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Scouting & Pics
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2005 Scouting logs and on the spot pictures -- by Robert Hoague
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Scouting For A Deer Hunt About To Be In Progress ..
Scouting For Deer 2005: a photo journey

Sept 8 - First Scrape Activity

With their velvet shed, these two bucks are obviously thinking about the rut. Enjoy...

Sept 6 - First Buck To Loose Its Velvet
Ever year we look forward to the first sighting of a buck that has shed its velvet. This year's velvet-less buck is a youngster, a 1 1/2 year old, but he is the king of the woods today. Here he is in Picture #1 and in a Close Up

Double Kicker Buck Gives Us Pics

PART #2 - Here are the rest of the DK Pics

Double Kicker 8-Point on August 9 - Keeping the other bucks in line

The Double Kicker 8-point turned and looked towards the wood line and a buck's antlers appeared above the tall grass.
DK approached the buck and postured to put him in his place. A 2nd buck stepped from the woods and DK went to it and faced off. They bumped antlers, in spite of the velvet. A 3rd buck showed up and DK took notice. And my camera got it all. To The Pics...

2005 Online Bear Bowhunt Starts This Week...
Thursday I fly to Chicago and Chef Klaus and I drive to bear camp in Ontario and join Fred Lutger and Donald Duck and get ready for this year's 30 online bear hunters.

The Trailer Buck

Aug 5 - 6:30am. My phone rang. My bud Perry Wicker had ran out of gas and needed rescuing. I grabbed my camera just in case and started driving. Two dozen deer were by one of our hunting camp trailers. Bingo! A nice buck.
I let my camera talk to him and it caught him in mid air jumping the fence. GO...

Freak Returns

Good news and Bad News
I wondered if I would see him this year. The Freak's summer look is way different than his swelled neck, gray coat, big boy rut profile. He's lost a lot of weight and bulk. And my binoculars revealed something I couldn't see without them. Blood.
He's hurt ... and recently too! GO...

Conflicts In The Deer World (Pics)

My deer chow and grain is drawing quite an interesting crew. In today's pictures a young buck notices something approaching. It's wild turkeys and they go right to the buck and check him out.
Soon two fawns arrive and the buck takes a little too much interest in them and a boss doe straightens him out. Enjoy...

On Web Cam!

July 26 - I've been experimenting with a web cam to watch the food plot area. Yesterday I got pictures of the Double Kicker buck checking out the web cam. GO...

DK's Back!

July 25 - I was gone this weekend but Monday afternoon the Double Kicker buck made a brief late afternoon appearance and I got 5 more pictures. GO...

The Double Kicker Buck

July 22 - Lately only bucks with small racks have been around. That just changed. GO...

Back To The Hammer Hole
July 20 - This afternoon it was lookin' for hogs in all the wrong places. Didn't see any deer either.

July 19 Deer Pics

This mornings deer pictures. GO...

A Little Bit Of Everything

Deer pics taken on the morning of July 14. GO

3 Bucks In Velvet - July 11

July 11 - A young buck came through the food plot area at first good picture light. Before long the sun topped the trees and a second and third bucks showed up. Here's The Pics...

Scouting For Deer
The Bucks, so Far

Pictures taken this June of bucks in the beginning stage of their antler growth.  GO...

Even Better Fawn Pics

June 26 - Things could not have gone better. I sat down in my Double Bull blind, took my camera out of the bag, and looked up. A doe was here already. And a reddish brown blob to her left could only be her fawn. New Fawn Pics...

First Fawn Pics Of The Year!!!
June 25 - As a spike and doe came within camera range I noticed motion in the high weeds and grass. A fawn. Fawn Pics...

(June 21) Two Bucks
The Good News - My wife and I were enjoying a morning walk when suddenly a large buck jumped out a few steps in  front of us and raced into the brush. It is only June and this buck had a wide, thick rack with at least 8 points. He's got a lot of growing to do and will be a bomber.
The Bad News - When we returned home a pack of buzzards was by our hay barn. We checked it out and found a big 3 year old buck, also with a nicely developing rack. It had hung his right rear leg in the top rung of the nearby cattle panel fence. He was still intact and apparently died last night. 

(June 10) First Fawn Sighting
When I drove across the cattle guard to my property a doe jumped out of the bar ditch (on my left) into the colleche road and stopped some 35 yards ahead. I was going slow and stopped too. A small spotted fawn walked up to her.
The two deer bolted at the same time and the doe collided with the fawn, knocking it down. It skidded and spun in a circle in the road, like a frisbee with long legs.
A long rows of round bales is to the right of the road and the doe was already at the end, waiting for the fawn as it regained its footing and ran to her. Then they came out of the emergency mode and walked into the trees.

Deer Pictures
(June 6) Three deer pass nearby as...

the low angle of the late afternoon sun plays tricks with the shadows and light. GO...

(June 1) What do baby wild turkeys look like?
When I got to the slew hole today I noticed the ground was rooted up big time. Wild hogs are definitely around. I sat in the NorthStarr ladder stand today so I could see more area. In minutes a doe came down the trail the stand is a few yards from. An hour before dark the low angle of the sun turned woods into streaks of shadows and light. A soft turkey put got my attention and I froze as two hens dipped under the fence and proceeded on a trail perpendicular to the one I was on. Pouts were with them and I got busy with my camera. TO Wild Turkey Plots & hens on June 1.

May 31, Afternoon - Minutes after I sat down 6 wild hogs came down the trail to my right. They were a group I had seen during turkey season and I held out for one of the larger ones. But they didn't come. Next up was a wild turkey hen with several pouts. Later a group of black hogs came along the fence and went under it. 

(May 20) Setting Up The Slew Hole

To check for deer as well as wild hog and possibly even wild turkey traffic in the area I set up a TrailTimer EZ-Cam to watch a trail crossing. PICS & MORE...

Freak - Both Antlers Gone
(March 16) Several does gathered in the food plot this afternoon. As they browsed around I realized the Freak had gotten in with them without me noticing him. I got my camera busy. Here he is when I first saw him. He sure is bigger than they are. He is closer in Pic 2. And Pic 3 shows him real well. He is eating the leafy stuff in the plot in Pic 4. And then he is leaving

March Freak Pics

Freak is changing; neck is slimming down, right antler is gone, and thinner overall. Pics...
March 5 - Freak began his day in my food plot. For a larger pic Click Here.

Feb 4 - Freak Pics

Good News - This morning the Freak buck finally hung out until there was enough daylight for  some decent pictures. To Feb 4 Freak Pics...

January 21 - Woops! I messed up!
Boy do I have egg on my face! As the pre dawn light let me see the Food Plot I saw the Freak buck. And he had his antlers. Sheeeze, yesterday I reported I saw him with no antlers. I was mistaken. He left before camera light but I will hang in and hope to get pics of both these bucks.
January 20 - GOOD NEWS!
Very foggy at daylight. 3 deer figures came in my food plot. One had a very familiar shape and I focused my binoculars on him ... the Freak. 
Last time I saw him he was limping but he is fine now. Both his antlers are gone and big pedicules are where they were. He looks like the biggest button buck in the world. Ahhh, it makes me happy. Think I'll eat a desert today to celebrate.

Scouting For Deer 2004: a photo journey

Online Food Plot - Plans & Planting

At the ATA Archery Trade Show I discussed making and covering a food plot online with Mike Massey of PlotSpike wildlife food plot products. Mike  had me send him soil samples. I did and he promptly sent the right seeds for my area. We are going to follow it online. Plans, Planting & Progress (w PIcs)

Water Where There Isn't Water

(L) Pouring water (larger pic) (R) A young buck (larger pic) that was drinking the water -- water is on the right side of the pic.

Something that has worked real well for me the last few years is to create a small watering hole close to a deer bedding area. Deer and wild turkeys will frequently make it their first and last stop of the day. I call this area The Point.

Originally I made a mineral lick and before long the deer ate and pawed out a hole in the ground that was several inches deep. I noticed that when it rained the hole filled up with water. And while it was very rare to see a deer eating the minerals, they regularly came to the Point to drink the water.

I started taking water to it in 55 gallon plastic drums. They're too heavy to lift off my truck but I can dump the water out, no problem. It's a fair amount of work lugging the water but it brings in deer. 

An example is the buck Buddy Group that was drinking there during the 2002 deerhunt. Also, here are pics are of a buck that has been drinking here this year (Buck 1 and Buck 2). And several bucks from 2002 caught on film drinking the water. 

Secret Spot #3 - One more buck!

I hung a TrailTimer EZ Cam 500 on a fence post where it could monitor a faint deer trail that comes under the fence. And the TrailTimer EZ Cam finds me another 8-pt. GO...

Checking The Hammer Hole & Secret Spots #1 & #2

TrailTimer pictures in two areas I've never hunted, but have been thinking about for some time. Secret Spots #1 & #2. And one more look at the Hammer Hole.

TrailTimer Pics At The Slew Hole

During the bear hunt the TrailTimer watched one of the trails leading to the Slew Hole area. Pics

Aug 11 - I picked up my TrailTimer Pictures from the Wal-Mart 1 hour place. As you can see above, they were worth looking at. To Pics...

Some For Sure, Good Deer Pictures

After daylight I saw over a dozen deer. Some days they give you better pictures than others. Today was one of those 10 days. To the Pics.

It's Time To Look For The Bucks

TrailTimer game camera at the Point.
My main food plot area has does and fawns visiting it regularly. And it is the easiest place for me to get pictures. This year bucks are not hanging out here yet. So it's time to locate them. Today I put out 3 TrailTimer EZ-Cam game cameras in three different places: on the fence where it can see what deer cross back and forth at the Point, watching the Hammer Hole woods road, and overlooking two deer trails at the Slew Hole (no pic). We will check them in a few days.

Getting Bigger All The Time
(Aug 2)
Pics of a fawn on August 3, 2004. This fawn is much larger than the ones in previous pictures. Notice it's spots, they have lost their bright white color and are beginning to fade. Go...
June 29 - Pics of a Buck In Velvet
Daybreak. Pouring rain. I went back to bed. 
When the rain stopped an hour later it woke me up so I watched my food plot area for awhile. A buck in velvet came into the area and walked around. It let me get 4 good pics
Sunshine Deer - (July 28) 
Here are a few select pics of the deer I saw this morning. The sunlight made for some cool lighting effects: a doe and fawn (it's growing too). Two does making aggressive postures at each other. A near surreal pic of a flagging deer. And a wallpaper of my favorite deer picture for the year, so far. I call it Sunshine Deer. (1024x768) (800x600) (640x480)

First Fawn Pictures of the Year - I've seen fawns since June 8. But couldn't get a picture of any. But this morning I did when a doe walked by that had 2 fawns. Fawn Pic #1 and Fawn Pic #2.

July 5, 2004: Gettn' Close - This afternoon a doe co-operated very nicely with my photographic intentions and got within extra close-up camera range. I made a brief photo gallery of the doe for you. I had to have the closest, and best, pic for my computer wallpaper. And if you enjoy this eye to eye pic as much as everyone who has seen it so far ere it is in Wallpaper sizes: (1024x768) (800x600) (640x480)

First BUCKS - In June

June 28 - I've been big time anxious to see bucks out moving around sporting their new velvet antlers. Today was the day. TO: 7 Pics of June 28's bucks.

First Fawn Sighting - June 8
This morning I saw a fawn with a doe. It is the first fawn I've seen so far this year. Unfortunately it all came down so fast I couldn't get a picture. But there will be others.

Buck With New Antlers A Growin'
Buck with starter antlers
An hour before dusk I moved my Double Bull blind further down the fence line that runs to the Point. Before long a buck with starter antlers in velvet walked down the fence in my direction. I got 3 good close pics. To The Buck's Pics

Pics as a doe waters at the Point
From my Double Bull blind near the Point I saw a doe approaching along the opposite side of the fence. It checked things out and stepped through the gaping hole in the fence.
It drank briefly from the small watering hole and then I got the doe half way through the fence in pic #4 and in pic #5 with a back leg still on my side. To All The Pics...

First Buck With Antlers - May 6, 2004
During my Rio Grande spring hunt a thing very cool happened on May 6, I saw and got a pic of the first buck I've seen with visible antlers this year. First Buck With Antlers - May 6

Scouting Logs & PIctures For: 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 |

Scouting For Deer In 2003
Scouting Logs & PIctures For: 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 |
Experience the deer growing throughout the year, from the first fawns & first buck in velvet to the 


Scouting For Deer Season 2002: a Photo Journey
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Fathers & Sons & The Licking Tree (Wallpaper)
Fathers & Sons: Notice the difference in the size of the two bucks. Here is a wallpaper for ya. (1042x768) (800x600) (640x480

Scouting Pics & Notes From 2001:
June & July | August | September |

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Scouting Wallpaper
From 2002

Big Boy Wallpaper

July 21 - I got a cool picture of July's Big Boy Buck interacting with a doe. (1042x768) (800x600) (640x480

First Buck With Visible Antlers (1024x768) (800x600) (640x480)

This years first buck in velvet. (1042x768) (800x600) (640x480)

My game camera catches a doe walking past my tripod: (1024x768) (800x600) (640x480)

Fathers & Sons - (1042x768) (800x600) (640x480

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