. Mid way to 100 I heard what could have been a step in the leaves. I waited briefly, I didn't want to make Dennis late to his own fish fry. I started counting again. A step, for sure. A big Ohio 8-point came from the brush and went to the scrape and worked the overhead branches and pawed the scrape. It finished and moved in my general direction. I was ready to draw. But the buck stopped and looked right and left, trying to decide which way to go. Right or left wouldn't work for me. In my thoughts I talked to it calmly, repeating, "come to me, come to me." More Ohio Hunt...

Venado Loco's Great West Texas Bowhunt - 2000
Earlier this year I received an email inviting the Duck and I back on the annual bowhunt with Venado Loco at his 6,300 acre deer lease in the desert near Del Rio, Texas. This is as far West as Whitetails go and this bowhunt is different from other deer hunts most of us are familiar with ... there are no trees!  It's ground hunting only. The 2000 Venado Loco Bowhunt.

Antelope In Wyoming - 2000
Here are pics and logs from this September's Antelope bowhunt on the Hornbuckle Ranch near Douglas, Wyoming. JimboTX, Ande Rushing and I met Dave Brennan and Kurt Laddich and other bowhunters. We all had a ball hunting for antelope and enjoying seeing the plethora of game that lives on the prairies of Wyoming. More...

Wild Hog Bowhunts at the Island.
When I drove up to the Island I saw cows. My neighbor turned some cattle loose in the field. I parked, ran the cattle off, and went to my stand. Two fawns and a doe browsed nearby for the last half hour of the hunt. The fawns were good size now and are loosing their spots. They would have made a swell pic but the by the time they got where I could get a decent picture the light was too low. No wild hogs showed today. I did hear them squalling again, off towards Big River. Wild Hogs
More Scouting: I check out the crossing at Big River. Since I heard so many hog squeals, squalls and grunts when I hunted the evening before I drove in their direction to check it out. It is a familiar area to me but I did not expect to find what I saw there!!! Surprise At Big River...
Wild Hogs At The Texas S Bowhunting Ranch - June 20-23, 2000
This bowhunt came down as one of the best as Turtle joined the father and son team Rick & Ricky Philippi and myself and we headed for the swamp at the Tesas-S and turned our share of wild hogs into pork chops.

Wild Hogs on the Leon River. A Bowhunt In Progress 2000
A Wild Hog Bowhunt In Progress: (Sunday, 5:30pm)
Friday and Saturday's heavy rain cleaned up all the old sign and as I walked down the woods road to the Hammer Hole all I saw was deer tracks (lots of them) but no wild hog tracks. I settled in one of my tripod's and sure enough 4 deer came by (separately) and then a buddy group of 5 bucks slipped through, all of them in velvet with their starter horns of different lengths. They were in the brush and I couldn't get their pics. As the darkness faded a 40-plus pound raccoon came up. He stopped and stood up on his hind legs and looked all around. He was big. Once he was gone I got down and went to my truck. The hogs haven't been back since the rain. But they'll return ... and so will I.
(April 17-18) Will The Real Big Boy Please Stand Up  I put my camera down and this time the wild hogs don't get to give me the slip at the Hammer Hole!  More
Doug Crabtree's Quest for the Grand Slam with the bow - 2000.
(April 2-8, 2000)
Doug Crabrtree, Greg Metz a buddy of his from Ohio, Donald Duck and myself were in hot pursuit of the Leon River Rio Grande wild turkeys. Each day's hunts are posted (with pics of the turkeys we got). The hunt so far ...

Javelina & Nilgai with 4 Arrows Outfitters at the King Ranch - Jan 17-23, 2000
Here's the scoop on the Q&A Team's bowhunt for Nilgai and Javelina -- as guests of 4-Arrows Outfitters. Zan Christensen, Dr.Dave Samuel, Steve Bartylla, Dennis Crabtree and me, Robert Hoague go on the stalk for javelina and the the wary, big (like 400-600 pounds or more), and reportedly ill tempered Nilgai -- at the famous King Ranch in Texas.

Digital Log of the Bow/Deer Season - 1999

My bowhunting logs and on the spot digital pictures for Oct, Nov and Dec of '99. A lot of people bowhunted with me and it was a super season. 
OCT - A big 8 shows up and I get lucky. Brian, Chrissy & Turtle bowhunt. The Duck & I bowhunt with Venado Loco in Del Rio.
NOV - The rut heats up and I record it with my digital camera. The Duck, JimboTX and I bowhunt at Wells Creek Outfitters in the big buck country of Brown County, Illinois.
DEC - The Duck's Mudslide buck. Tink returns from Africa and bowhunts with me for a couple of weeks and comes up with his Homecoming Buck. More...

1999 - Bowhunting Whitetails @ Wells Creek Outfitters - in Brown County, IL.This area consistently produces trophy class Whitetail Bucks for bowhunters.

1999 - Venado Loco's Great West Texas Bowhunt
By email I received an invitation for myself and one friend to bowhunt with Venado Loco at his 6,300 acre deer lease in the desert near Del Rio, Texas. This is as far West as Whitetails go in the Southwest and Venado said that this bowhunt would be different from other deer hunts I was familiar with ... he wasn't kidding. Logs & Pics of the Venado Loco hunt
1999 - Brian Pullam & Chrissy of the YBC Bowhunt Texas - Brian Pullam, YBC Team Leader, and Chrissy, YBC Columnists bowhunted Whitetails at my place in Texas and 16 year old Chrissy brings home her first bow harvest.

Chrissy with her Doe.
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