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2007 Scouting logs and on the spot pictures -- by Robert Hoague
Scouting Logs & PIctures For: | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 |

Scouting For Deer

July 24 Deer Pictures

The highlights of the deer that wanted me to take their pictures this morning! GO...

Deer VIDEO - From This Morning

A short video of 3 of the bucks interacting that I saw this morning. GO...

July 20 - Early To Rise Pays Off
I got up early today and sat in the dark where I took pictures of the bomber wide 8-point earlier this week. Four bucks came through around official sunrise but they were still shadows. Once they were gone two more bucks showed up. I glassed them, it was still very low light, and I could just make out the rack on the closest. It was the bomber 8 and he was marking low limbs on an oak tree 38 yards from me. The other buck was marking limbs on some smaller trees and I couldn't make his rack out clearly but what I did see was looking good.

Anyway, I choked my camera down and apertured the heck out of it in an attempt to get enough light and take a picture of the wide 8 but there just wasn't enough light yet. Fortunately he started browsing on some plants and I saw him better as the light improved.

He walked by me on the left and I couldn't see him any more. No pictures. But it was a ripping experience. Man I'm still pumped.

Got 'em

I hoped to see the wide buck from July 17 but didn't expect it to be the next day. But it was. GO...

A New Day, A New Place, A New Buck

A new buck. And a big July rack. GO...

July 16 Bucks

Close up pictures of bucks this morning. GO...

Kings Of The Deer Weed - July 10

Growing daily. See the bucks in velvet on July 10.

Close Pics Of Another Wide Buck

This morning I took pictures from a new blind and got lucky. Another wide buck comes up and I get some close up pictures. This is July 6. GO...

July 4 Buck Pic

The July 4 Wide Buck. GO...

July 1 - This Morning Pics

The nicest way I know of to begin the day on July 1. Just me, the black faced buck and his friends. GO...

Bucks, Over The Weekend

Two bucks in velvet are looking good on the last weekend in June. GO...

Four Days Later
DeerWeed sprouts in the food plot.
Holly cow! We've got a crop starting all ready.

Food Plot Time
Thanks Dale for plowing my food plot.
It's food plot time. Thanks to my neighbor Dale my Deer Weed seed is in the ground. And the events of the next 36 hours were all good too. Food Plot & Pics

My Knees Are Still Shaking!

He was close. And hungry too. GO...

Sleepy Morning - But Lots Of Action

Ok, so I dozed off awhile. But when I woke up it was buck time and my camera was smiling. GO...

Bucks Will Be Bucks, Even In June!

Sunday the bucks were all over. To The Pics...

What's Up With The Bucks On June 5?

When do bucks start being aggressive to does? How about on June 5? To This Morning's Deer Pics... 

What Do Bucks Look Like Now?

Remember Monday, when I said me and my camera were gonna look for bucks. We found some. GO...

Still got their antlers In March?

Yep, sure do. A big 9-point beds down in front of my CamTrakker and we get more March deer pics. GO...

CamTrakker Deer PIcs
Fire In The Sky

The red sun looks like fire in the sky. Today we have both bucks and does in the area. GO...

Buck Pics Over The Weekend
Next Year's Bucks

Mid February and the bucks are loosing bulk. Their necks have thinned down. But they still have their antlers. Here are some I saw this weekend. GO...

Nice Hair-Do ... Guy!!!

The deer of February 3 & 4. The "nice hair-do" buck, "broken horn", "son of the Freak" and others. Pics taken on the CamTrakker. To The Pics...

Scouting For Deer 2006: a photo journey

Sept 25:
Now, the bucks have shed their velvet and are showing off their 2006 headgear to the other bucks and the does. Eventually two bucks lock antlers. GO....

Sept 24:
Generally you don't see many fawns for weeks after they are born. Today a few showed up. GO....

A Fawn In Late August 

Seeing fawns is always special. This morning one came by to get its picture taken. Enjoy...

On Your (Hind) Feet!

Aug 16 - A doe charges a buck and he rears up on his hind legs and stops her. More...

Scouting Time Again - August 14 - 15

Yesterday afternoon I put out the CamTrakker and we're taking deer pictures again. We caught 3 different 8-pointers and other deer. GO...

Showing 'em Who's Boss

On the morning I left for the 2006 Bear Hunt I took pictures after daylight. The bucks are starting to act like bucks. GO...

August 3 CamTrakker Deer Pics

A doe almost runs into a buck. Just one of the pics taken last night by my CamTrakker. GO...

The Treestand CamTrakker Pics

I definitely was anxious to see what kind of action was going on in front of the Treestand I hung the CamTrakker on. Here We Go...

Monitoring A Treestand

This afternoon I went to a tree where I've had a treestand for several years. I mounted a CamTrakker to the tree right by a treestep. GO...

July 24 & 25- CamTrakker Pics

Some of the deer in the pictures were 40+ yards away. Even at the longer distances CamTrakker caught the deer as they walked by. GO...

July 22 Pics - Two sets of pics

Kick back and watch this light colored 8-pt.GO... And later two 8-points came by. GO...

2006 Freak & July 9-pt on July 21

They're looking good today ... and walked right up and let us see 'em close. GO...

Today's Scouting Pictures

A doe approaches and the July 9-point puts it in her place. To 10 Pics... and To 8 more Pics...

Here's Where We Are, As Of July 19

A close up, full screen picture of a 9-point and a possible son of the Freak buck. GO...

July 18 - Watching A New Angle

After moving the CamTrakker to watch the south we get more buck and doe pics. GO...

July 17 - Back To Scouting

What were the deer doing on July 16-17. GO...

July 2 - The "In Your Face Buck"

The "In Your Face" Buck (L) and the best pics of 187.

Daybreak this morning: a buck came up and took an interest in my CamTrakker game camera. The camera caught him up close. GO...
And the CamTrakker took 187 pics yesterday evening, last night and this morning. Wow! So I put up a couple dozen pics so you could see the jist of what happened. GO...

June 30 - Almost 100

Last night and this morning my CamTrakker took almost 100 pictures of deer that moved through the area. Here are 35 of them. To June 30 Deer Pics...

June 28 - Daytime Buck

Today I worked through lunch and got a nice surprise at between 12:30 and 1:00. Apparently my fall food plot must have some volunteer forage growing because a buck walked up and munched a little bit before continuing on his way. To The Daytime Buck Pictures...

June 27 - Just Like We Were There!

Absolutely the best pics yet. Just like we were there. GO...

June 24 - The First Fawn
Seeing the first fawn is always one of the highlights of the year. There is just something magic about it. This afternoon I was walking around and happened up on a fawn. I knelt down by a tree and got my camera going.

The fawn was a very young one with a small body and long spindly legs. Very cool. 

It walked in front of my position and I sat still, moving only the camera lens and pushing the take-a-pictue button.

Then it turned my way and hurried toward me! 

Surprise! It stepped into the shade of a tree 15 yards from me and promptly laid down.

The fawn carefully looked around the area.

Obviously at ease, the fawn continued to look around. Twenty minutes passed, and...

and the fawn stood up and walked away. I never did see the moma doe. This was really a special fawn sighting.

June 23 - CamTrakker Pics from Yesterday
Changing the CamTrakker trail camera's settings to 20 seconds between pictures resulted in 46 pictures from late afternoon yesterday until early morning today. Here are the highlights. 

This young buck is the first one by the camera.

 A different buck comes by a little later. An eye of another deer is in the background.

After it is pitch dark more deer walk through the area, these are does.

A young buck, possibly the one in the first picture, walks closer to the camera.

Not a young buck, walks through. He was probably 25-30 yards out but the CamTrakker picture is good enough I zoomed in on him to check him out better.

An hour later the CamTrakker picks up this buck. It doesn't look as beefy in the front shoulders as the other buck.

The sun is up and shining on the CamTrakker lens and making a little glare at the top of the photo as two deer meander through the area. 

June 20 - Getting Ready, Step One...
Most years, my food plot area on my property gets steady deer traffic. Lately I've seen deer pretty good but not on my place. So to see if there is traffic on the home front I put up a CamTrakker digital camera to let it check the place out.

I strapped the CamTrakker to a tree with the Rope Ratchet. The camera's back side has holes that are perfect to put the Rope Ratchet hooks in, so I put them in and pulled the Rope Ratchet tight. (This is the CamTrakker Digital 6.0 game camera.)

The picture below is the area that the camera has under surveillance. The food plot will go in the open area between the camera and the two trees. Now I need to get the seed for the plot and then get in touch with my neighbor Dale to see if he can till it up like he did last year.

June 21 - Surprise!
Not expecting any results yet, I checked the camera. There were pictures! I loaded them into my laptop and had a look. They were night time pictures. 

This is the first one. Night pictures are a challenge for any game camera, usually the animals in pictures that are in range of the flash are flooded with light and have bright spots. The CamTrakker pictures were definitely better than what I've experienced before.

 I zoomed in until the picture was full size and examined the buck on the left. A long body with decent length antlers for this early in the year. 

Forty minutes later two deer were going the other way. The lead one's antlers look like it may be the same buck. 

He gets closer. 

(Pic below.) That's what I'm talkin' about. This buck's main beam is still growing horizontally and adding width to his antlers. This is the beginning stage of what could be a very nice 2006 rack. 

Holly cow, we are off to a swell start already. On the second day of scouting, right out of the starting blocks, we've located a buck that just might grow a big rack.

This afternoon I changed the time delay on the CamTrakker so it will wait only 20 seconds between pictures. Deer are walking by and I don't want to miss any of them -- which is one of the big pluses about using digital. I've got a half gig memorystick in the CamTrackker unit and it can take 250 or more pictures on one disk.

Scouting For Deer 2005: a photo journey
Scouting begins right after the season ends. By March most of the bucks have shed their antlers. Then in May their velvet antlers make their first appearance. And from June thru August their headwear is growing. In September the velvet dries up and goes away. And it's all here in pictures and scouting logs, from the day the Freak buck lost his weird antlers, to the first fawn sighting and the sightings of the Double Kicker buck. To Scouting For Deer 2005... 

The Freak in August, the Double Kicker Buck intimidates a young buck, Wild Turkey pouts

The Double Kicker buck's rack gets bigger, the first fawn sighting.

Scouting For Deer 2004: a photo journey

Scouting for deer in 2004 began with a planting a food plot for the wildlife and making water where there isn't water. And continued until the day before the season began. To the 2004 Scouting Logs and Pictures...

Scouting For Deer In 2003
Scouting Logs & PIctures For: 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 |
Experience the deer growing throughout the year, from the first fawns & first buck in velvet to the 


Scouting For Deer Season 2002: a Photo Journey
Scouting Pics & Notes From 2002: May, June & July
Scouting Pics & Notes From 2001: June & July | Aug | Sept |

Fathers & Sons & The Licking Tree (Wallpaper)
Fathers & Sons: Notice the difference in the size of the two bucks. Here is a wallpaper for ya. (1042x768) (800x600) (640x480

Scouting Pics & Notes From 2001:
June & July | August | September |

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Big Buck Wallpaper
July 21, 2002 - I got a cool picture of July's Big Boy Buck interacting with a doe. (1042x768) (800x600) (640x480

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