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2007 Scouting logs and on the spot pictures -- by Robert Hoague
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June 29 & 30 - Four Days Later...

<>The food plot went in on Monday. That afternoon it rained. The next day it rained. And the next. By Thursday our area had multiple flash floods and roads with flooded low water crossings were closed all over the county. But the rain was spotty Thursday and the sun actually broke through the persistent cloud cover briefly.

Friday there was more sunlight than rain.

And during the day I noticed deer coming to the food plot and browsing. These four were there in the morning.
Deer browsing on new growth innewly planted  food plot.
These two came during mid-day. After taking their picture I used my binoculars to check the area at ground level and noticed bright green speckles in the plowed dirt and cuttings.
Deer in food plot 4 days after ploating.
Once the area was clear I looked around in the food plot. Sure enough, there was new growth -- the leafy green stalks with roundish leaves. The planting of DeerWeed was sprouting all ready. That's the DeerWeed in the picture below -- notice the deer tracks in the soft plowed ground. (
Deer Weed starting to grow.
And so you can see it better here is a life sized picture of the Deer Weed in its very first stage of growth. The planting instructions state that DeerWeed germinates in 7 to 10 days. Heck, with a little help from the rain, we've got a crop busting through in 4 days.

A close up view of the Deer Weed
And while we're on the subject of things deer like to eat -- you may recall the pictures I took of bucks enthusiastically eating some unidentified local weeds. Today I pulled one up to send to Zano (he's a wildlife biologist) so he can find out what it is. Plus, Zano tells me that seeds are available for many of the plants that occur naturally and he will get me prices. After I find out what the plant is and learn it's nutritional make up I might buy some and plant it.

Here is a picture of the unidentified weed that the bucks are eating lately.
<>Look for regular updates on the progress of the food plot as well as pictures of bucks as their antlers develop, and also does and their yet to be photographed fawns. (I've seen a bunch of fawns but so far haven't gotten any pictures.)

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