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Scouting & Pics
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Scouting For Deer In Feb thru July 2002: a Photo Journey
2002 Scouting logs and on the spot pictures -- by Robert Hoague
Scouting For 2002
Feb 24 - This morning my camera was busy. I got some cool deer pics of deer doing their thing, plus one pic of a buck that has shed its antlers. To The Deer Pics...

When Do The Bucks Start Growing Antlers?
March 20, A Special Day
Today was my first time to check out my newest stand site, a tripod in thick brush at the doorway to the deer bedding ground in the Back 200. At 5:30 I spied a large deer on the trail that led to me. It walked in the trail, totally unconcerned. SURPRISE! This deer was a buck with his new 2002 antlers bulging from his head. I got a picture and then zoomed in on his head. Woops, a message flashed on my camera telling me that its CD was full. Four more deer used the trail this afternoon. I was worried the pic would be bad because that has happened before on the last pic. But it was good. So here is the first Buck of 2002, walking down the trail .. to me and to you. Enjoy. (1024x768) (800x600) (640x480)

Shanna's Deer Pics!
Mar 25 Monday Afternoon)
My friend Shanna, who has never hunted before, came over to wild hog hunt and help take pictures. There are two tripods in the Hammer Hole that are close together and we each got in one. Before long I saw a deer's legs moving in the brush and I quickly looked toward Shanna to signal her so she could take pictures. She already had her camera in action. She first saw the deer when it was 15 yards behind me (I hadn't seen it yet) and she got its pic. She kept on as the deer came out of the brush onto the woods road and walked toward us. Then another deer joined it. Here are 6 pics she took, beginning with the deer behind me. Later we heard wild hogs fighting a couple hundred yards away but none came to us.

Scouting For Deer 2002 - The Bucks Are Back !!!
May 31 (8:34 am) - This morning at daybreak I watched a group of deer move through my food plot area. Before long a buck with starter antlers in velvet came up. I took pictures of all of them and here is a Thumbnailed Gallery of them. Plus, here is a wallpaper sized, close-up picture of this years first buck in velvet. (1042x768) (800x600) (640x480)

Scouting June 3:
Deer moved late this morning, the first ones were at 7:50am. I photographed two bucks (in velvet with starter antlers), two does getting an attitude with each other, and the other deer that were in the area -- one got within a few yaards of me. Here are the pics. One was a crippled doe, she has a broken left rear leg and limps badly -- my guess is she got it caught jumping a fence and broke it getting loose or had some other accident. Otherwise, she is fat and healthy and about to drop a fawn. Sightings of deer with broken legs are not a daily occurrence but it does happen and those deer adapt and get along ok. Here is a short video clip of the crippled doe's limp.

Scouting June 10 - The Crippled Doe Returns
Before sunrise this morning I slipped out to my closest picture blind. At first light I saw a deer approaching and by it's walk I knew it was the crippled doe that I videoed a few days ago. I took 5 pics of the doe, beginning with its approach in the near dark and ending with a very close up pic.

More Scouting - Young Buck
I returned to the Hammer Hole. There was zero wild hog action but I did see a young buck with starter antlers. It walked out of the brush on a trail and strolled down the edge in my direction and re-entered the woods underneath my tripod stand. Here are the Thumbnails.

The Deer Were Moving This Morning
(June 14) First light reflected off the back of a doe as it came into my photo blind area. Next up were some racoons. A couple of does came to water in my make shift water place, just the kind they like. The crippled doe and 10 other  does came in. I lucked out and got 3 pictures with agressive doe behavior in progress. Enjoy the pics. It's the next best thing to being there. 

FAWNS !!! First Sighting Of The Year
Seeing my first fawn for the year is always a big day. Sure we all know they are out there, but the does keep them hidden until they figure the new fawns can come along with them. Here are 9 very cool fawn pics. One of them ran around the entire time and I only managed one picture of it. The other was a camera hog. Ahhh, life is good.

The last few days I have had no buck sightings. Today changed my luck. I spotted two bucks in velvet walking along the fence that borders this years not doing so well food plot. I took several pics but on most of them my camera focused on the fence rather than the deer and the pics were blurry. However, these two pics were ok. If you have time take a look at the buck on May 31 and you can see how their antlers are progressing. 

SCOUTING DEER FOR 2002 - Grooming
I got some cool pictures this weekend. I spied two deer in the brush. Soon they came closer, a doe and a young buck. They started to groom one another by licking licking each others face. They did it at two different places and I was real close. Buck & Doe Grooming...

SCOUTING DEER FOR 2002 (Wallpaper)
My game camera catches a doe walking past my tripod stand in the Hammer Hole. Wallpaper: (1024x768) (800x600) (640x480)

First Big Boy Buck Of The Year!
July 8 - I quietly slipped into my photo blind in the dark. Soon daylight's first rays let me see around the area. I saw a deer's tail flick and checked it out. There were antlers on the deer and even in the dim light I could tell this buck already had a nice rack. I got busy with my camera. MORE...

Scouting The Rolled Wire - Looking For Big Boy
July 10 - I want to see if I can find where July's first Big Boy buck comes on my property. So I started with the Western fence and went to the Rolled Wire area and put up my double bull ground blind. On the way in I got a cool pic of a fawn walking along the fence. Most of the traffic was 90 yards away as 11 does used that crossing. A young buck hopped the fence and walked toward me. It saw the blind and I got a picture of him being nervous (you'll recognize the look). Then he stared at it for a while. He decided not to worry and walked on by. Then he joined a doe and the two of them moved on. It sure was cool, I always love seeing the new fawns. And having that buck only a few steps away made my day. To: Rolled Wire...

SCOUTING - Bingo! Big Boy Returns!
July 12 - Daylight was coming on slowly. A few deer milled around the edge of the nearby gully. Even though his head was down I saw a thick antler on the largest bodied deer. He lifted his head up, there was no doubt it was the buck I was looking for. I managed a couple more pictures, good ones even in the advancing morning light. The buck walked over to the edge of the gully and walked down into it and disappeared. I noticed the left antler has a bulb on it, he is growing another point and his main beam is growing. It is early, only July 12 and he has a lot of antler growing to do. Here Are The Pics

Fawns and does. Fawns are rare to see until August & September arrives. Here are a few thumbnailed fawn pics.

After a couple of afternoons watching the Rolled Wire area I moved to the opposite fence where I could see the major deer crossing on Shoemaker's Fence. I got lucky. At 6:05pm the July Big Boy Buck walked out of the thick brush and approached the crossing. I got two pictures. The July Big Boy Buck!

More New Bucks

Last year the bucks started showing up on July 17. This year I'm seeing them earlier. First, here are 3 growing bucks I saw in the morning. Next I went to the Hammer Hole and the two bucks that were button bucks in March showed up with their first year's, still growing, antlers in velvet.

Fathers & Sons & The Licking Tree
Fathers & Sons: Notice the difference in the size of the two bucks. Here is a wallpaper for ya. (1042x768) (800x600) (640x480

July 15 - This morning I got a pleasant surprise. July's first Big Boy buck returned to the area he was in on July 12. I recognized his rack (remember it's still growing) and looked through my camera's viewfinder. Good, there was pretty good available light and I got a pic of the buck. He walked under the limbs of a tree that the deer use as a licking tree. He got to licking and pulling the limbs and I took pictures. There were several more pics but in most of them his head was a blur because of his movement in the limited light. As you see a first year buck came up and was very excited about what he saw. Here Are The Pics from the Licking Tree

July Big Boy Buck Came Back
July 28 - This time it was good daylight when the buck appeared. He didn't stick around long but I got 5 nice clear pictures. The tines on his antlers are definitely longer now than when we saw him last. AND the bump on the left antler has turned into the 9th point. He be lookin' good.

July's Big Boy Again
Lots of photos
July 30 - I spied him coming out of the woods. He browsed near the edge and then approached the other deer, which fortunately for me, were in good photo distance from my blind. This time you can see him real good, all 9 points and the new point starting on the right side. Lots of photos of the big boy buck and the other deer, bucks, dopes and fawns. Enjoy...

More Scouting For 2002

Scouting Pics & Notes From 2001:
June & July | August | September |

2001 was a super year for my online deer scouting commitment. We followed the deer from May thru the day before bow season.

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