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Scouting & Pics
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August Scouting logs and on the spot pictures -- by Robert Hoague
Scouting For Deer Season 2001: a Photo Journey In August
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Scouting & Pics : August 2 - A Doe Fight & More
Does are a breed all to themselves. For one thing, they can be more aggressive than a lot of people think. The lead doe keeps outsiders in check with threatening postures, or a quick strike with a hoof, or a toe to toe boxing match -- with young bucks, certain does, and even fawns. Here are the pics & details of a Doe Fight I saw this morning. Plus, check today's Thumbnailed Deer Pics : there's a closer picture of the "Cut Leg" doe and some of the bucks, does and fawns that I saw today.

Scouting & Pics : August 3 - Bucks, Does, Fawns and Sunlight Plays Games With The Deer At Sunset
Thumbnailed Pics of the deer I saw today. A nice new buck, or at least I don't remember seeing him before, is developing some tine length. A couple of bucks are drinking water. Some does and fawns pass by. A yearling doe is near my corral. And the day ends with the last, low but strong rays of sunlight shining on a group of deer. 

Scouting & Pics : August 6 - A Big Boy Bucks Gets Photogenic, Pics of Deer Watering & More 8-points
The July 23 Big Boy buck returns and hangs out to give my camera (and you and me) some eye candy. I get the best pics of him so far. My project for this week is to find the exact routes that these Big Boys use to come and go to my food plot. I put up a Buckshot35 game camera on a fence line crossing about 200 yards from the Rolled Wire area. Hang out with me here on and we'll look for an area or two where we can intercept these bucks when the season begins in 8 weeks.

Scouting: Aug 7: The Biggest Buck Yet!!
Real daylight was still a ways away when I saw the shadowy movement of a large bodied deer. He stopped right in front of me. His rack was visible, even in the low light. I looked through the camera's eyepiece and adjusted the stops until I could make the buck out. He was broadside ... and close. Then he walked over to the edge of the woods and stopped. He turned his head. Wow! This buck has a wide, long tined rack for sure. I took 2 pics and got another as he turned to walk into the brush.

Scouting, Aug 8; What Is That Buck Doing? And is it too early to think about the rut?  (Photo series & Wallpaper)
The bucks are still in velvet and the does are raising fawns, surely they are not thinking about the rut. But the proof is in what you see. If you've been watching my day by day deer pictures you've had the opportunity to see the very earliest phase of the rut. Several bucks are already showing dark hocks. A few does do, too. And today you'll see a series of pics I took yesterday morning of one of the Big Boy bucks scent marking tree limbs by licking them and rubbing his face against them. I also put made this in Wallpaper in (1024x768) (800x600) (640x480). Plus, check out the Series of pictures of deer that were out and about. 

Scouting 2001 - Buddy Group At High Noon!
Most of the year the bucks have have been solo. Recently two young 6-points and 8-points are buddied up. Today at noon I was headed to the red Barn to eat lunch but I got a surprise before I even got in my truck. A buck was 40 yards away and hadn't noticed me yet. I quickly hid and took it's picture. I recognized the buck as a 6-point that a few days ago had developed a web fork on the end of it's right antler. Now a 7th point had grown there. I focused on the new point and took a pic, and noticed a second buck in the viewfinder. The 7-point walked back to the other buck and they browsed around and hung out in the shade of the wood's edge. It's a positive sign when bucks start pairing and grouping up. It is actually one of the early phases of their rutting ritual.  PICS

Aug 11 - Long Brow Tined Buck Returns (With A Bigger Rack
Lately I see rapid changes in the bucks' antlers. Pleasant little surprises, if you will. The Long Brow Tined 8-point came back on the scene today. He is already a very nice buck but give him a couple of years he will be a real trophy. Also, some does groomed one another and I have other cool deer pics today. (Here is the Long Brow Tined buck in July).

Aug 12 - A New Big Boy Buck
It started early today, at the first half way decent light the big Boy 6 buck came walking up with a big 9-point. I got the first picture as they stood still, watching a handful of other deer. The light got better and I zeroed in on this new buck. My first thought was that it was the big 8-point buck from August 7th (with a new point) but when I compared the pictures I noticed that, as you can see, that buck had much longer brow tines and the point lengths were also different. I put the hammer down on pictures of this buck. It was very cool to be this close to this fine a buck. PICS

3 Legged Buck Is Back
Last year I took a picture af a 3 legged buck. He is still around this year and I got some pics of him the week before I left for the August bear hunt. (The last picture is him last year.)

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To  JULY 2001 Scouting & Photos:
This is the month the bucks' antlers take shape. Follow the deer in pictues and as I scout for them with my digital camera. July is a big month in the life of whitetials, the fawns come out of hiding, button bucks become spikes, sixes, 8-points and the ones with big racks are already looking good ... all in July. 

To  SEPTEMBER 2001 Scouting & Photos:
TIn September te bucks antlers stop growing and they loose their velvet and we get to see what they will look like this year. Most of the fawns loose their spots by the end of the month. You notice the necks of the bucks thicken a little. Rubs begin to show up and the bucks hocks darken. And at the end of the month the buck buddie groups begin to break up. Come along as I scout for a place to put my ground blind on opening day, a spot that hopefully will be on the route the 10-point with forked times will use.

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