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Tired of paying inflated prices or settling for picked over gear? Choose from thousands of products from the best manufacturers in the hunting gear industry.....ALL AT 15-50% BELOW THE RETAIL PRICE. Hunter's Friend.
Quality Deer Herd Managemant - Age, Genetics & Nutrition, by Craig Johnson

Craig focuses on what it takes to create the best herd health and how that affects antler development.
JOAD Comes To Big Al's In Seabrook - A 5-week JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) program will be offered continuously through out the year. 
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Got Deerhunting Questions?

The Q&A Team have online answers. Crabby, Steve, Dr. Dave and Zano have sound, real world answers to deer hunters questions. 
New Online Super Store - Freddie Bear Sports - America's most well known and complete bowhunting pro-shop announces it's new online store. They sell, repair, test, use and enjoy most all hunting and archery products in existence today.
Quality Deer Herd Managemant - First Step, by by Craig Johnson - In the past, some traditionally held ideas about deer management created an unbalanced, even unhealthy herd. Modern quality deer management programs improve the health and condition of our deer population and produce larger bucks.
Tired Of Spending Money On Small bottles Of Deer Scent? This website of deerhunting products specializes in larger quantities so you can bottle your own saving you big BUCKS! Whitetail Products
Evaluation - New Dominion Series Target - by D.R. Rogers - Dana reports, "This target provides extreme durability, absolute stopping power and two-finger removal. There is no more struggling for dear life to pull your arrows out. Unlike compressed foam 3-D targets, the New Dominion is a joy to use." And more!
Evaluation - TimberGhost Camo by Art Chamboux - Art evaluates the effectiveness of the camouflage pattern as well as the quality, design and quietness of the garments. 

Susieq: Fall Bear Hunt 2000
Susieq returns from her Fall bear hunt hunt. The weather was been cold, rainy and windy, but some bears were out anyway. 
Evaluation: WARHEAD Broadhead by Dave Conrad - This new design incorporates a 'Slide-On' Cartridge for replacement blades. Field replacement of new blades is quick and easy. 
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New Light Gathering Pins
The Treestand Bowsight with ONE PIN that allows you to shoot accurately from 1-50 yards now has Light Gathering Pins. ABC Pivotal.

Just What Is Australian Bowhunter? The largest, best selling and most widely distributed bowhunting & archery magazine in the Southern Hemisphere.
EVALUATION: Fletcher Field Tool by Jon E. Silks - One tool that is every tool you need in archery. A good idea. Fletcher Field Tool

Serving Today's Mobile Hunter & Sportsman. Sportsman's Gear is about giving the Hunter, Fisherman, Camper, Boater as much information as possible about the Light Truck, Van, ATV and Sport Utility products being developed for them today. Enter the Sweepstakes full of exciting products for the outdoorsman. Sportsman's Gear.
EVALUATION: Golden Key-Futura® 'INFINITI' Arrow Rest
by Dave Conrad

It is advertised to be the finest, most sophisticated Rest designed for today's high performance bows. Is it? Dave tells us.
Meet This Month's Lady Bowhunter Lisa Price - as well as Ellen's elk hunt 2000 and news about the upcoming events Women in the Outdoors and Bears & Babes. This month in

TreeSuit, the treestand you wear, announces new video feed on site. Now you can see exactly how this amazing product will work to help you become a better treestand hunter. DON'T MISS THIS SITE!
New Sweepstakes Winner

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Scents & Lure 101  by Kevin Kishel

The key is understanding the difference between a scent and a lure. What are they? How do they work? How do you use them?
Words Can't Describe What We've Known by Kevin Carlile

Article #1 from our new columnists Kevin Carlile of TimerGhost.
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On Your Mark, Aim,  Fire! by Art Champoux

Bushes in your face, trees in your way, leaves hitting your coat or that sudden breeze blowing through your tree are real practicing.
Hunt Warm With Thermosack

Thermosack is worn like a regular hunting coat. Unzip and pull down the Hide-A-Way Bottom and it completely covers you from head to toe. Protects against cold, rain and wind while blending naturally with TimberGhost camo. Thermosack.
Finding The Does by Steve Bartylla

When all else fails to produce buck sightings, hunting does is always a good avenue to harvest a buck during the rut. Steve Bartylla
NEW FIELD REPORT: Antler King Fall/Winter/Spring by Joe Bartylla - Antler King says it comes up fast, will grow in fertile and infertile soil, is nutritious, increases rack sizes and is a super deer draw. Joe tells us the results of his 3 year tests. Evaluation.

If you haven't visited this new web site, do your self a favor. It's new, it's innovative and now you can order TREESUIT on their site, through their Secure, On-Line Ordering page. Don't miss the TreeSuit web site.
Free Single Event Timer! Every order for a PH-3500 PhotoHunter will receive a FREE TT-100 single event timer.. TrailTimer Game Monitors

We had lots of news, articles & events in September

All This & More In SEPTEMBER 2000
Find The Deer #11 Can you find the deer? How many are there? BUCK SCIENCE, Does It Attract Deer? by Dave Conrad. NEW PRODUCT: Redesigned Big Ben Treestand by Loc-On. NETAA, The North East Target Archerry Assn. posts September newsletter. Ever seen a Jack Rabbit? These slippery rascals are double the size of a cottontail and they're outfitted with very impressive ears. Here's Something fun on Frankies new web site -- a page of animated tracks. Find The Deer #10. Can you find the deer? (How many are there?), Shoot? Pass? or Wait? #6. COLORADO - It's beautiful this time of year. Just so you won't forget how beautiful, here is a pic of the mountains. And, here is my bud JimboTX with the huge bull elk he got in those mountains during last year's bow season. US & INTERNATIONAL ARCHER - August Issue, Experience Africa by Larry Reese, Texas-S Wild Hog Bowhunt - by Rick Philippi, Inspire A Child - by Ted Nugent, Make Your Own Hunting Blind - by Art Champoux, Stretching For Treestand Hunting - by Dr. Jason Nolz, Muzzy Zero Effect Arrowrest - by Jon E. Silks, Oh Boy, Oh Bull!! by Cindy Wortman.
All This & More In SEPTEMBER 2000
More News, Articles & Events In August:
All this & More In AUGUST, 2000
NEW: Do you Shoot? Pass? or Wait?, Industry Profile: Frank Pearson, EZ Tuning for Finger Shooters by Art Champoux, BOW REPORT - DARTON Maverick Express 2000, by Jon E. Silks, More Scouting: Surprise At Big River..., A Wild Hog Bowhunt In Progress The Island, Day #, NEW - Find The Deer #5- #7, Find The Deer Home Page, I Found 'Em!!! Wild Hogs located, New online arrow rest store, Watch Your Step!!! Rattlesnake!!!, Arlyne Rhode and US & International Archer. Don't Worry, This is not Godzilla!! It's A  Roadrunner - Close-Up, A Trick To Help You Shoot Where You Aim - Fred Lutger, NEW PRODUCTS: Darton's Cyclone Bows. AUGUST, 2000
Other  News & Articles
Don't Miss the 1,000's of Bowhunting & Archery Articles: News, Tips, Online Hunts & Much More In the Past Months on Bowhunting.Net.
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Hunt Warm With Thermosack
Thermosack is worn like a regular hunting coat. Unzip and pull down the Hide-A-Way Bottom and it completely covers you from head to toe. Protects against cold, rain and wind while blending naturally with TimberGhost camo. Thermosack.

A revolutionary dual sighting system that eliminates the string peep. Hind Sight's design allows for unrestricted viewing of your target, even in minimal light. By creating two points of allignment the archer has the same hold every shot. It also solves bow torque and other peep sight related problems. HindSightCo.

America's Next Great Camouflage Company, needs FieldPROs! Receive a FREE FieldPRO webpage, access to our FieldPROs Only Catalog, and a FREE TimberGhost FieldPRO Newsletter full of great info and deals! TimberGhost.

Find Your Treestand In the Dark - The TreestandFINDER™ by Custom Devices hangs on or near your treestand and when you scan the area with a light the Tree Stand Finder produces a visible blinking red light. It disables at daylight. It's waterproof, and camouflaged. Aso useful for laying out trails, tracking, leaving directions and more. Tree Stand Finder.

The originator of Scent Shield, the world's most popular Scent Eliminator introduces their 2000 line of exciting products for the hunter and dog owner. New:  the ScentBlocker Plus line of scent elimination clothing, Still Steamim' Buck Semen, Buck Science for Quality Deer Managment, Keller's Gels, Fall Blend, No Stinking Bugs and more! Robinson Labs.

Isometric Targets and Blinds For 2000
Isometric adds the Stake Blind and the All-In-One Blind to it's lineup of hunting blinds. Plus the complete line of Isometric Targets archery targets. Isometric Targets

Pleasant Run Archery
invites you to visit their new online arrow rest store featuring the entire line Bodoodle Arrow Rests. Bodoodle is the choice of numerous top 3D Pros and top bowhunters. From the PRO-500 to the Bodoodle Bullet you'll find an arrow rest to fit your needs at

For Bigger Bucks & Healthier Deer Feed. The Antler King program meets the year round nutritional requirements for deer & elk and helps produce Trophy Class animals at an earlier age and allow genetically superior animals to reach their fullest potential. Antler King

Ground Blinds Have Changed.Double Bull BLINDS offer you the clear choice for ultimate concealment: portability, total concealment, fast & easy of set up, and room enough to shoot. The only archery specific hunting blind company in existance invites you to visit their website and email or call with your questions. Double Bull Archery:

Largest, most well stocked Pro-Shop in Arizona. Also, complete listing of local shoots, AZ Hunting Regs, Leagues, links and all your product needs. Complete line of archery equipment on the World Wide Web. Archery Headquarters.

The fastest, most economical way to fletch your arrows. Simple to use. Fletches carbon, wood and aluminum arrows with vanes or feathers. Arizona E-Z Fletch

See what the game is doing when you can't be there. Scout a new hunting area or your favorite spot to see where game is, when they are moving and in what direction. TrailTimer Game Monitors

PROLINE ARCHERY PROLINE is an old and respected name in archery. Their emphasis is on reliability, smooth shooting performance and great looks, all at a reasonable price. Check their new design in Single Cam power.

Amacker Treestands by Bowhunter: Louisiana bowhunter Joe Amacker holds more patents for treestands (23) than all others. Be sure to see his latest fixed and climbing treestands, ladderstands, the Po-Jo Pole, Sling Seat, safety belts and treestand accessories. 
McPherson Annihilator

From one of the One-Cam pioneers. New bows for 2000. 
Gauthier's Archery Pro Shop Online: Northern Michigan's only full-time Archery Pro Shop is online. 
TRUGLO 2000: The innovators of fiber optic bowsights and firearms sights. 
KISHELL's KORNER Announces Free Whitetail Hunt: win 1 of 2  Whitetail bowhuntings with Kishel's and Allegheny Wilderness Outfitters! 

Hats & Sweatshirts at N.A.P.  Thunderhead, Spitfire & ShockWave Hats and Sweatshirts, Shooters Shirts! 
BEN PEARSON, 70 Years Of Bow Making - introducing the Diamond Back, Accu-Max and the Anaconda. 
New ACCUREST Hunting Bow

A new cam system on their bow, the AccuRest D/C (differential cam). 
KISHElL Animal Scents for Hunters & Trappers

100% pure, uncut animal urines collected and shipped when you want! 
CHAMPION BOW Adds 3 New High Performance Bows - the NEW Predator, Warbird and Stinger, 3 three new top-end models for 2000. 
Well's Creek Outfitter's Pics Of Big Bucks - Rob McNeff has swell pics of those big Illinois cornbelt bucks of 1999.
TW Design & Mfg Archery Targets & Accessories

Quality archery targets, quivers, stabilizers & accessories for home or range. 
New From Sight Master
Sight Master's design eliminates confusion and off yardage problems. 
Introducing NORTH STARR TREESTANDS - fixed stands, climber ing trestands, ladder stands, tree poles, safety belts and treestand accessories. 
TW Design Precision CNC Milling & Turning Job Shop. Small quantity, service or prototype parts, KANBAN releases, temporary outsourcing.

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