Whitetail Scouting Logs From Bowhunting.Net - 2000
The Digital Log Of Deer Scouting - by Robert Hoague
Scouting For Deer Season 2000
Scouting for deer is what makes your deer season happen. The more you scout the better your season is.

(Aug 27, 2000) Rick, I drove around slowly, from the back to the South field. I saw about 50 deer. Four were big boys. The first one was a solo way down the fence from the point. He headed towards your River stand. He had a really big body and wide horns -- his velvet was gone too. Two more at the middle pond (which is nearly dry), and one by what's left of the main stock tank. There were 15 deer in that group and he was definitely the star. They all ran into the woods along the river. Lots of points on that dude.
Aug 1: Watch Your Step!!! 
My buddy Greg Weber and I were scouting for deer and deer sign on his ranch. I walked though a dry creekbed and started along a trail. Greg said, "You just walked right by a rattlesnake!" He was right. More on this when I get out of the hospital, just kiddin', but I do have more, complete with rattler pics, plus Greg shows us how to catch 'em. Rattlesnake!!!

(July 25)
Rick, Robbie, Don - I was driving by one of my hunting spots this afternoon in my truck, looking for deer, when I spotted a buck. I coasted past it and stopped quietly. First, I got out my digital camera and turned it on. Then I backed up very slowly. Wheew, the buck was still there, watching my vehicle. I eased the camera into place and took 3 pictures. Then it turned and moved towards the woods. The camera's red light was flashing so I just held down the button and when the light stopped it took a pic of the buck moving away in the brush. There is something particularily good about this buck -- he knows the way to one of my stands. Here the buck is in 800x600 or 640x480.

(July 24)  This past weekend my bud Robbie and I picked up 300 acres that are adjacent the deer lease I have hunted for 17 years. Even though we have hunted close to it, we don't have a clue where the deer are in terms of the "right" 20 yard circles. We started scouting and I'm looking up the Terraserver satellite map and then I'll start putting up the results so you can scout with us.

(July) A Rare and Wonderful Treat
Ever get that feeling that something is watching you? While I was looking around for deer and sign this morning I got that feeling, big time. I slowly checked around me and saw a familiar figure about 15 yards away, watching my every move. I raised my digital camera up and snapped this picture.

For Wallpaper of this pic: 1028x800, 800x600, 640x480

The fawn watched me for awhile and surprisingly lost interest in me. It moved around a bit and browsed on some green sprigs. 

I zoomed in close and took several more pictures.

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Ever get the feeling you're being watched?
While I was looking around for deer and sign over the  weekend I got that feeling, big time. I slowly checked around me and saw a familiar figure about 15 yards away, watching my every move. I promptly snapped this picture. And the neatest little adventure unfolded...
Three Different Fawn Wallpaper

Here are three very cool wallpaper pics from the Fawn Adventure (see below). One is the first pic where I the fawn is watched me from its hiding. The other two are in your face close-ups.

How Do You Identify An Active Rutting Area? You and I are checking a realCore Rutting Area that is being used right now, this November of 1999. Here are digital pics to show you what the hottest kind of Rutting area looks like.
Part 1: The Area
Part 2: The Sure Fire Rut Sign
Part 3: The Rut Heats Up
Part 4: Setting Up to Hunt

The Rut Heats Up, What's That Look Like? Let's go into a Core Rutting Area. Plus, digital pics that show what this happening Rutting area looks like.

1999 Bowhunts

August 18: I went on a Deer Spotlight Survey with our area's Texas Parks & Wildlife Biologist and, believe me, the deer population is not just a wild guess. Deer Spotlight Survey.

August 10: Making sense of the Rolled Wire area with a Terraserver map. It's a deer hotspot, but why? The satellite map (it is free) tells all. Scouting With Your Map. Here are the other recent updates:
  1. Scouting the Rolled Wire
  2. Setting Up To Bowhunt at the Rolled Wire & the 3rd Fence
  3. Get A Map of your hunting place 

  4. Scouting With Your Map (we scout the Rolled Wire)

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